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    1. AoA,
      1. Special Green Tea: ¼th part of Betel leaves, Two dried Plums, Small piece of Ginger, Few branches of green Mint, Few dried seeds of Pomegranate — Boil all above in 1½ cup of water, and drink early in the morning like bed-tea. It will control your Cholesterol as well.
      2. Vein Opening – Natural Way: Mix the Lemon juice, Ginger juice, Garlic juice, Apple vinegar (each 1 cup), and boil in light flame for approximately half hour. When it becomes 3 cups, take it out and keep it for cooling. After cooling, mix 3 cups of natural honey and keep it in bottle. Every morning before breakfast use one table spoon regularly. Blockage of Vein’s will open and your BP and heart will be quite normal. (No need any Angiography or By-pass).
      3. Drink Pomegranate Seeds Juice or Tea: Drink one or half glass of juice from fresh Pomegranates or take Pomegranate Seeds, boil it and drink it empty stomach. It can help you lowering the Blood Cholesterol and opening the blocked heart veins.
      4. Soak and Drink the Mixture: Soak Carder (Quince) seeds, Gum of Sterculia Urens, Basil seeds, in cold water at night and drink early in the morning after mixing them well.
      5. Inhale Garlic Cloves: Just inhale five pealed cloves of Garlic with fresh water while empty stomach, early in the morning. This must be daily routine unless normal life is achieved. It can be used regularly being free of any side-effects.
      6. Take Powder: Just grind and mix the dried cloves of Garlic and equal weight of Ajwaen (also known as carom or bishop’s weed). Fill the mixed powder in full sized capsules and inhale one to two capsules with fresh water while empty stomach, early in the morning. This must be daily routine unless normal life is achieved. It can be used regularly being free of any side-effects.

    1. AoA,
      Charaita has Hot+Dry Effects in 2nd level. If a person with already having Hot + Dry body environment, may have to face negative effects due to addition of more heat and dryness to his body, due to over-dose of this herb. The patient may face spinal problems or body heat.
      The patient, in this case, may be treated with food containing cold and moist effects, such as more water, more milk, etc.

  1. My wife is using sumblo twice a day since long as suggested by you for diebetes but her blood sugar level is not decreasing. Now she is taking insulin and medication too. Please suggest .

    1. AoA, Please also avoid the reason of her sugar. It may be stress, rest, or bad food habits. Also start green tea (Qahwah) sweetened with two or three small pieces of Stevia Leaves, twice a day. Her Sugar Level will start coming down.

  2. Salam.
    I am lately getting indigestion or bloating after eating wheat, so now am trying gluten free which is a bit better. I started eating Barley Talbina and fatigue is much better now.
    I think i have anemia.In winter I feel extremely cold.
    What is the best method for anaemia and indigestion problems.

    Thank you for your kind help.

    1. AoA,
      Barley Talbina is good food for you. However, also use the following:
      1. add one or two pinch of Turmeric Powder and one tablespoon of Isbaghol Husk in to one glass of Semi-Hot Milk. Just mix it well and immediately drink it, twice or thrice a day, empty stomach.
      2. Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease by placing hands on stomach, as many times as you can.

  3. Salam
    Since 2 months, I am suffering from Sub-mucous Fibrosis in mouth and also inflammation in throat. i was having pan chahlia waghera, but I left now Alhamdulillah
    I am having too much pain in mouth roof and in throat. and very difficulty to eat food
    Please help

    1. AoA,
      Please use the following:
      1. Semi-hot Qahwah of half teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder, empty stomach, thrice a day.
      2. A quarter teaspoon (100mg) of Sumbloo+Turmeric Powders (mixed equally), twice a day, with semi-hot milk, after meals.
      3. Mix Turmeric Powder and Isbaghol Husk in equal weight and before sleep, place a pinch of this mixture in right and left cheeks, under and above the tongue. In the morning, just wash the inside mouth, eat your meals, and again place the mixture in mouth, but do not put it on the tongue in the morning, so that you can talk easily.
      4. Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease by placing your hands on throat and other problematic areas.

