Natural Treatment for Fatal Diseases

Important Note:

  1. By following this entire chart as per the instructions, by the grace of Allah (SWT), all types of Cancer, Tumors, Fibroids, Prostate, Hormones, Leukorrhea, Thalassemia, Anemia, Hepatitis, HIV (AIDS), TB, Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes, Enlarged Spleen, Liver Heat, Stomach and Intestines Diseases, Kidneys and Bladder Diseases, etc.
  2. If the first 3 prescriptions are not followed completely with abstinence, the herbs written in it may cause harm instead of benefit and the disease may increase.
  3. The old yellow Fagonia (Dhamasa) herb isn’t useful either. If Fagonia (Dhamasa) powder is found, it should also be green in color including flowers, leaves, seeds.

Special Herbal Recipes:

  1. Special and pure prescriptions like good quality Golden Asbagol Husk, fresh green Fagonia (Dhamasa) powder (including flowers, leaves and seeds), Berberis (Sumbloo) Root (Dar Huld) powder, Akseer Dhamasa powder, Akseer-T Warqi powder, Muqawi Mufarreh powder, Diamond powder, etc. may be ordered from below contacts. Buy all other foods and medicines locally.
  2. The dosage of all medicines and foods can be adjusted more or less according to the age of the patient (infant, minor or adult).

Causes of Fatal Diseases:

  1. Modern lifestyle is the main cause of Fatal diseases (Black tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, fast food, all bakery items, All fried foods (Parathas, Samosas, Pakoras, all curry foods cooked by frying with garlic and onion, etc.), food supplements.
  2. Anger, tension, depression, etc; increases the acidity level of the body and cause the pH level of the first morning urine to be between 4 and 6. Then body cells begin to burn and turn into cancer cells.
  3. By the grace of Allah (God), by fully following this entire chart, the body becomes alkaline and gets rid of all fatal and incurable diseases.

Principle of Treatment:

  1. Just turn the body environment alkaline instead of acidic (maintain the Urine pH between 7 and 8 instead of 5 and 6). Adopt healthy lifestyle and start the habit of positive thinking with firm faith in God (Allah SWT).
  2. This entire chart is to be followed completely. If the prescriptions of Golden Asbhool Husk and Cooling are not fully followed along with diet, there is a risk of harm caused by these herbs instead of benefit. The old yellow fagonia (Dhamasa) isn’t useful either.
  3. Special recipes like green fagonia (Dhamsa) powder including flowers, leaves and seeds, Berberis (Darhuld, Sumbloo) root powder, Akseer-T Warqi powder, Akseer Dhamsa powder, Khoon Afza powder, Muqwi Mufarreh powder, Akseer Madarbol, etc; can be ordered by courier from the contact given at the end. Buy all other foods and medicines locally.
  4. The dosage of all medicines and foods can be adjusted according to the patient’s age (infant, young or adult).

What to Avoid? (Abstinence):

(Use any of these items will increase the risk of developing the disease)

  1. Anger, anxiety, tension, depression, fear, negative thoughts (all makes the body acidic and aggravates the disease),
  2. All types of meat or its soup, all pulses, all rice, egg yolks, white flour or flour products, bakery and grocery items,
  3. All fried foods (Parathas, Samosas, Pakodas, fried eggs or omelettes, curry cooked in fried onion, Slanties, chocolates, junk foods, chips, Shawarma, pizzas, etc.)
  4. All food supplements, all phlegmatic foods, beverages (cow, buffalo and goat milk, yogurt, Lassi, Yogurt-curry, black tea, butter, etc.),
  5. All fresh or dried fruits and vegetables with a strong hot, acidic or phlegmatic effect (mango, banana, tangerine (Kinnu, Malta), orange, grapefruit, melon, Cantaloupe (Garma), lychee, cherry, strawberry, pomegranate, grapes, peach, Plum (Aloo Bukhara), tamarind, pine nuts (chalgoza), Wallnuts (Akhrot), etc.)
  6. Red, green or capsicum (Shimla Mirch), white salt, White or yellow sugar or yellow molasses (Gurd) with chemicals, alcohol, tobacco, betel nut, iron, snuff, hot sun or weather, etc.
  7. All packaged juices and foods, cold drinks, cold water, Use of microwave ovens, plastic utensils, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, hands-free cables, etc.

Part I: Follow all below Dietary and Medicinal Prescriptions with Complete Abstinence:

8. Golden Asbhool Husk: Add 1 spoon of pure turmeric in 15 tablespoons of Asbagol Husk to make it Golden Husk. Thrice a day, mix one tablespoonful of it, 2 pinches to half teaspoon of [Basil Seeds (Takhm Bilungu) or chia seeds, “Maqvi Mufarah Powder”] in a glass of lukewarm camel milk or freshly mixed juices and drink immediately on an empty stomach (In case of dysentery, take it 6 times). Before sleeping, put the pinch of it in the right and left cheeks (If you have a disease in mouth, always keep more. Rinse before eating.
9. Fresh Mixed Juices: Daily 4 to 6 times, add 1 tablespoon each of [Lemon Juice, Roasted Barley Flour (Sattu), Julep (Arq) of [Atropine (Mako), Chicory (Kasni), Fennel (Sonf), Mugwort/Artemisia Vulgaris (Berunjasef) or Rose (Gulab)], half teaspoon of Basil Seeds (Tukham Balangu) or chia seeds, 2 pinch of Baking Soda (make sure to avoid baking powder) and a pinch of Black Pepper Powder] in half glass of freshly mixed juices of [green gourd (Kaddu), carrot (Gaajer), beetroot (Chiqandar), apple, watermelon, Grewia (Falsa)] (Do not drink any juice alone, but must drink the juice of 4 to 6 things together).
10. Oat (Jawi) or Milled Barley Porridge or Roasted Barley Flour (Sattu) or Metroxylon Sago (Sagodana): Cooked in water and added with boiled egg whites, [unboiled camel’s milk, honey] or [digestive sauce (Chutney), unfried curry] and a pinch of moringa (Suhanjana) powder] or [add a little wheat flour and sweet soda to the mixed barley flour and corn mix flour, prepare the bread without oiling. Can apply a little Desi Ghee or olive oil on the bread before eating].
11. Unfried Curry: Vegetables [pumpkin, gourd, zucchini, turnips, carrots, beets, cabbage, cucumber, mustard greens (Saag with a little spinach) cooked without frying, in black pepper, mineral (pink) salt, turmeric powder, garlic, ginger, fresh or dry coriander, mint, fennel, tomatoes (without peel & seeds), a little fenugreek, peas, button mushrooms and a little water.
12. Sauce for Stomach: Eat with each meal, one spoon of grinded mixture of leaves of Osmium Basilicum or Marjoram (Origanum Majorana or Tulsi), Coriander (Mint), Ginger & Garlic and Fennel Seeds, added with Black pepper and a little Pink Salt.
13. Digestive Green Tea: Boil fresh branch of [mint, basil (Niazbo)], pinch of [fennel, moringa (Suhanjna) powder or branch], 2 jujubes (Unab), 1 small cardamom in a cup of water, add honey and drink 2 to 3 spoons after each hour, at normal temperature throughout the day.
14. Fresh Fruits: Apple, Fig, Grewia Asiatica (Falsa), Watermelon, Guava, Pear (Nashpati), Sweet Lime (Meettha), Papaya, Persimmon (Amlok, Japanese Fruit), Jambolan (Jamen), Apricot (Khobani), Sugarcane (Ganderi), Wheatgrass Juice, Boiled or Roasted Maize Corns/Cobs/Grain.
15. Dry Fruits (in small quantity in winter when pH level is above 7): Almonds, Apricots, Pistachios, Figs, Mulberries, Cashews, Indian Gooseberry (Amla), Myrobaslan (Hareerd), Terminalia (Baherda) – Soaked or rubbed in Julep (Arq) or water.
16. [Fresh Fagonia (Dhamasa) or Suchi Booti: (Azhghake or Spilaghzai in Pashto, Dhamiaan in Punjabi, Dramao in Sindhi, Shokatul Baida in Arabic). Wash whole green branches including flowers, leaves, seeds, thorns, make a paste and prepare walnut-sized balls (Laddoo) and freeze them. Thrice a day, place 1 Fagonia Ball in a glass of hot water. When desolved, strain it through a sieve and drink after meals (normal in summer, lukewarm in winter) –OR– [Twice a day, two hours before meals, soak half teaspoon of Green Dhamsa powder (including flowers, leaves, seeds) and half teaspoon of Samblo root (Darhuld) powder in warm water. Filter it when normal and drink it after meals. This water can be mixed with freshly mixed juices and drunk after every hour.] –OR– [If there is phlegm, cough, lung cancer or water in the body: 1 to 4 grams of Akseer Dhamasa powder, twice a day, in lukewarm camel milk or fresh mixed juices after meals.]

Fresh Dhamasa Branches with Pink Flowers,             Dhamasa Paste,        Dhamasa Juice

Green Dried Dhamasa Branches and Powder with Flowers,Yellow Dried Dhamasa and Yellow Dhamasa Powder

Fresh Berberis Velgaris (Sumbloo) Branch and Berberis Roots

17. For Body Dryness, Sweet Sleep: Apply Mustard oil lightly on the head, navel, nostrils, hands, soles of the feet (do not apply pressure on any tumor). Take a teaspoon of sweet Gourd Seed oil with lukewarm camel milk at night.
18. For Vitamin D and Calcium: D-Cal Powder: Grind to powder the Moringa (Suhanjna) leaves, Asparagus Adscendens (Sufaid Moosli), Rock Sugar (Kooza Misri) (50 each) and take half a spoon (3 grams), 2 hours after breakfast and one hour before sleep, with lukewarm milk.
19. For Lack of Blood (Anemia), Burning of Hands & Feet or Frequent Urination, Shivering Fever: Khoon Khoon Afza Powder: Soak 1kg Lime in 4kg water, and after 4 days filter the lime water. Make powder of copperas (Heera Kasees) 250g and Sodium Bicarbonate 250g and then grind the powder in Lime Water in a Mortar (Kharl) until whole Lime Water is dried in powder. Then add the powder of [blak seeds (Kalonji), chickpea seeds, carom seeds (Ajwain Desi) (150g each), ammonium chloride (Noshader), black pepper (100g each)] and mix it well. Take 1 to 3 grams of powder, 3 times daily, after meals with freshly mixed juices.