  4. AoA Sir,
    Dr Sb i have a plates into my left leg since 6 years. From last 3 years it is infected staphylococcus aureus virus and from that time i start medication (alopathy and homeopathy) both but not cured from the medicine. I read your articles about Sumbloo that it is cure for any infection in the body. Please help me in this regard. From where i will get your medicine. I live in Islamabad.

    1. AoA,
      1. Fagonia (Dhamasa) herb good for psoriasis without side effects. Just grind leaves, flowers and seed buds or whole branch of Fagonia to powder and take one teaspoon after meal, thrice a day, with water.
      2. Soak at night, a few branches of Fagonia (Dhamasa) including flowers and leaves or half teaspoon of Dhamasa powder along with one small piece of Sumbloo or a quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo powder, in 1.5 cup of water and in the morning, boil it on light flame for 5 minutes. Drink it on room temperature, empty stomach. Soak the same in morning and drink in evening, empty stomach.
      3. Mix Lemon Juice and Honey in equal weight to prepare body lotion. Apply it twice or thrice a day on whole body.

  5. Aslamu alikum

    Dear respected sir…I am in great need of help, my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 like 4 months ago, and even since we found out we are doing all kinds of natural cures available, because we don’t want to go for surgery or chemo or radiation, as after so much research i found out how much danerous those methods are and increase the disease even more, as i was searching for more natural cures i found out about this herb dhmasa and it’s ability to cure and kill cancer cells.

    My question is from where i can get pure dhamasa and how i use it to for breast cancer treatment?…..I have bought dhamasa from pansari shop and grind it and made it to powder but don’t know if its pure or not, also don’t know how to use it, please assist me on this, Jazak Allah khair.

    1. AoA,
      Please use one teaspoon of Moringa Leaves Powder, thrice a day by mixing in daily food.
      Also use 1000mg-2000mg Dhamasa Leaves Powder, thrice a day, after meals, with water.
      Also take 100mg Sumbloo+Turmeric Powder (mixed equally), once a day, after meal, with milk.
      Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease by placing hands on the Problem Areas.
      It is good if you can find fresh Dhamasa plants in your area and grind the handful of its branches (including flowers, leaves and seed buds) in water and then drink this water-shake, thrice a day, after meals.
      If you cannot find the above herbs locally, then please contact Mr. Israr (+92 3007213748) to get them through courier service.

      1. Jazak Allah khair for your reply

        Wanted to ask can i put the dhamasa powder in capsules ?
        Also isnt milk among the foods which a cancer patient should avoid?

        My mother is not eating anything except vegetables and fruits, she have cut off eating everything else including all kinds of dairy products, meats and sugars, she is also using black seed oil and honey and garlic and olive oil daily, as per prophet’s saying peace be upon him that black seed is cure for every disease except death, also she is drinking ginger and fresh turmeric tea daily and green tea, we are using all these methods since we found out about the sickness, along all this we also doing readings and dum regularly after prayers.

        I will try to get what you have told me and use all of those things also, as i want to use every natural thing i can find and give it to my mother which can cure her.

        1. AoA,
          Dhamasa Powder can be put in capsule of 1000mg capacity, but it must be filtered from cloth twice or thrice before filling in capsules.
          Sumbloo+Turmeric+Kushta Sunkh can be used once or twice a day keeping in mind the weather and patient’s conditions.
          Also perform Islamic Reiki regularly.

      2. Sir my hubby z suffering from All blood cncer drs suggested us to go through transplant treatment plz suggest us sm medicine s that can cure.

        1. AoA,
          Blood Cancer is 100% curable by herbal and spiritual treatment, In-Sha-Allah!.
          Kindly give me the detail of the patient as follows:
          1. Name, 2. Gender, 3. Age, 4. City, Disease diagnosed with stage/level.

  6. aoa dr sahab meri umer 40 years hai mere shadi nahi hue hai abhi tak mujhy 36 sal ki age mai utrus mai fibroid hai large bulky utres hai jiska size number 12.5×5.6×6.6cm hai or fibroid ka size 7.1×7.7×6.7cm hai or center mai hai utrus key.leken mujhy na heavey bleeding hoti thi na he irregural period hoty thy,kindly mujhy iska elaj bata dain ,key isy kis trahan khatam karun mere ESR bhi 35 ata hai blood report mai .period pehly 28 days ky thy ab 25 day key bad hota hai mager jab huta hai to right ovry mai buht pain huti hai jesy air phas gye ho,plzzz mujhy mustaqel or behtr elaj bta dain .shukriya.

    1. AoA, Please soak half or one teaspoon of Dhamasa powder or same weight Dhamasa herb in water at night and prepare its Qahwah in the morning and drink empty stomach. Again soak it in the morning and drink in evening, empty stomach.
      Also mix the powder of Turmeric and Sumbloo herbs in same weight and take 100mg (less then 1/4th of teaspoon) once a day, with semi-hot milk.
      Perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands on problem area, at least thrice a day.

  7. AOA,uncle mera masla ye hai kay meri umer 36 hai or meri shadi abtak nahi hui hai to merey periods kam honey lagey hain yani 4 din sey ab 1 sey 1.1/2 ya do din hogaya hai or bleeding bhi bohat kam hogai hai yeh mery sath 9 months sey ho raha hai kahin main menopause mein to nahi hun main bohat der gai hun please mujhey bataien ke mera cycle kaisey theak ho or kya use krun key main fertile bhi rahun .please mujhay zaroor or jaldi bataye ga ,apki main bohat shuker guzar rahungi or apko bohat duaien dungi shukriya

    1. AoA, Please use soak half or one teaspoon of Dhamasa powder or same weight Dhamasa herb in water at night and drink early morning. Again soak it in morning and drink in the evening, empty stomach.

  8. Dear Dr. Sb
    My father is suffering from Hepatitis C for some years. Moreover, Ultrasound report says some fluid is seen. Alpha Feto Protein Value is about 48. Weakness is increasing day by day. Please guide the way to cure the disease. Doctors are exercising only tests, tests and tests.

  9. Salam meri shadi ko 11sal hogaye but bacha nahi hsi 10sal badd bht ilaajo se pregnancy huyi thi but 5 th month mie abortion hogaya aur abhi tak conceive nahi karpaayi .uterus ki lining kamzor hai aage nahi badhti pkz ye dhamasa booti kaise use karu is beneficial for me . maine dried li hsi but isko boil katen ya pwdr .plz reply.

          1. AoA, sir mere abu k 7 month phle liver cancer (from hepatitus C) dignose huwa tha.mere abu 6 mnth se dhamasa powder+qawah(3 times per day) use kr rahe han .wo kafi fit rahe han lekin 2 din se unko ganudgi start hogai ha neend bhot ati ha.please tell me best possible treatment.

          2. AoA, This is the time of Dhamasa Flowers. Please arrange Dhamasa Flowers and Leaves and grind them in water and drink a cup or a glass of this water, thrice a day, after meals.

  10. Aoa respected sir, I suffering from pcos from 4 years. Is dhamasa herb helpful in curing pcos? How can I use it. Kindly guide me.

    1. AoA
      Fagonia is useful for PCOS.
      1. It is more effective if its juice is prepared from fresh and green Fagonia (Flowers + Leaves + Seed Buds), by grinding them in water.
      2. The Second better option is soaking the same in water, and then drinking.
      3. The third option is soaking and then boiling the same in water.
      The last one is better if Fagonia is not of good quality, otherwise, the first option is the best.
      Quantity is not an issue. If it is taken in more quantity, it is more beneficial. If it creates dryness, then enhance the quantity of milk.