Part II: Optional: (As per requirement, i.e. not necessary for all):

20. For Tumor, HIV (AIDS), Fibroid, Asthma, Allergy, Phlegm, Cough: Akseer T Warqi: Take upto a rice to a chickpea, twice a day, with lukewarm camel milk or fresh mixed juices.
21. For any Type of Cancer: Burn 50 grams of turmeric roots in 500g of pure olive oil on a low flame, and drink 5 to 10 drops with a few sips of lukewarm water, after every meal.
22. For Platelets: 3 times daily, juice of 1 papaya leaf, mixed with freshly mixed juices -OR- [5 drops of homeo medicine “Crotalus Horridus 200” -OR- 10 drops of homeo medicine “Eupatorium Perfoliatum Q” -OR- Mix 5 drops of homeo medicine “BM Platelets Enhancer” in a little water and drink.
23. For Constipation: Majoon Dabid-al-Vard: Take half-teaspoon, twice a day, -OR- boil Senna (Sana-Makki) leaves and green Cardamom in water and drink on normal temperature, twice a day. If constipation is severe, increase the amount of Senna (Sana-Mukki).
24. For Gas, Nausea, Vomiting: Jawarish Anarain: Take one gram to half teaspoon, twice a day, empty stomach.
25. For All Types of Cough, Shortness of Breath: Boil 25 grams of Vasaka (Barg-e-Bansa), licorice (Mulathi), Jujube (Anab), Costus Root (Qaste Shireen), Amaltas Pulp (Guda Amaltas) (50, 50 grams each), Black Seeds (Kalonji) in 2 liters of water on low flame. When half is left, strain it and keep it in the fridge. Take 2 tablespoons in lukewarm water 3 times a day. (may sweeten with little honey).
26. For Phlegm, Sneezing, Nasal Congestion, Liver Dysfunction, Uterine Diseases, Periods Pain, Fallopian Tubes Blockage, Tumors, Hormones: Akseeri Powder: Mix the powders of [Rhubarb Roots (Raiwand Khatai) (48g), Fennel Seeds, Licorice (Multhi), Turmeric, Solanum Nigrum (Mako Dana) (12g each), Kushta Sankh 10g], and give 1 to 2 grams, twice daily, with plain water.
27. For Phlegm, Cough: Thrice a day, take the light steam of 4 cloves for 5 minutes through the nose and mouth. Suck 1 tablet “Sualeen” after each meal. Mix 5 grams of “Kushta Qarn-al-Eel” in “Laooq Sapstan“, “Laooq Khiyar Shanbar” (100 grams each) and lick a teaspoon in the morning and evening. Take 1 or 2 tablets of “Habb Kabid Noshadri” with water in the morning and evening after meals.
28. For Phlegm, Cough, Headache, Migraine: In the morning after food, half teaspoonful of “Atrifal Ustukhudoos” and in the evening, after food, half teaspoon of “Majoon Barshasha“, along with lukewarm water.
29. ٖ For Mouth Sores, Blisters, Cancer: Boil on low heat, alum (Phatkary) 10 grams, fenugreek seeds (Methre) 125 grams in 4 liters of water, in a steel vessel. When 3 liters of water remains, filter the water and keep bottles and rinse with this water five times a day. Eating and drinking is prohibited for half an hour. Keep chewing and sucking the fresh leaves of peppermint in your mouth repeatedly throughout the day.
30. Itching, Ear, Nose and Cold: Dissolve 5 grams of camphor powder in 50 ml of warm mustard oil. Strain it with cloth and keep in a dropper bottle. Use 2 drops in the ears and nostrils. Also useful in skin itching.
31. For External Wounds: Dissolve 10 mg of camphor powder in 100 ml of hot mustard oil and add 10 ml of pyodin and apply it on the wounds several times a day.
32. For Pain, Infection: Akseer Dard/Desi Antibiotic: [Mix the powders of Turmeric, Fennel Seeds, Liquorice (Mulathi) (8g each), Costus, Sal Tree Resin (Raal Sufaid), Roasted Borax (Suhaga Baryan) 4 g, Liquorice Extract (Satt Mulathi) 2g], take equal to 1 to 2 chickpea, twice or thrice a day, with water or mixed fresh juices.
33. For Nerve or Body Pain: Apply mustard or olive oil with a light hand on the pain, but do not put pressure on any tumor.
34. For Gallstones: Mix pinch of roasted Borax (Sohaga Biryan) powder in Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Lemon Juice (teaspoon each) and drink it half an hour before breakfast. For Gallstone Pain: Take 5 to 10 drops of Homeo medicine “Hyoscyamus Niger” mixed with half a cup of water.
35. For Typhoid, Motions, Liver & Throat Diseases: Thrice a day, take a pinch to half a teaspoon of Costus (Qast Shireen) powder with plain water.
36. Akseer Bukhaar: Grind to powder [Kernels of Caesalpinia Bonduc (Maghaz Karanjwa) 250g, Black Pepper 60g, Sal Ammoniac (Noshadar Thikri) 25g], and take a teaspoon with lukewarm milk, twice a day. Only 2 doses will be enough.
37. For Fever: Desi Kunain Powder: Grind Calotropis Juice (Sheer Madaar) 10g (tablespoon) drop by drop in Desi Sugar 100g and Gypsum (Gowdanti) Powder 20g. Rub it well for about 4 to 5 hours and dry it in the sun to make powder. Give equal to 1 or 2 rice to children and 3 to 4 rice to adults, thrice a day.
38. For Enlarged Spleen: Soak papaya pieces in apple cider vinegar. Eat 5 grams of papaya every morning for a month -OR- Take 1 gram pwder of [roasted borax (Suhaga Baryan) 12 gm, raye seeds (Raa’ee) 25 gm], in the morning and evening, 1 hour after food with fresh water, for 15 days -OR- At night, take half teaspoon of *Dawa-ul-Curcum Kabir*.
39. For Frequent Urinating or Bed Wetting: Muqawi Asaab Masaana: For 3 days, soak 1 spoon each of [Arugula (Taramira) and Rock/Loaf Sugar (Kuza Misri) (Mukhashir), in a glass of water and in the evening, chew, eat them and drink the water as well –OR– Make a powder of [Mace Fried (Jawatri Baryaan), Costus Root (Qast Shireen), Kernels of Oak Tree (Juft Balut), Indian Olibanum (Kandar), Cyperus rotundus (Nagarmotha or Sa’ad Kufi), Java Long Pepper (Maghan) (20g each), Dried Ginger (Soonth) 12g, Black pepper 8g] and mix 250g of honey to make a Hotchpotch (Majoon). Give children up to quarter teaspoon and adults up to half teaspoon, twice or thrice daily, with water.
40. For Frequent Urination, Anemia, Burning, Shivering Fever: Grind to powder [Kalonji, Chicory Seeds (Tukham Kasni), Carom Seeds (Ajwain Desi) (50g each), black pepper 30g], and take 2g powder, thrice a day, after meals, with lukewarm camel milk or freshly mixed juices.
41. For Heat in the Liver, Lack of Urine, Water in the Body: Madrabol Powder: Mix the powders of [Rhubarb Root (Raiwand Khatai), White Cumin (Zeera Sufaid), Baking Soda (Meetha Soda)] in same weight and take equal to chickpea, thrice a day, with half a cup of Julep (Arq) of [Atropine (Mako), Chicory (Kasni), Fennel (Sonf), Mugwort/Artemisia Vulgaris (Berunjasef) or Rose (mixed in same weight)]. Give half teaspoon of “Majoon Dabid Alvard“, twice a day.
42. For kidney failure or Dialysis: Wash and soak Black Seeds (Kalonji) (2kg) in 10 liters of water overnight and boil it for an hour, in the morning on low flame. When the Kalonji turns light red, drain the water and keep it in the refrigerator. Add 1 tablespoon of honey or اa little Stevia to 2 glasses of this water every morning and read “Shifa Min Jaanib Allah” 3 times and drink it. The kidneys will recover before the water runs out.
43. For Kidney Stones or Dialysis: Boil two handfuls of corn hair in one and a half glass of water daily, for two weeks. Put off the flame when a glass of water is left. After cooling down, drink half of it in the morning and half in the afternoon. Between the gaps, keep drinking plenty of water or mixed juices.
44. For Kidney Stones: Thrice a day, mix 5 drops of these Homeo drops in half a glass of water: Epigaea Q, Pareira Brava Q, Hydrangea Q.


Spiritual Treatment:

1. Earn Halal Livelihood. *Sadaqa* is safety against all hardships. Reduce the hardships of a poor person, Allah Almighty will give you relief from all difficulties of your life.
2. Dua: Thrice a day, hold half a glass of water in your hand, close your eyes and present yourself to Allah Al-Rahman, who is closer than your aorta. Access your aorta. Now purify your heart, that is, forgive all the ignorant creatures of Allah (SWT) for the sake of Allah Almightly, and pray for His special grace, mercy, blessings and forgiveness with all love and sincerity. Now, with the feeling of shame for your sins, call upon Him by His personal name three times, with great love and sincerity in your heart, Allah, Allah, Allah. Then drink water in three breaths with closed eyes.
3. Then close your eyes and listen attentively to the recitation of Surah Al-Rahman (without translation) in the voice of Qari Abdul Basit and When the Ayat Fa-be Ayye Ala-e Rabbiku Ma Tukazziban (فَبِأَيِّ آلَاء رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ) is repeatedly recited, than create strong belief that Allah (SWT) is blessing you with good health.
4. Recite all the time:

a. Darood-e-Ibrahi,

b. La Howla wla Quwwata Illa Billahil Aliyyil Azeem لاَ حَوْلَ وَلاَ قُوَّةَ اِلاَّ بِاللّهِ الْعَلِىِّ الْعَظِيْم),

c. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyoom, Be Rahmatika Astaghees (یَاحَیُّ یَاقَیُّوْمُ بِرَحْمَتِکَ اَسْتَغِیْثُ),

d. Rabbi Innee Maghloobun Funtaasir (رﹶبِّ اِنِّيْ مَغْلُوْبٌ فَأنْتَصِرْ).

5. Before and after, recite Durood Ibrahimi 11 times, and Surah Maryam once in between, and breathe on the water. Drink this water all the day, for 40 days. Then prpare a new one.

6. Islamic Reiki for Every Disease:


1. For Herbs & Meeting in Islamabad:

Aims Natural Cancer Care Center,

AIMS Foundation, Opposite NTS & City School,
Plot 94, Street 4, Sector H-8/1, Islamabad*,
Timing: First 3 weeks of every month, 9 am to 1 pm (except Sundays)
Physician Contact: Shakeel Ahmad Shah Hashmi – WhatsApp message only: 00923125448922.
Contact for Herbs in Islamabad: WhatsApp Message: 00923259111519.
Google Location Islamabad:


2. For Herbs in Karachi:

Shah Clinic, Essa Nagri, Karachi,

Dr. Imtiaz Hussain, WhatsApp: 00923122764270, JazzCash: 00923002569229

3. For Herbs in Chichawatni:

Bismillah Medical Center

Hk. Tahammal Hussain Shah (WhatsApp Message Only): 00923210007904.

4. For Herbs in Chichawatni:

Bismillah Matab & Pansaar Store,

Hk. Tajamal Hussain Shah (WhatsApp Message Only): 00923166543335.


ہر قسم اور ہر سٹیج کے کینسر اور مہلک امراض کا قدرتی علاج:۔

اس پورے چارٹ پر حسبِ ہدائت مکمل عمل کرنے سے اللہ کے فضل سے تمام طرح کے کینسر، رسولی، فائبرائڈز، پروسٹیٹ، ہارمونز، لیکوریا، تھیلیسیمیا، انیمیا، ہیپاٹائٹس، ایڈز، ٹی بی، دمہ، الرجی، شوگر، تلی بڑھنا، جگر کی گرمی، امراضِ معدہ و امعاء، امراضِ گردہ و مثانہ، وغیرہ سے مکمل شفایابی ہو جاتی ہے۔

مہلک امراض کے اسباب:۔

جدید طرزِ زندگی مہلک امراض کا سب سے بڑا سبب ہے۔ کالی پتی کی چائے، سوڈے کی بوتلیں، بیکری آئٹمز، فاسٹ فوڈ، گھر کی تمام فرائی کر کے پکائی گئی غذائیں (پراٹھے، سموسے، پکوڑے، لہسن اور پیاز میں تڑکا لگا کر پکایا گیا سالن، وغیرہ)، بادی غذائیں، فوڈ سپلیمنٹس، غصہ، ٹنشن، ڈپریشن، وغیرہ) ہماری زندگی کا لازمی حصہ بن چکے ہیں۔ ان سے جسم میں بادی اور گرمی خشکی (تیزابیت) بہت بڑھ جانے سے صبح کے پہلے پیشاب کا پی ایچ لیول 4 اور 6 کے درمیان رہنے لگتا ہے۔ پھر جسم میں کسی بھی پرانی چوٹ یا انفیکشن کے مقام پر خلیات جلنا شروع ہو کر سرطان یا کینسر میں تبدیل ہو جاتے ہیں۔ اللہ کے فضل سے اس پورے چارٹ پر مکمل عمل کرنے سے جسم اساسی ہو جاتا ہے اور تمام مہلک اور لاعلاج امراض سے نجات مل جاتی ہے۔