  11. As salamu allaikum sir,
    I am suffering from mouth cancer disease and I had surgery on may 2016.
    Now again I had tumor on neck. Test has been again positive.

    Coughing and chest pain also from last three months.
    Pleas suggest me remedies.

    1. Dear Mr. M. Yunus, AoA,
      Please use the recipes as given in
      Mix half teaspoon of Baking Soda in one glass of water. Also add juice of one lemon in it. You can add some honey for taste as well. Drink it twice a day.
      Also use Islamic Reiki by placing your hands on your disturbed body parts as given in
      You may also spray Golden Husk in all your mouth before sleeping at night. To prepare it, mix a little quantity of Turmeric Powder in Asbaghol Husk so that its color may convert from white to golden.

  12. AoA,

    Sir, i have been treated for DVT (Deep vein Thrombus) in Early 2015 and since now i am using Blood Thinner medicine name Warfrin in different mg.

    my blood clot was in right leg and its partially unclogged. but i am still not perfectly fit.

    Kindly Suggest me some remedy for this.

    Kamran Munir
    Age 42

          1. Dear sir A.o.A meray Abu ki 14 January 2018 say liver meatestes ki tashees ho chuki hay liver size bhi kafi large ho chuka hay chemotherapy bhi ki hay per result wahi hay doctor Kay mutabek stage four hay to baray meherbani rehnumai farmaya. Pletlets bhi buhat kam hoti hai

          2. AoA,
            Please use the following:
            1. Grind in water, the handful of fresh green Dhamasa branches including flowers, leaves, and thorns and drink its water, thrice a day, after meals. Or drink semi-hot Qahwah of half teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder, empty stomach, thrice a day.
            2. Soak in water, a quarter teaspoon (100mg) of Sumbloo+Turmeric Powders (mixed equally), and drink its filtered water, twice a day, after meals.
            3. Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease by placing your hands on liver and other problematic areas.

  13. Janab Shakeel sahab,
    A/A Allah tala app ko Jaza Ata farmay app Mashallah bhut naik kam ker rehay hain.
    I have two big enlarge glands about 12 x 6 cm on my left side neck since last 4 years
    I used many homeopathic medicines, herbals under hakeem treatment and also used antibiotic but it is not cure, I do not like to eat regular food like roti salan and rice but I feel hungry I lost 15 kg weight, Please help me in shrinkig these glands. I am 67 years old
    Jazaak Allah Khair
    ovais ahmad

    1. Dear Mr. Ovais Ahmad, AoA,
      Please mix turmeric powder and sumbloo powder in equal quantity and take 1/4 teaspoon once a day with one glass of milk (normal temperature). Avoid cold drinks, deep fried foods and bakery items. Drink water with normal temperature.

  14. AoA Doctor Sahb,

    Meri ammi ko liver cancer hy, high diabetes ka problem b hy , is k ilawa pichly aik maheny se un ki right leg pe dard b start hua wa hay , bohat ilaj karwaya but koi kamayabi nahe mili.
    Doctor sahb please koi nusha bata dain js se meri ammi ki saari bimaaria door hojain .
    ALLAH ap ko khush rakhy. Ameen!!!

      1. Thank you doctor sahb for reply,
        Dr. Sahb meri ammi bht ziada kamzor hogai hy mtlb sirf bones he bones hy .. bones me dard b bht hota hy . Please koi nuskha bata dain js se dard khtm hojay aur kamzori b khtm hojY .

  15. Hello Baba

    My dear aunty suffered from womb cancer which spread to brain and lung stage 4. We had her treated at Shukat Khanum but radiation and chemotherapy didn’t work. In fact, radiation on brain made her lose part of her memory. They said case was out of their hands. We lost her.
    I searched google and noted in UK, Europe and USA high strength vitamin C drips are used and have 60% success rate. Lots of no hope patients recovered when radiation and chemo failed. high strength like 50 grams or more 3 times a week. Also Chinese herb Sweet Wormwood which is quite cheap can be given in capsule form with fish oil capsule. Also Pau D arco tree extract is also very good. By the time we came to know all this it was too late. I can send you copies of all this if you reply to me.