مہلک امراض کا اُصولِ علاج:۔

جسمانی ماحول کو تیزابی (Acidic) کی بجائے اساسی (Alkaline) بنائیں (ہر ہفتہ، صبح نہار منہ پیشاب کا سیمپل لیکر یورین انیلیسز سٹرپ یا لٹمس پیپر یا لیب سے پی ایچ لیول چیک کروائیں۔ پیشاب کا پی ایچ لیول 5 اور 6 کی بجائے 7 اور 8 کے درمیان رکھیں)۔ صحتمند طرزِ زندگی اختیار کریں اور اللہ تعالیٰ پر پختہ یقین رکھتے ہوئے مثبت سوچنے کی عادت اپنائیں، ان شاءاللہ شفایابی ہو گی۔ اس پورے چارٹ پر مکمل عمل کرنا ہے۔ اگر پرہیز کے ساتھ گولڈن چھلکا اسبغول اور تازہ مکس جوسز والے نسخوں پر مکمل عمل نہ ہو سکا تو انہی جڑی بوٹیوں سے فائدے کی بجائے خدا نخواستہ نقصان کا خطرہ ہے۔ پیلے رنگ کی پرانی دھماسہ بھی مفید نہیں۔

مہلک امراض کیلئے خاص ادویات:۔

اچھی کوالٹی کا گولڈن چھلکا اسبغول، مقوی مفرح پوڈر، پھولوں پتوں بیجوں سمیت سبز دھماسہ پوڈر، سمبلو بوٹی کی جڑ (دارہلد) کا پوڈر، اکسیر دھماسہ پوڈر، اکسیر۔ٹی ورقی پوڈر، خون افزاء پوڈر، ڈی۔کیل پوڈر، وغیرہ جیسے خاص نسخے آخر میں موجود رابطوں سے کورئیر سے منگوا سکتے ہیں۔ باقی سب غذائیں اور دوائیں لوکل خرید لیں۔

تمام ادویات اور غذاؤں کی مقدار، مریض کی عمر (شیرخوار، نابالغ یا بالغ) کے مطابق کم و بیش کر سکتے ہیں۔

ضروری پرہیز: (اس میں سے کسی ایک چیز کا استعمال بھی جاری رہا تو مرض بڑھنے کا خطرہ رہے گا۔)

۔1۔ غصّہ، پریشانی، ٹینشن، ڈپریشن، خوف، منفی سوچیں (یہ سب شیطان کی طرف سے ہیں جو کہ جسم کو تیزابی بنا کر مرض کو بڑھا دیتے ہیں)،

۔2۔ تمام گوشت یا اُن کی یخنی یا شوربہ، تمام دالیں، تمام چاول، انڈے کی زردی، سفید آٹا یا میدہ کی بنی اشیاء، بیکری اور کریانہ آئٹمز،

۔3۔ تمام فرائیڈ غذائیں (پراٹھے، سموسے، پکوڑے، انڈہ فرائی یا آملیٹ، پیاز میں تڑکا لگا کر پکایا ہوا سالن، سلانٹیاں، کُرکرے، چاکلیٹ، جنک فوڈز، چپس، شوارمے، پِزے، وغیرہ)

۔4۔ تمام فوڈ سپلی منٹس، تمام بادی تاثیر والی غذائیں، مشروبات (گائے، بھینس، بکری کا دودھ، دہی، لسی، کڑھی، کالی پتی کی چائے، مکھن، وغیرہ)،

۔5۔ تمام شدید گرم، تیزابی یا بادی تاثیر والے تازہ یا خشک پھل اور سبزیاں (آم، کیلا، کینو، مالٹا، سنگترہ، مُسمّی، گرائپ فروٹ، خربوزہ، گرما، لیچی، چیری، سٹرابری، انار، انگور، آڑو، آلوبخارہ، املی، چلغوزہ، اخروٹ، مونگ پھلی، وغیرہ، پیاز، پالک، بینگن، کریلا، مولی، پھول گوبھی، آلو، بھنڈی، اَروی، کچالو، وغیرہ)،

۔6۔ سرخ، سبز یا شملہ مرچ، سفید نمک، چینی، شکر، گڑ، الکحل، تمباکو، پان، بیڑی، نسوار، گرم دھوپ یا موسم، وغیرہ،

۔7۔ تمام پیک شدہ بازاری جوسز اور غذائیں، کولڈ ڈرنکس، ٹھنڈا پانیٍ، مائیکرو ویو اوون، پلاسٹک کے برتن، لیپ ٹاپ، ٹیبلٹ، موبائل فون، ہینڈز فری کیبل، وغیرہ کا استعمال۔

حصہ اوّل: مکمل پرہیز کے ساتھ درجِ ذیل تمام غذائی اور دوائی نسخوں پر لازمی عمل کریں:۔

۔8۔ گولڈن چھلکا اسبغول: اصلی چھلکا اسبغول 15 چمچ میں اصلی ہلدی 1 چمچ ملا کر رکھ لیں۔ روزانہ 3 بار، اس کا ایک بڑا چمچ، 2 چٹکی تا نصف چھوٹی چمچ [تخم بلنگو یا چیا بیج، مقوی مفرح پوڈر]، اونٹنی کے نیم گرم دودھ یا تازہ مکس جوسز کے گلاس میں ملا کر فوری خالی پیٹ پی لیں۔ پیچش ہوں تو یہ 6 بار لیں۔ سوتے وقت چٹکی دائیں، بائیں گال میں رکھ کے سو جائیں۔ منہ میں مرض ہو تو ہر وقت زیادہ رکھیں، کھانے سے قبل کُلی کر لیں۔

۔9۔ تازہ مکس جوسز: روزانہ 4 سے 6 بار، [سبز کدو، گاجر، چقندر، سیب، تربوز، فالسہ] کے نصف گلاس تازہ مکس جوسز میں بڑا چمچ [لیموں کا جوس، جَو کے ستُّو، عرق (مکو، کاسنی، سونف، برنجاسف یا گلاب)]، نصف چھوٹی چمچ تخم بالنگو یا چیا بیج، ایک سے 2 چٹکی بیکنگ سوڈا (بیکنگ پاؤڈر سے بچنا یقینی بنائیں)، چٹکی مرچ سیاہ چھڑک کر پلائیں۔ (لازمی 4 سے 6 چیزوں کا جوس ملا کر پینا ہے)

۔10۔ جوی (اوٹ) یا چکی والا جَو کا دلیہ یا جَو کے ستُّو یا ساگودانہ: ہلکی آگ پر پانی میں پکا کر، ابلے انڈوں کی سفیدی، [بغیر ابالے اونٹنی کا دودھ، شہد یا سٹیویا] یا [ہاضم چٹنی، بغیر تڑکا سالن] اور چٹکی سہانجنا پوڈر ملا کر ۔۔ یا ۔۔ جَو، مکئی کے مکس آٹے میں تھوڑا گندم کا آٹا اور میٹھا سوڈا ملا کر، خشک روٹی توے سے اتار کر ثرید بنا کر ۔۔ یا ۔۔ دیسی گھی یا زیتون کا تیل لگا کر کھائیں۔ صبح شام 1 یا 2 گولی حب کبد نوشادری بعد غذا پانی سے لیں۔

۔11۔ بغیر تڑکا سالن: سیاہ مرچ، معدنی (پنک) نمک، اصلی ہلدی، لہسن، ادرک، تازہ یا خشک دھنیا، پودینہ، سونف، ٹماٹر (بغیر چھلکا اور بیج)، تھوڑی میتھی، مٹر، بٹن مشروم اور پانی میں ہلکی آگ پر فرائی کئے بغیر پکائی سبزیاں [تمام کدو، ٹینڈے، توریاں، شلجم، گاجر، چقندر، بند گوبھی، کھیرا، سیاہ مرچ اور پالک والا سرسوں کا ساگ،

۔12۔ ہاضم چٹنی: تازہ پودینہ، تازہ دھنیا، تازہ نیازبو (تُلسی)، سونف، ادرک، لہسن کی سیاہ مرچ اور پنک نمک میں ہاضم چٹنی بنا کر ہر کھانے میں ملا کر،

۔13۔ ہاضم قہوہ: شاخ تازہ پودینہ، تازہ نیازبو (یا تُلسی)، چٹکی سہانجنا پوڈر یا سہانجنا کی لکڑی کا ٹکڑا، چٹکی سونف اور چھوٹی الائچی کو کپ پانی میں ایک ابال دے کر چھان کر، لیموں کا جوس اور تھوڑی شہد یا سٹیویا ملا کر، سارا دن چمچ، چمچ کر کے نارمل درجہ حرارت پر پلاتے رہیں۔

۔14۔ تازہ پھل: سیب، انجیر، فالسہ، تربوز، امرود، ناشپاتی، میٹھے، پپیتا، جاپانی پھل، جامن، خوبانی، گنے کی گنڈیریاں، سَورسوپ پھل، وہیٹ گراس جوس، مکئی کا اُبلا یا بُھنا ہوا بُھٹا یا دانے،

۔15۔ سردیوں میں جب پی ایچ لیول 7 سے اوپر ہو تو کم مقدار میں خشک پھل: بادام، خوبانی، پستہ، انجیر، شہتوت، کاجُو، آملہ، (عرقیات یا پانی میں بھگو کر یا رگڑ کر)۔

۔16۔ تازہ دھماسہ یا سُچی بُوٹی (پشتو میں ازغکے، پنجابی میں دھمیاں، سندھی میں ڈراماؤ، عربی میں شوکۃ البیضاء) کی، پھولوں، پتوں، کانٹوں سمیت مکمل سبز شاخیں دھو کر، پیسٹ بنا کر اخروٹ برابر لڈو بنا کر فریز کر دیں۔ روزانہ صبح، دوپہر، شام ایک، ایک لڈو، گرم پانی کے گلاس میں ڈال کر موٹی چھلنی سے چھان کر بعد غذا (گرمیوں میں نارمل، سردیوں میں نیم گرم) پلائیں ۔۔ یا ۔۔ صبح شام، نصف چھوٹی چمچ خشک دھماسہ کا (پھولوں، پتوں، سمیت) سبز پوڈر اور نصف چھوٹی چمچ سمبلو (دارہلد) پوڈر کو گرم پانی میں بھگو کر، نارمل ہونے پر چھان کر، بعد غذا، پی لیں۔ بچوں کو یہی پانی تازہ مکس جوسز میں ملا کر ہر گھنٹے بعد پلائیں] ۔۔ یا ۔۔ [بلغم، کھانسی، پھیپھڑوں میں کینسر یا جسم میں پانی ہو تو: اکسیردھماسہ پوڈر کی 1 سے 4 چنے تک مقدار، صبح و شام اونٹنی کے نیم گرم دودھ یا ٹھنڈک والے جوسز میں بعد غذا دیں۔] (پیلی دھماسہ کا فائدہ نہ ہو گا، نیچے لکھے ادویات والے واٹس ایپ پر رابطہ کر کے منگوا سکتے ہیں)۔

تازہ دھماسہ کا جوس،                  تازہ دھماسہ کا پیسٹ،                  تازہ دھماسہ ہلکے گلابی پھولوں والا

خشک دھماسہ کا پیلے رنگ کا پوڈر،     خشک دھماسہ کی پیلے رنگ کی شاخیں،               خشک دھماسہ کا سبز پوڈر،          خشک دھماسہ کی پھولوں، پتوں، سبز شاخیں

سمبلو بوٹی کی جڑیں،                                             سمبلو بوٹی کی سبز شاخ

۔17۔ جسمانی خشکی، میٹھی نیند کیلئے: تیل سرسوں ہلکے ہاتھ سے سر، ناف، نتھنوں، ہاتھ، پاؤں کے تلوؤں پر لگائیں (کسی رسولی پر دباؤ نہ آئے)۔ رات کو تیل کدو شیریں کا ایک چھوٹا چمچ اونٹنی کے نیم گرم دودھ سے لیں۔

۔18۔ وٹامن ڈی اور کیلشیم کیلئے: ڈی۔کَیل پوڈر: آدھی چمچ (3 گرام) ناشتے کے 2 گھنٹے بعد اور رات کو سونے سے گھنٹہ قبل ہمراہ نیم گرم دودھ لیں۔ روزانہ مچھلی کے تیل کا 1 کیپسول اور 3 اُبلے انڈوں کی سفیدی لیں۔ جسم کو ٹھنڈی دھوپ زیادہ لگائیں۔

۔19۔ خون کی کمی کیلئے: خون افزاء پوڈر: ایک سے 3 چٹکی، روزانہ 2 سے 3 بار، اونٹنی کے نیم گرم دودھ یا تازہ مکس جوسز سے لیں ۔ یا ۔ ہومیو سیرپ آئرن پلس کا ایک چمچ دن میں 2 بار لیں

حصہ دوم: صرف حسبِ ضرورت (یعنی سب کیلئے ضروری نہیں):۔

۔20۔ ٹیومر، ایڈز، فائبرائڈ، دمہ، الرجی، بلغم، کھانسی ہو تو: اکسیر ٹی ورقی: ایک چاول سے چنے تک مقدار، صبح و شام اونٹنی کے نیم گرم دودھ یا ٹھنڈک والے مکس جوسز سے بعد غذا دیں۔

۔21۔ کسی قسم کا کینسر ہو تو: ثابت ہلدی (50 گرام) کو زیتون کے اصلی تیل (500 گرام) میں ہلکی آگ پر جلا کر چھان کر روزانہ ہر غذا کے بعد 5 سے 10 قطرے، چند کھونٹ نیم گرم پانی سے لیں۔

۔22۔ پلیٹ لٹس کی کمی ہو تو: روزانہ 3 بار، پپیتے کے 1 پتے کا جوس، تازہ مکس جوسز میں ملا کر ۔ یا ۔ [ہومیو دوا ”Crotalus Horridus 200“ کے 5 قطرے ۔یا ۔ ہومیو دوا ”Eupatorium Perfoliatum Q“ کے 10 قطرے ۔ یا ۔ ہومیو دوا ”BM Platelets Enhancer“ کے 5 قطرے، تھوڑے پانی میں ملا کر پلائیں۔

۔23۔ قبض، گیس ہو تو: معجون دبید الورد: صبح شام، نصف چھوٹی چمچ دیں یا سنامکی اور چھوٹی الائچی کا قہوہ نارمل پلائیں۔ شدید قبض ہو تو سنا مکی کی مقدار بڑھاتے جائیں۔

۔24۔ متلی، قے، گیس ہو تو: جوارش انارین: ایک چنے سے نصف چھوٹی چمچ تک صبح، دوپہر، شام، خالی پیٹ دیں۔

۔25۔ ہر طرح کی کھانسی، سانس کی تنگی کیلئے: لنگز سیرپ: برگ بانسہ، ملٹھی، عناب، قسط شیریں، گودا املتاس (50، 50 گرام)، کلونجی 25 گرام کو 2 لٹر پانی میں ہلکی آگ پر ابالیں۔ نصف رہ جائے تو چھان کر فرج میں رکھیں۔ روزانہ 3 مرتبہ 2، 2 بڑے چمچ نیم گرم پانی میں، تھوڑی شہد یا سٹیویا سے میٹھا کر کے پی لیں۔

۔26۔ بلغم، چھینکیں، ناک کی ہڈی، ضعفِ جگر، امراضِ رحم، ایام کی تکلیف، فلوپین ٹیوبز بلاکیج، رسولیاں، ہارمونز: اکسیری پوڈر: ریوند خطائی (48 گرام)، سونف، ملٹھی، ہلدی، مکو دانہ (12، 12 گرام)، کشتہ سنکھ 10 گرام۔ تمام پوڈر ملا کر، 1 تا 2 گرام، روزانہ 2 یا 3 بار، ہمراہ سادہ پانی دیں۔

۔27۔ بلغم کھانسی ہو تو: صبح، دوپہر، شام 4 لونگ کی ہلکی بھاپ 5 منٹ تک ناک اور منہ سے لیں۔ ہر کھانے کے بعد 1 گولی سعالین چوس لیں۔ لعوق سپستان، لعوق خیار شنبر (100، 100 گرام) میں کشتہ قرن الایل 5 گرام ملا کر صبح شام چھوٹا چمچ چاٹ لیں۔

۔28۔ سر درد، دردِ شقیقہ، بلغم، کھانسی ہو تو: صبح بعد غذا نصف چھوٹی چمچ اطریفل اسطوخودوس اور شام کو بعد غذا نصف چھوٹی چمچ معجون برشعشا، ہمراہ نیم گرم پانی دیں۔

۔29۔ منہ میں زخم، چھالے، کینسر: پھٹکڑی 10 گرام، میتھرے 125 گرام کو 4 لٹر پانی اسٹیل کے برتن میں ڈال کر ہلکی آنچ پر پکائیں۔ 3 لٹر پانی رہ جائے تو چھان کر بوتلوں میں بھر کر روزانہ پانچ بار اس پانی سے کلیاں کر یں۔ آدھ گھنٹے تک کھانا پینا منع ہے۔ سارا دن بار بار پودینہ چبا کر چوستے رہیں۔

۔30۔ خارش ، کان، ناک میں نزلہ ہو: گرم تیل سرسوں 50 ایم ایل میں کافور پوڈر 5 گرام حل کریں، چھان کر ڈراپر سے قطرہ کان اور ناک میں ڈالتے رہیں۔ خارش میں بھی مفید ہے۔

۔31۔ بیرونی زخم ہو تو: گرم تیل سرسوں 100 ایم ایل میں کافور پوڈر 10 ایم جی حل کر کے پائیوڈین 10 ایم ایل ملا کر روزانہ بار، بار زخموں پر لگائیں۔

۔32۔ اکسیر درد، اینٹی بائیوٹک: صبح شام، 1 سے 3 چنے کے برابر، ہمراہ پانی یا تازہ مکس جوسز لیں۔ اعصابی درد ہوں تو: ہلکے ہاتھ سے زیتون کا تیل جذب کریں (کسی رسولی پر دباؤ نہ آئے)۔

۔33۔ ٹوٹی یا ٹیڑھی ہڈی، اندرونی چوٹ: حسب ضرورت 2 حصے سمبلو پوڈر, 1 حصہ ہلدی انڈے کی سفیدی میں پیسٹ بنا کر روزانہ صبح و شام مقامِ ماؤف پر لگا کر پٹی باندھ دیں۔

۔34۔ *پتے کی پتھری کیلئے:* چھوٹا چمچ زیتون کا تیل، چھوٹا چمچ لیموں کا جوس، میں چٹکی سوہاگہ بریاں پوڈر ملا کر صبح نہار منہ غذا سے آدھا گھنٹہ قبل پی لیں۔ پتے کی پتھری کا درد ہو تو: ہومیو دوا Hyoscyamus Niger کے 5 سے 10 قطرے آدھے کپ پانی میں ملا کر پینے سے چند منٹ میں پتے کی پتھری کا درد ختم ہو جاتا ہے۔

۔35۔ ٹائیفائیڈ، موشن، امراضِ جگر، گلے کے امراض: صبح، دوپہر، شام حسبِ عمر چٹکی سے نصف چھوٹی چمچ تک قسط شیریں کا سفوف سادہ پانی کے ساتھ لیں۔

۔36۔ بخار کیلئے: اکسیر بخار: مغز کرنجوہ 250 گرام، فلفل سیاہ 60 گرام، نوشادر ٹھیکری 25 گرام۔ سفوف بنا کر چھوٹی چمچ صبح و شام نیم گرم دودھ سے لیں۔

۔37۔ بخار کیلئے دیسی کونین پوڈر: دیسی شکر 100 گرام، گئودنتی پوڈر 20 گرام میں شیر مدار 10 گرام (ایک بڑا چمچ) قطرہ قطرہ کر کے تقریباً 4,5 گھنٹے تک خوب رگڑائی کریں اور دھوپ میں خشک کر کے پوڈر بنا لیں۔ بچوں کو 1 سے 2 چاول اور بڑوں کو 3 سے 4 چاول روزانہ 3 بار دیں۔

۔38۔ بڑھی ہوئی تلی کیلئے: پپیتے کے ٹکڑے سرکہ سیب میں بھگو کر رکھیں، صبح نہار منہ 5 گرام پپیتہ ایک ماہ تک کھائیں۔ یا ۔ سہاگہ بریاں 12 گرام، رائی 25 گرام کا سفوف بنا کر 1 گرام صبح و شام، کھانے کے 1 گھنٹہ بعد تازہ پانی سے، 15 دن تک لیں۔ یا ۔ رات کو نصف چھوٹی چمچ دواءُالکرکم کبیر دیں۔

۔39۔ بار بار پیشاب یا سوتے میں خطا ہو: مقوی اعصاب مثانہ: تین دن تک، صبح 1 چمچ تارامیرا (ثابت) اور کوزہ مصری (مقشر) گلاس پانی میں بھگو کر شام کے وقت، چبا کر کھا لیں اور پانی بھی پی لیں ۔یا۔ [جلوتری (بریاں)، قسط شیریں، مغز جفت بلوط، کندر، ناگرموتھا، مگھاں (فلفل دراز) ( 20، 20 گرام)، سونٹھ 12 گرام، کالی مرچ 8 گرام] کا پوڈر بنا کر 250 گرام شہد سے معجون بنا کر بچوں کو ¼ چھوٹی چمچ تک، بالغوں کو ½ چھوٹی چمچ تک، روزانہ 2 یا 3 بار، پانی سے دیں۔

۔40۔ پیشاب میں جلن ہو: سوزش پوڈر: کلونجی، تخم کاسنی، اجوائن دیسی (50، 50 گرام)، مرچ سیاہ 30 گرام کا پوڈر بنا کر، روزانہ 3 بار، 2 گرام پوڈر، اونٹنی کے نیم گرم دودھ یا تازہ مکس جوسز سے بعد غذا لیں۔

۔41۔ جگر میں گرمی، پیشاب میں کمی، جسم میں پانی ہو تو: مدربول پوڈر: ریوند خطائی، زیرہ سفید، میٹھا سوڈا (ہموزن پوڈر) چنے کے برابر، روزانہ 3 وقت، نصف کپ عرقیات (کاسنی، مکو، برنجاسف، یا گلاب، ہموزن) کے ساتھ دیں۔ صبح، شام، نصف چھوٹی چمچ معجون دبید الورد بھی دیں۔

۔42۔ گردے فیل یا ڈائلیسز ہوں تو: 2 کلوگرام کلونجی دھو کر 10 لٹر پانی میں رات بھر بھگو کر صبح ہلکی آگ پر گھنٹہ بھر ابالیں۔ کلونجی ہلکی سرخی مائل ہو جائے تو پانی کپڑچھان کر کے فرج میں رکھ لیں۔ روزانہ صبح اس پانی کے 2 گلاس میں 1 چمچ شہد یا سٹیویا ملا کر 3 بار “شِفَاء مِنْ جَانِبَ اللہ” پڑھ کے نہار منہ پی لیں۔ پانی ختم ہونے سے پہلے گردے ٹھیک ہو جائیں گے۔

۔43۔ گردے مثانے میں پتھری یا ڈائلیسز ہوں تو: دو ہفتے تک روزانہ مکئی کے بُھٹوں کے دو مٹھی بال، ڈیڑھ گلاس پانی میں اُبالیں۔ جب ایک گلاس پانی رہ جائے تو چولہے سے اتار کر ٹھنڈا ہونے پر آدھا صبح اور آدھا دوپہر کو چھان کر پی لیں۔ اس کے بعد خوب پانی پیتے رہیں۔

۔44۔ گردے کی پتھری کیلئے: دن میں 3 بار، ان ہومیو ادویات کے 5، 5 قطرے آدھا گلاس پانی میں ملا کر دیں: Epigaea Q ،Pareira Brava Q ،Hydrangea Q