  16. Dear Sir,

    Please suggest me about the disease as my father is suffering from dementia disease.He is above 80 year old and he can recall the event / memories of only 40 to 60 years age,present and early past can not memorize even he can not recognize his own child some time by faces and also not knowing names.
    Please suggest the ways of tackling this condition of victim.

    1. Dear Mr. Muhammad Ali, AoA,
      Please place the right hand of the patient or your own and recite the following:
      1. Ya Qawiyyu Ya Allahu (seven times)
      2. Rabbe Zidni Ilman (Seven times)

      Repeat it after every prayer, and also as many times as possible in other times to recover with speed.

      Also soak seven Almonds and Seven raisins (dried grapes) in simple water and eat empty belly in the morning after peeling the Almonds.

      Both above treatment can be used for ever for a healthy mental life.

  17. Dear Sir,

    With reference to column published in daily Jang by A.Q.Khan regarding the thalassemia major disease which is more informative. In this connection we need some information about usage of fegonia critica that how it will be processed for the treatment of thalassemia major. The following information is required:

    1. How useful material will be extracted from the fegonia critica?
    2. How much quantity of other liquids will be used?
    3. How much temperature is required to boil/extract the useful material from fegonia critica?
    4. How it will be used and how much quantity will be taken by the patient?

    The prescription of dosage may be recommended on the basis of the following:

    Patient Gender is male
    Patient age is 2 years
    Patient suffered in thalassemia major from the childhood

    Sir we are looking for your cooperation so that the patient may be given relief on the available economical source of treatment.

    Waheed sabir

    1. Dear Waheed, Please collect Flowers, Seed and Leaves of Fagonia. Wash them with warm water and then spread it in airy shadow. When it is fully dried, then grind it to powder. Now feed one teaspoon full in any feed of the child and take it twice or thrice in the same way. The child will get complete health with in couple of months… Insha-Allah.

  18. Very useful information. Doctors have done my 3 surgeries and always told me that it was not cancer tumor, but now my 4th surgery done on 3rd Feb 16, “Axila lympth”. After that doctor advised different tests and now my coming test is PET Scan. May Allah clear my test report. I will start on immediate Lemon and turmeric. Remember me in yr prayers.


    1. Dear M. Kashif, AoA, Fagonia is useful for all types and stages of Hepatitis. Please take fresh flower and leaves of Fagonia, wash them with hot water, then dry in in any airy shadow. When dried, grind it, fill in Large size Capsule. Now take one or Two capsules, twice a day, during meals. Insha Allah, you will be healthy within couple of months, but carry on using the fagonia for six to twelve months.

    1. Dear Zahid Irfan; For Prostate problems Grind 5-10 leaves/flowers or whole branch of Marjoram (Origanum Majorana, ناز بو، مروا السّمسق، نبات عطري، تُلسی) in water and take after each meal. It is cure for all Cancers (16 types of Cancer and 9 types of tumors).

  20. Sir, i have been told by one of friend regarding your services for humanity who is searching FAGONIA for his son. I request you to help me for my one year old daughter who is suffering from MAJOR THALASSEMEA .Four time blood transfusion have been made till now. Thanks

    1. Dear Samar Abbas! You have not mentioned your location in your comments, however, Fagonia plants can be found in all over Pakistan, but due to extended cultivation in Punjab, it have become difficult to easily get Fagonia. Yet it can be found in deserted or uncultivated areas of Punjab. Allah SWT may bless your daughter with good health … Aameen.

      1. shah sahib’ thank for your kind reply. Actually i requested for my daughter’s treatment as she has Thalasesemia major. So kindly guide me properly regarding regarding her treatment please. I am residing in toba tek singh.