روحانی علاج:۔

۔1. رزقِ حلال کمائیں۔ صدقہ ردِّ بلا ہے، کسی غریب کی مشکلات کم کریں۔ اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کو مشکلات سے نجات عطا فرمائیں گے۔
۔2۔ دعا: صبح، دوپہر، شام، آدھا گلاس پانی ہاتھ میں پکڑ کر، آنکھیں بند کر کے خود کو اللہ الرحمٰن کے حضور پیش کر دیں، جو کہ آپ کی شہہ رگ سے بھی قریب ہے۔ اپنی شہہ رگ تک پہنچ جائیں۔ اب دل صاف کریں، یعنی اللہ کی ساری نادان مخلوق کو اللہ کی خاطر دل سے معاف کر کے پورے پیار اور خلوص سے اللہ کریم کے خاص فضل، رحم، برکت و مغفرت کی دعا کریں۔ اب اپنے گناہوں کی شرمندگی سے اپنے دل میں انتہائی پیار اور خلوص سے اسے اس کے ذاتی نام سے تین بار پکاریں۔ اللہ، اللہ، اللہ۔ پھر بند آنکھوں سے ہی تین سانس میں پانی پی لیں۔
۔3۔ پھر آنکھیں بند کر کے قاری عبدالباسط کی آواز میں سورۃ الرّحمٰن کی تلاوت (بغیر ترجمہ) توجہ سے سنیں اور اپنے آپ کو صحتمند ہوتا ہوا محسوس کریں۔
۔4۔ ہر وقت پڑھیں: ۱۔ دَرُوْدِ اِبْرَاہِیْمِیْ، ۲۔ لَاحَوْلَ وَلاَ قُوَّةَ اِلاَّ بِاللّهِ الْعَلِىِّ الْعَظِيْمِ، ۳۔ یَاحَیُّ یَاقَیُّوْمُ بِرَحْمَتِکَ اَسْتَغِیْثُ
۔5۔ اول و آخر گیارہ بار درود ابراہیمی اور درمیان میں ایک بار سُوْرَۃ مَرْیَمْ پڑھ کر پانی پر دم کریں، وہی پانی 40 دن تک سارا دن مریض کو پلائیں۔ اس کے بعد نیا تیار کریں۔
۔6۔ اسلامی رئیکی: جسم میں ہر تکلیف کا علاج:۔


اسلام آباد میں ادویات اور ملاقات کیلئے:۔

ایمز نیچرل کینسر کئیر سنٹر:

،ایمز فاؤنڈیشن، بالمقابل این ٹی ایس و سٹی اسکول، پلاٹ 94، سٹریٹ 4، سیکٹر ایچ۔8۔1، اسلام آباد

اوقاتِ کار: ہر ماہ کے پہلے تین ہفتے، صبح 9 بجے سے دوپہر 1 بجے تک (ناغہ بروز اتوار)رابطہ معالج: (صرف واٹس ایپ میسیج): 00923125448922۔

ادویات کورئیر سے منگوانے کیلئے (واٹس ایپ میسیج): 03259111519۔

گوگل لوکیشن اسلام آباد:

www.healthymanners.comشکیل شاہ کی ویب سائٹ:۔  ۔

یوٹیوب چینل:۔


کراچی سے ادویات منگوانے کیلئے:۔

شاہ کلینک، عیسیٰ نگری، کراچی

واٹس ایپ میسیج:۔  00923122764270

جاز کیش: 00923002569229


چیچہ وطنی سے ادویات منگوانے کیلئے:۔

بسم اللہ میڈیکل سنٹر:۔

صرف واٹس ایپ میسیج: 00923210007904۔
بسم اللہ میڈیکل سنٹر کا یوٹیوب چینل:۔۔


چیچہ وطنی سے ادویات منگوانے کیلئے:۔

بسم اللہ مطب و پنسار اسٹور:۔

صرف واٹس ایپ میسیج: 00923166543335۔


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138 thoughts on “Natural Treatment for Fatal Diseases

  1. اسلامُ علیکم
    My mother is suffering From breast cancer n she is live in america sir please guid me how can i order these dhamasa boti n all thing

  2. Dear sir ! I have been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to bones and doctors are giving me hormone blocking medicines as it is estrogen positive . But along with that I am also doing high dose vitamin C therapy as well as turmeric supplement , kalonji . Kindly advise me what further can I add to help me heal from all this ?
    I have received radiation to bones few times but both way it’s painful .

    1. Assalam o Alaikum,
      Please stop using the sugar, Aspartame (an artificial sweetener made from aspartic acid), Table Salt, Acidic Foods (meat-based diet, all fried foods), coffee, tea, chocolate, distilled water, water bottles in freezers, plastic containers or plastic wraps, microwave ovens, toxic chemicals & pesticides, Aflatoxins produced by fungi, Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Alcohol, Food Supplements, Talcum powders, and all packed food items.

      .. Drink Qahwah of half teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder and a quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo Powder, on normal temperature, empty stomach, twice a day.

      .. Mix two parts of Dhamasa Powder, One part of Sumbloo Powder and half part of Turmeric Powder. Take quarter teaspoon or 500mg capsule of this mixture, twice a day, with semi-hot milk, after meals.

      .. Get 15g of Kushta Sunkh prepared in milk of Calotropis Procera (Aak) and take equal to weight of a black chilli, twice a day, with semi-hot milk, after meals.

      .. In summer season, consume twice a day, mix of 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed Lemons in a large glass of water, sweetened with one spoon of Honey. In winter mix one cup of Lemon Juice, one cup of Honey and half teaspoon of Turmeric Powder. Mix them in a glass-jar and take one teaspoon thrice a day.

      .. Eat with each meal, Sauce of Marjoram (Origanum Majorana or Tulsi), Coriander (Mint) & Garlic in Black Chilli.

      .. Mix Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kalonji Oil and Honey (All in equal quantity) and keep in a glass jar. Take one teaspoon, twice a day, for 2 months.

      .. Prepare green tea of 2 or 3 new born fresh leaves of Loquat Tree and drink twice a day before meals.

      .. Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease by placing hands on or over the problematic areas.

      .. Perform recipes of Spiritual Cure for fatal diseases as well.

      Note: If you cannot find these herbs locally, then you can get them through courier from Bismillah Pansaar Store Chichawatni, Pakistan (WhatsApp: 00923166543335, Jazz Cash: 00923008856198)

  3. Salam sir.. sir apka clinic hai Kya …? Kese mil skty apse ? Galay k cancer k lye help chahye thi .. doctors ne 3rd stage btaie hai cozn ko .. Umar 35 saal SEI upar hai.. pls jawab zaror dyega

    1. AoA,
      Please ask the patient to send her details as follows on my WhatsApp Number 00923125448922:
      Disease History:
      Medical Reports:

    2. My child has been diagnosed with focal segmental nephrotic syndrome . He is just 6 and a half years old . Please guide us to your proposed treatment ?

      1. Assalam o Alaikum,
        .. Please stop using the sugar, Aspartame (an artificial sweetener made from aspartic acid), Table Salt, Acidic Foods (meat-based diet, all fried foods), coffee, tea, chocolate, distilled water, water bottles in freezers, plastic containers or plastic wraps, microwave ovens, toxic chemicals & pesticides, Aflatoxins produced by fungi, Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Alcohol, Food Supplements, Talcum powders, and all packed food items.
        .. Please soak at night, half teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder and a quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo Powder, in one cup of hot water. In the morning mix two tablespoon of this water in any fresh fruit juice, and feed the baby, on normal temperature, empty stomach, after every two or three hours, all the day.
        Throw away the powder and again soak fresh powder for next day.

  4. Salam Hakeem Sahib,
    I am Indian Muslim, living in USA. My doctors diagnosed Cancer in my breast in September 2018. Docs removed my breast and did 16 cycles of radiation, but my disease went more dangerous. My right breast and under-arm was fully burned. I was very depressed due to my heath condition. They wanted to give 5 more radiations, but I refused. I understood so far that all their treatment was just a game of making money. I lost my trust on the doctors. Then I contacted you via email for the herbal and spiritual cure. You suggested me to use Dhamasa and Sumbloo (Daru Haldi) with Surah Rahman and Islamic Reiki.
    Now in April 2019, I did my medical tests from a Lady Doctor who did ultrasound, and blood tests. By the grace of Allah SWT, all tests are clear and nothing wrong with me. The doctor cannot believe that I had something like cancer, then I showed her my previous MRI reports.
    I am still taking Dhamasa and Sumbloo (Daru Haldi), as per your advice. Thank you for your treatment. I need follow up next 4 years. I wish you long live for social work. Ameen!

  5. Dear Dr. Shakeel Shah.
    Kandyari main kafi miqdar main beej hoty hai. Beej ko nikal kar baareek sa chilka reh jatha hai. Kia sirf ye chilka ham pees le ya beej bhi? Waiting for your reply. Shukria

  6. A.A sir..
    Sir meri ami ko pancreatic cancer tha jo liver me b chla gaya tha..chemotherapy ki 6 dose k bad liver sy mets khtm ho gaye hn..or pancreatic tumor ka size b kam ho gaya wo bht weak ho gai liye chemotherapy filhal stop kr di h..
    Sir unhen bht vomit hoti h..kha pi nae skten kch b..esomeprazole ka inj ya cap kha k 1 2 din vomit rukti h..
    Un k liye koi treatment h???

    1. AoA, Please soak at night, a few branches of Fagonia (Dhamasa) including flowers and leaves or half teaspoon of Dhamasa powder along with one small piece of Sumbloo or a quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo powder, in 1.5 cup of water and in the morning, boil it on light flame for 5 minutes. Drink it on room temperature, empty stomach. Soak the same in morning and drink in evening, empty stomach.
      Mix Bottle Gourd (Lauki/Kaddu) Juice, Red Carrots Juice, Apple Juice, Pomegranate Juice in equal weight and drink a cup or glass, thrice a day.

  7. Aslamu Alaikum my mother recently was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, which is a type of blood cancer. her lymph nodes are inflammed in the stomach. We have been doing ruqya and giving her costul hindi, which was used during the prophets time. Is their anything else we can give her ? JazakAllah

  8. If we get Marjoram (Tulsi) dried from Pansar Store and make tea, so can we get the benefits that cure for tumor and cancer? Waiting for your quick response. Thanks in advance.

        1. Dear Mr. Imran, AoA,
          Tulsi and Basil are from the same family but not the same. Tulsi plant is have more height then small plants of Basil. Basil is sweet and Tulsi has a stronger flavor. Basil is a versatile herb used in food, beverage and aromatherapy. Basil is cultivated in many Asian and Mediterranean countries.

  9. Dear sir, my father 58 years old, recently diagnose with lungs cancer which also spreads to bone marrow. Doctors call it stage iv. No treatment started as cancer type not yet established. Pls help me. Plz response. Allah S.w.t apko jaza dega.

  10. Dear Sir,
    I am 37 years old and I am recently been diagnosed with Blood cancer CLL. My WBC right now is 25. I don’t want to go through chemotherapy. Can you suggest me an alternative herbal medicine.


    1. Dear Mr. Ali, AoA,
      If you can arrange and drink or eat the powder of flowers, leaves and seed buds of Dhamasa, then it is complete cure for all types of blood cancer. Also perform Spiritual Treatment as given above.

  11. Dear,
    I have testicular tumors which started as a small hard bump and now it has grown and made my testicle 10 times bigger. It is inside the testicle and now the entire testicle is hard n on upper side there r hard bumps n lumps. I also have swelling in my liver. Tell me what should i do? I am getting treatment by a good hakeem but the testicle swelling isnt going down the liver has gone down but not completely. Thanks

    1. Dear Mr. Farhan, AoA,
      Please use 100g capsule of Turmeric+Sumbloo powder (mixed in equal weight), once a day with a glass of semi-hot milk. Also use 1000g of Dhamasa (flowers and leaves) powder, thrice a day, with water. Also start spiritual treatment as given in my article.

  12. ASM, Shah ge this is my second e-mail. As I couldn’t find any answer to my previous e-mail. I hope you reply me this time. I appreciate your free services to humanity. May Allah (SWT) bless you for your great service. I short 4 years before I was diagnosed Prostate. I am 65 male. Look physical good. I am also diabetic & H.B.P patient but my Diabetes or B.P is in control. In 2016 June I got prostate surgery TURP. I my urine couldn’t pass any more.
    After operation the matter in lab.was diagnosed “Tumor Adenocarcinoma” my PSA after surgery counted to 75 normal is 4. Now it 40 going down with Homeopathic medicines plus doing spiritual also. But I want to control PSA, finish tumor & usually pus cell (White Blood Carpasals) mostly goes out of limit. Please guide me & recommend some spiritual & alternative medicines to get rid of these ailments.
    I will grateful & thankful.
    Amjad Jawaid Khan

    1. Dear Amjad Ali Khan, AoA,
      Please use some or all of the following recipes at the same time:
      1. Fagonia is cure for Cancers and Tumors together without side effects of Chemotherapy. It also cures Thalassemia and chronic Hepatitis. Just grind 5-10 leaves/flowers or whole branch of Fagonia in water and take after meal thrice a day.
      2. Grind 5-10 leaves/flowers or whole branch of Marjoram (OriganumMajorana) in water and take after each meal. It is cure for all Cancers (16 types of Cancer and 9 types of tumors).
      3. Take Sumbloo and Turmeric herbs in same weight, grind both, and fill in the 100mg capsules, and take twice a day, after meals, with milk. The cancer will be cured within one month.
      4. Lemon Juice is 10,000 times powerful than Chemo Therapy.
      In summer season, consume twice a day, mix of 2 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice with ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a large glass of water, sweetened with 1 spoon of honey.
      5. In winter mix One Cup of Lemon juice, One Cup of Honey, three tablespoons of Baking Soda and One Teaspoon of Turmeric. Mix them in a glass-jar and take one teaspoon thrice a day.
      6. Listen Surah Al-Rahman in the voice of Qari Abdul Basit, as given in my article.
      7. Spend maximum of your time reciting the following, one after one, in your heart:
      • Rabbe Innee Maghloobun Funtaasir
      • La Howla wla Quwwata Illa Billahil Aliyyil Azeem
      • Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyoom, Be Rahmatika Astaghees
      • Ya Allahu, Ya Rahmanu Ya Raheemu
      8. Perform Islamic Reiki on the disturbed location of the body by placing hands on it or above one to two inches.

      1. Salaam sir,
        My father was diagnosed with liver cancer two years ago. He went for localized chemotherapy twice but tye tumor is spreading out from portal vein in the liver. He is also suffering from end stage liver cirrhosis and has ascites in his stomach. Please advise what should we so? Thank you

        1. AoA, Please drink Qahwah prepared by soaking the same quantity of Dhamasa powder or few of its branches in water at night and put on light fire in the morning for light boiling for 10 minutes. Then filter the water and drink on normal temperature with empty stomach. Repeat the same twice a day.

  13. Shah Sahib Assalam o Alaikum, My mother has mouth cancer. It is getting swear. She feels burning and pain at that point. Would you please guide me for cure. She has wound in her mouth as well and sometimes it bleeds. Jazak Allah

    1. Dear M. Kamran, AoA,
      May Allah SWT bless your mother with good health… Aameen.
      Please soak the about two inch piece of Sumbloo root herb in water at night and drink in the morning, and again soak the same piece in water and drink empty belly at night. Next day use new sumbloo piece in the same way.
      Prepare Golden Asbaghaol Husk by mixing some pinch of Turmeric Powder into it. Now fill this golden husk in mouth where you see the problem. It will help in reducing burning and curing cancer.
      Also perform Islamic Reiki by placing right hand on or near the problem place.
      For more info please contact me.

  14. Asssalumualekum sir,apkai page ko read kia bhut him maten bandhi…merit mother ki age 73 ha unKai breast me guilty huwi ha..mammography Hui ha abhi mazed investigation hongi meri Nani ko be tha mujhe batain k Konsi2 remedies use kerun aur keha se herbs mangwaon walida diabetic be han apki bhut mehr bani hogi

      1. Thanku sir can we use recipe 6 in place of 4 coz mother has diabetes n honey can disturb the sugar? Sir I also want to take precautions as my age is 35 yr.n family genes has breast cancer so which recipe should I follow?

  15. Hello dear Sir

    How are you? I’m truly sorry my english is not good. Doctors told that my father has cancer in distal esphagous. He is now under chemotherapy and doctors scheduled a surgery for him for about 2 months later. They said that inshallah he would be cured after chemotherapy and surgery. I watched your website. Now my father uses many fruits and vegetables. He uses black seed and honey, hindiba and garlic . He also uses apple and carrot juice. Would you please tell me which remedy is good for me? Is it possible for him to cure the tumor by your herbal remedies without surgery?
    Thank you a lot

    1. Dear Ms. Zahra, AoA,
      Please use above alternative treatment recipe Nos.1, 2, 4,5. Get the herbs from any local herb stores or from online herb sellers. Also start spiritual recipes and Islamic Reiki by placing hands on problematic location.

  16. Salam Sir
    My Uncle has stage 4 cancer of Liver and Stomach… He is very week as well. He feels so much sleepy and cant eat anything. We hardly give him water by force. Please tell us any treatment for him.

  17. Salam o allicum , shah gee, I am diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis(barri aant ka ulcer) 6 years ago. i am on very strong medicines since than. please give me some ilaj for this decease.

    1. Dear Ms. Uzma, AoA,
      Lemon juice can be used by adding water and Honey in Summer season. Drink this mixture three to four times a day. Stop using soft drinks which are cause of cancer.
      In Winter mix One Cup of Lemon juice, One Cup of Honey and One Teaspoon of Turmeric. Mix them in a glass-jar and take one teaspoon thrice a day.
      Take Sumblo Bark and Turmeric herbs in same weight, grind both, and fill in the double zero sized capsules, and take twice a day, after meals, with milk. The cancer will be cured within one month.
      In case of any type of cancer, take one liter of Olive Oil, and 100 gram of pieces of Turmeric. Just burn the pieces of Turmeric in Olive Oil. When Turmeric is fully burnt, then filter and store the Oil in a separate glass jar or bottle. Just take about 20 drops of oil after each meal and then drink a some semi-hot water. The cancer will totally be vanished before the oil finish.

  18. Shah sb AoA
    I am 54 years old and live in rawalpindi. I am recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer two months ago. I am patient of ulcerative colitis (inflammation in colon).
    CT scan shows rectal carcinoma and over 100 polyps in entire colon. Doctors are suggesting surgery. Which i dont want. Rectal cancer is stage1.
    I am also patient o hepatitis c for last 7 years.
    Please assist me in this regard.

    1. Dear Mr. Farooq Bhatti,
      May Allah SWT bless you with good health… Aameen.
      Please use some or all of the following alternatively:
      Recipe 1: Just grind leaves, flowers and seed buds or whole branch of Fagonia to powder and take one teaspoon after meal, thrice a day, with water or milk.
      Recipe 2: Mix powder of Sumbloo and Turmeric herbs in same weight, fill in the 100mg capsules, and take once a day, after meals, with milk.
      Recipe 3: Mix Olive Oil, Kalonji Oil & Honey, all in equal quantity and store it in glass jar. Take one teaspoon, twice a day, for 15 days, and then with 2 days gap for 2 months…. and No Cancer at all.
      Recipe 4: Lemon Juice is 10,000 times powerful than Chemo Therapy.
      1. In Summer season, consume twice a day, mix of 2 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice with half teaspoon of baking soda in a large glass of water, sweetened with 1 spoon of honey.
      2. In Winter mix One Cup of Lemon juice, One Cup of Honey, three tablespoons of Baking Soda and One Teaspoon of Turmeric. Mix them in a glass-jar and take one teaspoon thrice a day.
      Recipe 5: Grind leaves and flowers or whole branch of Marjoram (Origanum Majorana) in water and take after each meal. It is cure for all Cancers (16 types of Cancer and 9 types of tumors).
      Recipe 6: Fully burn 100 grams of turmeric herb in one liter of Olive Oil. Now filter and store the Oil in a separate glass jar or bottle. Just take about 20 drops of oil after each meal and then drink some semi-hot water. In-sha-Allah… the cancer will totally be vanished before the oil finish.
      Recipe 7: Prepare green tea of 2 or 3 new born fresh leaves of Loquat Tree and drink twice a day before meals. It is useful for all Tumors especially for Brain Tumor.
      For more info, please contact as given in my Contacts page.

    2. Dear Mr. Farooq Bhatti,
      May Allah SWT bless you with good health… Aameen.
      Please use some or all of the following alternatively:
      Recipe 1: Just grind leaves, flowers and seed buds or whole branch of Fagonia to powder and take one teaspoon after meal, thrice a day, with water or milk.
      Recipe 2: Mix powder of Sumbloo and Turmeric herbs in same weight, fill in the 100mg capsules, and take once a day, after meals, with milk.
      Recipe 3: Mix Olive Oil, Kalonji Oil & Honey, all in equal quantity and store it in glass jar. Take one teaspoon, twice a day, for 15 days, and then with 2 days gap for 2 months. and No Cancer at all.
      Recipe 4: Lemon Juice is 10,000 times powerful than Chemo Therapy.
      1. In Summer season, consume twice a day, mix of 2 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice with half teaspoon of baking soda in a large glass of water, sweetened with 1 spoon of honey.
      2. In Winter mix One Cup of Lemon juice, One Cup of Honey, three tablespoons of Baking Soda and One Teaspoon of Turmeric. Mix them in a glass-jar and take one teaspoon thrice a day.
      Recipe 5: Grind leaves and flowers or whole branch of Marjoram (Origanum Majorana) in water and take after each meal. It is cure for all Cancers (16 types of Cancer and 9 types of tumors).
      Recipe 6: Fully burn 100 grams of turmeric herb in one liter of Olive Oil. Now filter and store the Oil in a separate glass jar or bottle. Just take about 20 drops of oil after each meal and then drink some semi-hot water. In-sha-Allah… the cancer will totally be vanished before the oil finish.
      Recipe 7: Prepare green tea of 2 or 3 new born fresh leaves of Loquat Tree and drink twice a day before meals. It is useful for all Tumors especially for Brain Tumor.

      Cancer: Spiritual (Islamic) Treatment Recipes
      And We reveal from the Quran what is healing and mercy for the believers, and it does not increase anything for oppressors, but loss.
      1. Listen Surah Al-Rahman in the voice of Qari Abdul Basit, without translation:
      First drink half glass of water as per Sunnah way, then sit or lay down in rest position, start Surah Al-Rahman with high volume, close your eyes and listen with attention.
      When the Ayat Fa-be Ayye Ala-e Rabbiku Ma Tukazzibaan is repeatedly recited than create belief that Allah (SWT) is blessing you with good health. As much strong believe you will create, so much sooner you will be healthy.
      After Surah is completed, open your eyes, drink rest of the water.
      Repeat all above at least thrice a day for seven days.
      2. Spend maximum of your time reciting the following, one after one, in your heart:
      Rabbi Innee Maghloobun Funtaasir,
      .. La Howla wla Quwwata Illa Billahil Aliyyil Azeem,
      .. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyoom, Be Rahmatika Astaghees,
      .. Ya Allahu, Ya Rahmanu, Ya Raheemu.

      For more info, please contact as given in my Contacts page.

  19. Dear Sir,

    My brother had an accident 7 years ago and got some head injuries. A few months ago, he was diagnosed with a white spot in his brain followed by headache and panics sometimes. He had been using antibiotics since then. The size of that white spot has been increased despite of any improvement in MRI scan. Kindly advise herbal treatment to get rid of this white spot.

    1. Dear Ms. Ans Malik,
      Please use the above alternative recipes one or two recipes at a time.
      Also use spiritual treatment recipes, especially first two recipes.
      Also use Islamic Reiki by placing hands on problematic area of head, as many times as he or you can.

  20. Asalamoalykum

    My young brother aged 32, diagnosed with T Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, he also had Chest Pleural Effusion and enlarged Lymph nodes and Bone Marrow get affected with disease.