        1. Dear Syed Samar Abbas, Flowers and Leaves of Fagonia (Dhamasa) plant are complete cure for all types of Thalassemia. Kindly ask the older persons of your area for Dhamasa or dhamaan (دھماں). ٰIt can be available in uncultivated areas of Jhang, Toba, Kamalia, Rajana, etc. If you are unable to find fresh plants near by your area, then get its pills from Mr. Ashraf Nomani (0345-2001097, Muslim Town Karachi).

          1. Sir AOA,

            Thanks. Kindly further guide regarding dose, usage and procedure of Fagonia for one year old baby.

            syed samar abbas

          2. Dear Samar Abbas; For a small kid please use only flowers or flowers + leaves of Fagonia. Just grind them and add to the food the kid can eat or any way it can reach the stomach of the kid.

  21. I would like to get the medecine Faonia Arabica. What is the process and formalities to get this. please send me the details with pricings as well.

  22. ASSLAM O ALAIKUM, I M VERY HAPPY AND PROUDY ON U . U HAVE V GOOD SITE FOR US . THANKS U . > sir main nay executive checkup karwaya tha 18 month Pehlay pressure ki dawa shroo ki natrilux sr and norvasc 5 mg evening . Is k illawa abdominal main kab hi gas ki tarah left right bhi dared meh solos hota kab hi right beck side per dard hota main zaday water p ker dard kam hota urine karay k bad bhi phir mehsos hota main dobara jata thora hota but mehsos phir hota abhi new report Kara e hain Agha khan 8.4 Uric asid while normal 7.2 hay. Platelet 136 (150-450).alt(sgpt) 35 u/l normal range is upto 49 urine dr. Leukocytes 2-4 and mucus thread (+) hain . Before 20 days I m feeling pain in my heal backside pain chal nay main hota hay . Knee main dard hota hay surf knee per hath seed ah naheen hota pain killer laga kar pata naheen gas ki dawa kha kar shifa milti. Dard ka Hal Batain . Agar koi test karwana hay to bata dain diastolic function II hay ansar pressure mehsos hota hay. Dawa khaney k bawajood. Solar uthnay k bad hathoon main dard finger main dard thori dair baaad dard better ho jata hay . Agar aap ka hain to check karwaloon itna kuch bata ya Jo aap ko kanfuse kar raha hoga. Pl mujhay dawa ya Jo munasib samjhain Batain. Thanks Azhar ilyas

  23. Dear Shah Sahib,
    A.O.A. I m patient of HCV for the last nine years.I have taken Interferon therapy but that not benefited me a bit my SGPT remained 146.The -ve side effects resulted in very low platelet count approx 23000.Till then the platelets did not improve. As Fagonia is available in my area in fresh form and i used it only considering blood purifier during last three years .i used it ( drying it in shade and ground/filled capsules of 500 mg size) two capsules twice a day, after two or three days use my BP falls(my BP remains 110/70 in normal routine age 50 years) and i stop.Now i visited this site and four days ago have started again following the instruction of taking it during or just after the meals. i hope it will work.
    Sir, i would add that now a days i m suffering problem of inflammation of large intestine /anus(inflammatory bowls) that also effect the renal system resulting in pain/pressure on anus during stools/after meals.
    Please, guide me would Fagonia also help or advise under the stated situation .
    Best regards

    1. Dear Mr. Rasheed,

      Fagonia is useful for you in liquid form. For rest of the problems please take one glass of semi-warm water with addition of less than one quarter of original turmeric (not packed one) and a tablespoon of Chhilka Ispagole, early in the morning. For more details please contact at 0321-5199887, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm any day.

  24. Aslamoalikum,
    Going through your website, the miraculous benifits of Succhi Botti having no side affets sounds very nice.
    Me and my wife both are seized with Hep C ,done the injection course but still the Hep C germs are there. Would you please suggest both of us how to use this Succhi Botti and where to get it and its usage duration, my wife is complaining about burning of her feet, as I have a continuous blood coming from my gums. Please give me your mobile no. to contact you mine is 0322 7204898.