    He has already taken 2 chemo and, dr will asses the disease after 4 chemo.

    I am giving him Graviola/soursop fruit 200gm a day.
    Turmeric plus black pepper,
    Carrot juice, beetroot juice, and orange juice.

    I am bit worried about Bone Marrow Biopsy, and Scan for disaese assessment in May 2017.

    Kindly advise me some treatment to cure disaese and clear Bone Marrow and eliminate the chance of reoccurence. Please also tell me where do I buy herbs, and what is the saffron capsule advised by Hakeem AGHA?


    1. Dear Mr. Usmani, AoA,
      Please use half teaspoon of Powder of Dhamasa Leaves+Flowers, thrice a day, with water or milk.
      Also use quarter teaspoon of Powder of Sumbloo+Turmeric (equal), once a day, with glass of milk.
      Perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands on Problematic place as many times as possible.

      1. Walaykumassalam,

        JazzakAllah for reply.
        The patient is Alhamdolillah fine. He is on fresh food and fruits diet since last 2 months, and now easily do Sajda in Namaz which was diffcult during effusion.

        I already purchased 40 Fagonia plants with pink flower and also ordered 1kg Fagonia pure powder from Ashraf Nomani. So after your message I also order him Sumbloo powder.

        Sir, does fagonia powder need to be taken before or after food?

          1. Assalamoalykum Shah Sahab,

            Allah Aap ko Sehat aur Lambi Umer aataa karay. Eeman aur khidmat kay jazbay kay saath… JazzakAllah.

            I will get Fagonia today, and start using it. I would like to ask about does it equally effective in Tcell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Leukemia. And atleast till how long do we use it?

            There are several method of using fagonia, like to add it in a water and keep for 12 hours then drink glass of water (Dr.A.Q Khan)
            Other method says use 3.6gm perday in 3 divided dose (Dr.Seyal)
            and the method which we use is recomended by you. So the question is does all method is having equally significant?


          2. Dear Mr. Ali Muhammad Usmani, AoA,
            Fagonia is useful for all types of Blood Cancers. It is more effective if its juice is prepared from fresh and green Fagonia Flowers+Leaves+Seed Buds, by grinding them in water.
            The Second better option is soaking the same in water, and then drinking. The third option is soaking and then boiling the same in water. The last one is better if Fagonia is not of good quality, otherwise, the first option is the best.
            Quantity is not an issue. If it is taken in more quantity, it is more beneficial. If it creates dryness, then enhance the quantity of milk.

  21. My mother has ovarian cysts for last 3-4 years. She had ultrasound years back and started taking alopatheic and homeopathic medicines. No improvement. She has left all medicines now and suffered alot with pain in back and legs. Please suggest something to remove them naturally.

    1. Dear Ms. Amna Khan, AoA,
      Please use the following:
      1. Half teaspoon of powder of Dhamasa leaves+Flowers+Seed Buds, three times a day, with water or milk, after meals.
      2. Quarter teaspoon of powder of Sumbloo Bark, once a day with a glass of Milk.
      3. Perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands of problematic locations of your body, where ever they are, as many times as you can.
      May Allah SWT bless you with good health… Aameen!!!

  22. Assalam o Alaikum Sir,
    I have ovarian cyst at my right side ovary but now my both ovaries are normal and cyst is getting very smaller and become multiple small fibroid now. My health is very good ALHAMDOLILLAH.
    I have been using your recipe of Dhamasa (9 capsules everyday) and recipe of Turmeric and Sumbloo herb (2 small size capsules (1+1) daily) for ovarian cancer from last 1 year, and I am also having 2,3 glass of Carrot juice daily. ALHAMDOLILLAH my cyst is getting smaller in size. It was 14cm x 12cm. Now it is 3.8cm x 3.5cm. I am really very happy. Thanks to ALMIGHTY ALLAH and thanks to Mr. Shakeel Shah for helping me and guiding me in a right way.

  23. Dear Sir,

    My age is 27 years and live in Lahore. Last year in April I felt a Lump inside my left side of breast it followed with pain on my arm and backside of shoulder. Sometimes i also feel pain in right side of my breast. I consulted homeopathic doctors who say that it isn’t cancer but it be vanished by using their medicines. Since then I have been using homeopathic medicines. The of lump neither decreased nor showed any improvement. Please advise herbal medicine along with a diet to get rid of this lump. It has been a year and I am really very much worried.

    1. Dear Ms. Amna Khan, AoA,
      Please use the following:
      1. Half teaspoon of powder of Dhamasa leaves+Flowers+Seed Buds, three times a day, with water or milk, after meals.
      2. Quarter teaspoon of powder of Sumbloo Bark, once a day with a glass of Milk.
      3. Perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands of problematic locations of your body, where ever they are, as many times as you can.
      May Allah SWT bless you with good health… Aameen!!!

      1. Thank you so much. Please also advise if I should leave homeopathic medicine while the herbal medicines advised by you? I am unmarried and about to marry soon. Really worry about it.

        1. Salam sir,my mother is involve in liver cancer stage 4.But the doctor’s said your mother is not fit for treatment just required care only.sir this is my contact number 03351973789

          1. Assalam-o-Alaikum,
            Please WhatsApp the following info:
            1. Name:
            2. Age:
            3. City/Country:
            4. Problem Detail:
            5. Last Medical Reports Showing Problem:
            Shakeel Ahmad Shah Hashmi,
            Cell: +923215199887 (5pm to 9pm, PST)
            WhatsApp: +923125448922 (WhatsApp Message can be sent to me for help any time, but calling time is 5pm to 9pm PST.)

            Please also visit and subscribe YouTube Channel HealthyManners by Shakeel Ahmad Shah Hashmi

  24. Sir
    My sister is suffering from Endometriosis.Last month her doctor confirm her that she had endometriosis and also her both fallopian tube are block and ovary is frozen.
    Kindly tell me treatment.

    1. Dear Ms. Aqsa Irum, AoA, Please use the following for your sister:
      1. One Tablespoon of Sohanjna (Moringa) Leaf Powder, thrice a day, with water
      2. One teaspoon of Dhamasa (Fagonia) Leaves+Flowers+Seeds Powder, thrice a day, with water
      3. 100mg to 200mg of Sumbloo + Turmeric Powder (mixed in equal quantity), once a day, with a glass of milk.
      4. Use Islamic Reiki by putting hands on the troubled area, as given in
      Allah Shaafi… Aameen!!!

  25. Assalamualykum wa Rahmatullah, mere daddy ko Chronic lymphatic leukemia hai. Hum unko dood, meat, egg aur processed food nahi de rahey hain. Woh sirf ubli hui sabzi zaitoon ke tel ke saath kha rahey hain aur zamzam ka pani, amla juice, gajar chukandar ka juice, flaxseed, blackseed etc. bhi le rahey hain.
    Haldi dood Bhi de rahey thei, lekin ab band kar diya.
    Meri sister unkey juice pe surah Fatiha padhkey phookti hai.
    Aap please humein advice karein ki humein unko kya dena chahiyye jo unki healing ko kamyaab karrey?

  26. Dear shah ge AOA
    Mara chottay bhai age 45 ko Hepatic c hey aur liver cirohsis hey . liver men tumor 7-8 cm hay. us ka shoukat khanam hospital mn Tace kraya hy .bzaher koi mala nai hy . achanak test kerany per maloom howa
    Mehebni ke ka ka koi shfi illaj batin .Allah ap o jaza dy

    1. Dear Syed M.Arif, AoA, Please use one teaspoon of Dhamasa Leaves+Flowers+Seed Buds Powder, three times a day. Also use Islamic Reiki by placing hands on liver. He will start recovring… In-sha-Allah!

        1. Dear Syed M. Arif, AoA, Dhamasa herb is available in all areas of Pakistan, including Multan. Sumbloo is available in Hilly areas like Murree, Kashmir, and Hazara Districts.
          If you cannot find it anywhere, then contact Bismillah Pansaar Store Chichawatni at +92 316 6543335 or +92 304 5013300. They can send the powder of these herbs through TCS.

  27. Assalam o Alaikum, mein turmeric root use kr rha hun kali mirch aur shehed ke sath bone cancer, lungs (osteosarcoma) ke liey aur Al-hamdulillah, Allah k hukam se kam horha hai. Mein poochna chahata hun aap plzz mujhe ek aur herbal remedy btayein ta ke Allah SWT ke hukam se Insha Allah jald sahet yab hoon.
    Jazak Allah Khair!

  28. Aoa.. Sir my mother was diagnosed from stomach cancer (stage 3) in Oct 2015. After surgery 5 cycles of chemo and 25 radiation on march 2016 she cured from cancer and no tumor left.. But after 4 months on regular followup 2 small size tumor measuring about 1.5-1.8 cm seen on the region of stomach.. Dr apply 3 cylces of much more heavy chemo and after 3 months chemo respond worst size of previous tumor increase about 0.2-0.4 cm and 2 new tumors also seen on the region of stomach and along colon
    about 1.5-3.5 cm… I suddenly stop chemo and go to Hakeem Abdul ghaffar aga sahab he now giving her fagonia powder and 200 mg zaafran capsule… I also using olive oil+turmeric recipe… Plz mujhe further koi achi advice aur de dein jis se un k cancer growth rukk jae…
    Jazzak Allah …. Plz rpl

    1. Dear Shakeel sahab,
      I want to meet you, please give me your address along with location & time for treatment & learning.

  29. Assalam o Alaikum Sir,
    I have been using your recipe of Dhamasa (9 capsules everyday) and recipe of Turmeric and sumblo booti (2 double size zero capsules daily) for ovarian cancer from last 4 months. And I am also having 4,5 glass of Carrot juice daily. ALHAMDOLILLAH my cyst is getting smaller in size. it was 14 cm x 12cm. now it is 6.5 cm x 7 cm.
    Thanks to ALMIGHTY ALLAH and thanks to Mr. Shakeel shah for helping me and guiding me in a right way.

  30. Salam Mr Shah,
    My dear father currently age 65, weight 58kgs (quiet weak) had stomach cancer in 2014 while sub gastrectomy was done with chemo before and after surgery. He was cured for 2 years. Now its returned on liver, and surrounding area like a small mass and abscess. He is quiet ill.

    I am desprately trying to find remedy for his condition and il be forever greatlful if you could provide ur gentle assistance on securing this plant Fagonia. We are based in abu dhabi but i can come to you in Pakistan. Please reply earliest. Thanks
    00971 55 323 4433
    Abu dhabi, UAE.

    1. Dear Br. Ali Khan, AoA,
      May Allah SWT bless your father with good health… Aameen.
      Please try to use all given cancer treatment recipes (at least two recipes at a time). Fagonia and Sumbloo herbs are also good for cancers but required parts of these herbs are difficult to find from herb stores.
      You need Flowers, Leaves and seed buds of Fagonia but on herb stores you find only thorns of this herb. Only one herb store in Pakistan can provide the required parts of this herb is located in Chichawatni. Its contact is below:

      Bismillah Matib & Pansaar Store,
      College Road, Hayatabad Colony,
      Chichawatni, Punjab, Pakistan
      Cell & WhatsApp: +92 315 3342711 (Mr. Tahamal)

      Please contact him directly because I live in Islamabad.

      Also use spiritual treatment for speedy cure.
      Kindly use Islamic Reiki Treatment as given in my article which is perfect cure for every disease.

      Shakeel Shah

      1. Salam Dr sb,

        I managed to find fagonia is powdered form. I made capsules. I will try the recipes above. But i wanted totell u that the cancer is actually sitting at duodenum that is greatly hindering his food intake too. Liver, duodenum, pancreas seem to be involved. Just recently he got jaundice symptoms too. Would you be kind enough to tell me again any other useful info that u can think of please.


  31. Sir meray husband ko bone mAin.cancer spread ho giya hai aur un ke bones break hotee ja rahee hain plz help

    1. Dear Ms. Hina Yasir, AoA,
      Vary sad to know the critical condition of your husband. May Allah (SWT) bless him with good health.
      Sumbloo + turmeric Herb powder is quite useful for bone cancer. Also immediately start spiritual treatment for early recovery.
      You can further discuss on phone as given in

  32. Sir,

    My mother is suffering b cell lymphoma nhl …..she is going chemotherapy ….and her body completely broken down … advise

    1. Dear Mr. Shaikh, AoA,
      Please start all above recipes (including spiritual treatment) taking care of weather conditions. It will help you in curing the disease.

      1. Sir,

        I have given you email …..but I didn’t got any respond……pl reply to the email as Fergusa plant is not available in india

        1. The Fagonia herb is available in India with the name of “Dhamasa”. You can buy it as well from various Internet sites who are selling it online. But please try to get Leaves, Flowers and Seed Buds of Dhamasa instead of using full plant, for early cure.

  33. my husband is diagnosed stage four large intestine cancer with involvement of lung liver he has received 8chemo courses l m giving him mushrooms extract and termeric curcumin cap and wheatgrass. he is better but still having mild jaundice can I start your treatment and receipies along with all this and with chemo kindly reply I m very upset

    1. Dear Ms. Zareen Atif, AoA,
      Please use Fagonia (Dhamasa) to control cancer and mild jaundice. to speed up cancer recovery, please use one small size capsules filled with turmeric + Sumbloo powder mixed in equal quantity, with one glass of milk, daily. Allah SWT may bless your husband with good health …. Aameen!!!

        1. Dear Ms. Bushra, AoA,
          Please use half teaspoon of powder of Dhamasa Leaves+Flowers+Seed Buds, thrice a day, with milk or water, after meals.
          Also use a quarter teaspoon of powder of Sumbloo Bark + Turmeric, once a day, with milk, after meal.

  34. As salam o alaikum shah shahab…mere aabu ko hepatits c hai jis ki waja se liver shrink ho gaya hai aur pait mein pani barh gaya hai…is k ilawa unkay liver mein tumor hai 11cm ka jo cancer ban chuka hai 3rd stage…please meri madad karain…filhal mere walid doctori duwa nexavar aur iskay elawa Hakeem agha abdul ghaffar ki adwiyat b kha rahay hain…

    1. Dear Ms. Rubab Fatima, AoA,
      Please get grean leaves, flowers and seed buds of Fagonia (Dhamasa) herb. Wash them in saltish warm water, anlet them dry in airy shadow. Then grind it to powder and fill in the largest size capsules. Now take three capsule thrice a day, during meals, with water. For any query, you can contact as given in

  35. I have heard about dhamasa boti.i live in America (Pennsylvania).I was diagnosed with breast cancer .in 2013 and had done lumpactomy and now I had done masatomy of right side I want to know from where and how can I use this boti.and can I use with my other medications. Thanks

  36. I’m really very impressed from the great Janab Syed Shakil Shah Sahib. He is very honourable person coz Allah (SWT) has chosen him to become a source of Shifa for helpless and hopeless people. I’m also very thankful to Almighty ALLah Sub’han Wa Taala, who is more merciful to His creatures. ALLAH Pak farmatay hain “Jis jaga jo Marz zyada ho ga uss ki Shifa bhi uss ke kareeb tareen hoti he. It may be in the shape of herbs. Shah Sahib ko aik mashwara dena chahta hoon ke ap is ko khud tayyar karain aur uss ke ewaz hadiya lain. aaur beshak avdace booking pe layn. I am printing aur jis kisi ke pas bhajo koi b bimari jab ilaj ya aazmuda nuskha ho wo b Shah Sahib ko note karain ta ke Faize aam jari logon ko parecel karain ta ke herb search karne main ghalti kotahi na ho.

  37. My wife is suffering from esophagus cancer. It was diagnosed in June, 2013. Chemotherapy was done and then Radiotherapy. Then all tests were clear. The problem recurred in 2015. Now the Chemotherapy is underway. Five courses have been completed, sixth and final is due from 28th August to 01st September. After this the CT Scan and other tests will be done to know the effect of the treatment and status of the Cancer and mode of treatment.I have read the Recipes mentioned on your website. I want to know which recipe will be more effective so that we can start with it. Further is it adviseable to start more than on Recipes simultaneously.

    1. Dear Mr. Shaukat Hussain! Allah may bless your wife with good health. Actually chemotherapy has many side-effects. One of them is “An Other CANCER”. To avoid its side-effects, kindly use Fagonia (Dhamasa) herb in dried form during Chemo treatment and continue it for whole life after meal to avoid another Cancer attack. Also use other cancer treatment recipes given in my article for early recovery.

  38. Assalam o alaikum. thanks for suggestion Allah apko hamesha khush rakhe or her pareshani se door rakhe. apki help se hi hum ek acha decision le paye hein. ap bus mujhe itna bata den k pure fagonia (dhamasa) karachi mein kahan se mil sakti hai? koi aesi jaga jise ap jante hon ya koi contact wagera? qk meine ek pansar se dhamsa purchase ki hai or os ne mujhe bohot sasti 30 rupe pao k hisab se di hai is liye ye confirm nahi horaha k ye waqai fagonia hai ya nahi. pls agar apki nazar mein koi aesi jaga hai to bata den.


    1. Dear Shahzad Ahmad, Fagonia is a low-cast herb but very useful. In Karachi, you can find its plants in surrounding areas of Banori Town, and also in many other side areas of the city.

  39. Assalam o alaikum shakeel shah sahab. meri wife ko last 4 yaers se breast mein gulty hai homeo ka elaj bohot kia per koi farq na hua phr humne jinnah hospital mein kuch test biopsy wagera karwaye to pata chala k gulti bari hokar baghal mein agae hai or ye breast cancer ban gaya hai doctors ne operate ka kaha per humne nahi karwaya. meine fagonia k bare mein bohot parha hai isliye fagonia ka powder lahore se purchase kia 250gm ka paket. hum fagonia ko subah nihar munh kehwe ki soorat mein use karte hein kia ye tariqa behter hai fagonia use karne ka? abhi sirf 15 din hue hein fagonia use karte hue. or dosri bat apk page per meine Recipe 5: parhi hai simloo or turmeric ki kia ye fagonia ka sath Recipe 5: ka formula b use karsakte hein? or simloo ko urdu mein kia kehte hein ? or simloo her aam pansari k store se mil sakta hai ya nahi? sir ans zaror dijyega shukriya.

      1. Sir thanks for reply. hum fagonia ki tea b use karrahe hein or humne abhi ashraf noman sahab se fogonia ki tablet li hein jo khane k foren bad use karna shuroo ki hein 3 time with recipe 5.or sir doctors ne meri wife ka 2nd stage bataya hai or biopsy report mein mass likha hua aya hai kia mass khatm hojata hai? or apk andaze mein fagonia or simloo dono recipe use karte hue kitne time mein khatm hosakta hai? or kia humen ye medicine use karte hue 2 se 3 month mein mamograme karwana chahiye ya nahi? mammograme isliye k agar 3 months tak in medicines se koi farq nahi perta hai to hum time zaya na karte hue operate karwa len.

        1. Dear Mr. Shahzad! Please use Dhamasa and Simloo which will help to control Cancer, but if after 2-3 months you see no reduction, it means the herbs are not pure, and then it is better to go for surgery. But after surgery remember to continue the use of the herbs to protect from re-attack of Cancer.

  40. Reiki healing is good natural treatment. with reiki healing . But it is very important that during this treatment faith on Allah and special intention is so important.
    Dr Abid Rao…

  41. Dr saab.. Myself Zaheer from Dubai, I’m very much tensed because of my mother.. Actually she was detected of breast cancer 3yrs back then we did medical treatment to her. Chemo therapy was given to her. Doctors did 2 surgeries, she was also at chronic stage of kidney, her serum creatinine was too high, doctors said for Radiation..
    I did not agree for Radiation, coz doctors said if you take your mother home she will die in 3 months. If you give radiation she can live for 1yr.
    I said doctors that you are not God. You cannot give judgement. I took my mother home, it’s now 2yrs she was fine Alhamdulillah! But a week before she is feeling again a Tumour inside and one small like a size of a date(khajur) outside. It was in 2-3 colours, like yellow green and red, then it got blasted like a pimple but a big one and bleeding occurs. Then from now that big like date thing is ready to blast again. I’m feeling like that cancer came back. I read about fagonia on your site and found in dubai but in dried form.
    Please advise what to do now…?
    My email

  42. Dear doctor, excellent work, Allah bless on u, sir kindly upload complete in4mation about semen morphological problems, about puss cells, infection etc. I know about dhamasa it really works. . a number of patients had been cured
    ALHAMDULILLAH. M at Lahore 03214253390

  43. dear shakil shab
    asslam o aliqum
    my sister’s 11 years old daughter is suffering ‘Thalassemia’ i read about ‘dhamassa’
    is it possible to get this ‘booti’ from any medical or herbal shop?

  44. Dear Shakeel Shah Sb,

    Asslam o Allaikum,

    I have read the info about fagonia (Dhamasa booti) pls.advice me for my mother’s treatment she is suffering in Hyp-C and Sugar and B.P increase problem and her age is about 53 years
    My father has died and I want that May Allah keep shelter of our mother on our heads my mother is not willing for injection of Hyp-C but she is taking insulin of mixtard injection twice a day for her sugar control and same as using Qartaz 5 mg tablet for her B.P control and she can not travel in buses and train due to her health so we need medicine at home as per last ultra sound in March,14 aprox her liver have shrunk in size kindly advice how I can use dhamasa booti for my loving mother’s treatment.My whole family will remember you in our prayers for this kind help to save the life of our mother pls.

    waiting for your kind support in this regard,


    Ashiq Ali
    Dharaki Disst.Ghotaki Sindh

    1. Dear Ashiq Ali, May Allah (SWT) bless your mother with good health… Aameen!
      Dhamasa is the best cure for all types of Hepatitis and liver related problems. Just take few green branches of Dhamasa (including leaves, flowers and seeds, etc.), grind it, add enough water, and drink sudden after each meal (at least twice a day). For sugar and B.P, please read my articles including their treatment on

  45. Janab Shakeel Shah sahib
    Assalam Alikum

    I live In Chicago USA, regular bases every day I read Ummet news paper I am not a doctor or hakeem but I read your article and I am very interested to know more about these jaree and bootes can I call you and have your telephone number. Might it will be very good for bandagan-e- khuda and for us.
    Allah hafiz and shub bakheer.

  46. salam shah sab iam from mansehra . my mother has oral cancer . afther reading about fagonia benefits i brought fogonia from a pansar store . but it is availble in dried form or stem and scale. kindly tell how to use them .
    thanks and regards

    1. Dear Mr. Liaqat Hussain Shah, the dried herb you bought from Pansaar Store will also be useful but only 30-40%. For 100% benefits of Fagonia, the leaves, Flowers and seeds are must required. If you cannot find it in your surrounding, then better to get it in Tablet form from Mr. Ashraf Naumani, from Karachi (0345-2001097). Please also start using the other Cancer treatment Recipe given at

  47. Sir I am waqar aslam I come to know about your website from facebook in a comment so I here to discuss some with you.
    Mery walid ko multiple brain tummor ho gya hai docs ka kehna ha k yeh cancer k metasis hai and eska oprate b nai ho skta or na medicen sy khtm ho skty wo kehty hai k ots not cureable hum radiations b krwa chuky hai but kuch khas farak ni para kya ap mjy apna contact num dein gy ta k main ap ko detail or history bta saku or u send me mail on my email adress I will reply u there I will be thankful to you.

  48. Sir. You have experience of Dhimasa and you have done a great job in sharing the detils. But the rest are taken from internet without source details. So please make it clear these points also. Great job indeed.

  49. please email me your contact info. i need to discuss regarding my 25 year old sister diagnose with blood cancer. please contact me as soon as you can. Thansk

  50. dear shah sahib,
    your services that i find here for cancer patients treatment is a great guide and blessing of ALLAH suhanALLAH.
    May e find time to sit once again to find a rout-map to help more to those who r in our need,

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