    1. Just use 5-10 leaves, after grinding, twice a day immediately after meals for two weeks or until disease is fully controlled.
      You can also use whole green part of its branches inclusive of thorns, woods, leaves, fruits and flowers combined after grinding them in water. Just a cup or a half of semi-filtered juice, is enough to take after meals twice a day.
      You can mash and grind the leaves or green branches of Fagonia Arabica like thick paste and then can convert them in shape of tablets in the size of a chickpea (Chana). Just swallow two tablets with morning/evening meals.
      If it is not available in green form, you can get it in dried form from the herb stores in the market. Just grind them all and fill the powder in full sized capsules. Take 1-2 two capsules immediately after meals, twice a day.

  25. Assalam o Alaikum! Deer shah shb my wife is a hepatitus patient since 2007 and also a suger patient.Mr shahzad told about your website.I read about you and your treatments.That are useful website.sir please help me about my wife treatment.Can I contact on your cell plz which i got from Mr. shahzad muneer.he is my friend,he tells me about DHAMASA.he’s using cancer treatment which he got from your kindness and your websites.Now his wife health is good.So i want to start my wife traetment using DHAMASA,so plz tell me about the DHAMASA dose.thanks

    1. Dear Br. M. Ashraf,


      Thanks for contacting me. Allah SWT will bless your wife with good health (In-sha-Allah). Just start using it like your friend Mr. Shahzad Munir is using. For further info please feel free to contact through my e-mail (

  26. Shah Sahib
    need more information on Dhamasa for treatment of a Cancer patient. how to contact you and where, please send your contact info on my Email.

    Naveed Rehman

    1. Dear Dr. Khatri,

      Thanks for your interest in Dhamasa Herb. It is widely available in India and Pakistan on local Herb Stores or Pansaar Stores. It is in dry form and without leaves. It can be used in shape of powder filled in large size capsules. But the best way is to find it out in green form with leaves because its leaves have more benefits than its dried form.

      Please feel free if any other information is needed.

  27. Hello,

    My name is Ryan Rivera and I have been reading your website for a while now. Yesterday, I came across this article – and it really caught my attention because it is related to my area of expertise.

    My area is helping folks with anxiety, stress, panic attacks and related issues (7+ years in the field). So it got me wondering – perhaps you’d be interested in an expanded guest article on the same, or a similar topic? I think I could provide some additional tips. Or perhaps I could cover a new topic altogether? I would be glad to contribute.

    My work has been featured in local radio and TV shows, so I’m sure I can craft something that will work for you and your website. You can always turn it down – no issues. It’d be exclusive to you, around 650 words, but I can make it longer or shorter if you wish. I will also share the story with my 900+ subscribers once published.

    Please let me know if you would be interested.

    Kind regards,
    Ryan Rivera

    P.S. I can also send you some links to previously published articles – just let me know if you’d like to see them first.

  28. Stress is nothing but a punishment by himself / herself on account of mistakes done by the other individuals. Human body and especially brain is charged by different pressures / electrical current of appliances and rays of cell phones. So there is need to discharge such pressures / electrical currents.Best remedy to this problem is available in Islam and an individual can discharge these unusual factors by taking Sajda in Nimaz ( prayers) five times in a day. Best of luck admin! Good work:

    1. Asslaam alaykum sir i wanted to ask you about a patient suffering from breast cancer . Please guide me through the details

        1. Assalam o alikum. I have endometriosis. My both overies have multiple tuny cyst and one cyst us big. What shoul i use. I am using dhmasa booti kahwa one time a day since last month

          1. Dear Ms. Alizay, Please use take Qahwa of Dhamasa herb, twice or thrice a day. Also avoid soft drinks deep fried and fast foods which are cause of such diseases.

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