Reiki Healing – Treatment of Every Disease

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The Japanese word Reiki means Universal Life Force. Using Reiki methods, your hands can heal any health disturbance in self or others. Reiki is a preventive medicine as well. When practicing Reiki on yourself or others, you experience both its preventive and curative functions at the same time.
This preventive cum curative quality of Reiki makes it a unique healing system. Reiki heals diseases, balances spirit, makes the body healthy, and achieves stress free mind.

The Islamic Way of Reiki

IslamicReiki - Noor - English - for Every Disease

  • SelfReikiStepsPut your hands together with the thumbs touching at the base of the nose. Make sure your hands do not touch the eyes. (Treating: Stress, face, sinus, ear, nose and throat, cold, pituitary gland, hormone imbalances, etc.)
  • Wrists together with the right and left hands fingers over the temples. (Treating: Stress, tiredness, headache, brain-problems, pituitary gland, immune defense, hormone imbalances, nerves, emotional problems, concentration, etc.)
  • Put the hands together and slide them under the head. (Treating: Stress, worry, headache, colds, brain, neck and back problems, spinal nerve problems, etc.)

رئیکی کیا ہے؟

جاپانی لفظ رئیکی کے معنی ہیں کائناتی حیاتیاتی قوّت جسے استعمال میں لاتے ہوئے اپنے ہاتھ کے ذریعےآپ اپنی یا دوسروں کی صحت کی خرابیوں کو درست کر سکتے ہیں۔ رئیکی کو حفاظتی دوا کے طور پر بھی استعمال کیا جا سکتا ہے۔ خودپر یا دوسروں پر رئیکی کرتے ہوئے آپ بیک وقت اسکے حفاظتی اور صحتیابی فوائد محسوس کر سکتے ہیں۔ اس دہرے فائدے کی وجہ سے ہی رئیکی ایک انوکھا طریقہ علاج کہلاتا ہے۔ یہ بیماریوں کے علاج، روحانی اعتدال، اور جسمانی صحت کو برقرار رکھنے کا بے مثال اور آسان طریقہ ہے۔ اس سے لا علاج بیماریوں سمیت تمام جسمانی بیماریوں کا علاج ممکن ہے۔

رئیکی کے لوازم:۔

‌أ. رئیکی کی قوّت حاصل کرنے کے لئے ضروری ہے کہ مزاج میں سکون ہو، لہٰذا غصّہ سے بچیں ورنہ جسم میں گرم لہروں کی وجہ سے قوّت کا قدرتی عمل سست پڑ جائے گا۔
‌ب. غیر اخلاقی اور معاشرتی طور پر غلط کاموں میں مبتلا رہنے والا ذہنی انتشار کا شکار ہوجاتا ہے لہٰذا ایسے تمام امور سے اجتناب برتا جائے جو ذہنی صحت کو کمزور کر سکتے ہوں۔
‌ج. رئیکی کے عمل کے دوران مکمل یقین رکھیں کہ ہاتھوں کے ذریعے توانائی جسم میں منتقل ہو رہی ہے۔ اپنی ماورائی قوت کا مکمل یقین رکھیں ورنہ شک آپ کی ان صلاحیّتوں کو بیکار کر دے گا۔

رئیکی کا اسلامی طریقہ:۔

اُمّتِ مسلمہ بھی اپنے روحانی اور جسمانی عوارض کے علاج کے لئے اسلامی رئیکی کے طریقہ علاج سے بھرپور فائدہ اٹھاسکتی ہے۔ اسلامی رئیکی کے لئے جاپانی رئیکی کی طرح اٹیونمنٹ (Attunement) ضروری نہیں، بلکہ ہر کلمہ گو مسلمان بغیر کسی اٹیونمنٹ کے بھی اس سے فائدہ اٹھا سکتا ہے۔ جو شخص جتنا زیادہ مضبوط ذہن، اور پختہ یقین کے ساتھ باوضو حالت میں اسلامی رئیکی کا عمل کرے گا، وہ اتنا ہی فوری اور معجزانہ شفائی اثرات پائے گا۔ اسلامی رئیکی کی بنیاد دراصل حدیث نبویﷺ پر ہے، اسلئے اس کی تاثیر عام رئیکی سے کئی گنا زیادہ ہے۔

IslamicReiki - Urdu - for Every Diseaseرئیکی کے فوائد:۔

جسم کی قوت مدافعت اور برداشت کو بڑھاتی ہے۔ ذہن میں مثبت رویہ پیدا کرکے منفی خیالات سے نجات دلاتی ہے۔ جسم کے زہریلے مادوں اور ان کے بد اثرات کو ختم کرنے میں معاون ہے۔ جسمانی قوت کے سرچشموں میں توازن پیدا کرکے صحت بحال رکھتی ہے۔ پٹھوں کے کھچاؤ، بدن کے درد، تشنج اور درد شقیقہ سے نجات دلاتی ہے۔ ذہنی دباؤ، کینسر، شوگر، ہیپاٹائٹس، وغیرہ سے نجات کے لئے مؤثر ہے۔ ریڑھ کی ہڈی کے مہروں، جوڑوں اور دیگر جسمانی دردوں میں شافی علاج ہے۔ یورپ اور امریکہ میں رئیکی کو بغیر درد کے عمل پیدائش، اور سرطان کی تکلیف کو کم کرنے میں استعمال کیا جا رہا ہے۔ الغرض، رئیکی طریقہ علاج جسم کے تمام عوارض کیلئے شافی علاج ہے۔

رئیکی کے لئے ہاتھ کس جگہ رکھیں:۔

جسم میں کسی بھی تکلیف یا درد کی صورت میں متاثرہ مقام پر ہاتھ رکھیں۔ ڈپریشن کے لئے چہرے، کنپٹیوں،سر کی پچھلی طرف ہاتھ رکھ کر باری باری دم کریں۔ مہروں کا گیپ یا ہڈی ٹوٹنے وغیرہ کیلئےمتاثرہ جگہ پر ہاتھ رکھیں۔ شوگر کیلئے لبلبے پر دایاں ہاتھ رکھیں۔ دل کے مسائل کیلئے دل پر دایاں ہاتھ رکھیں۔ ہیپاٹائٹس کیلئے جگر پر ہاتھ رکھیں۔ ٹیومر یا کینسر کی صورت میں متاثرہ جگہ ہاتھ رکھیں۔ فروزن شولڈر یعنی کندھے جام ہوں تو دونوں کندھوں پر ہاتھ رکھیں۔ الغرض جسم میں کوئی بھی مسئلہ ہو، تو اس کے متعلقہ مقام پر ہاتھ رکھیں۔

73 thoughts on “Reiki Healing – Treatment of Every Disease

  1. Aoa, I am suffering from severe illness. doctors says that it is depression and prescribed me so many medicines, i have used that medicines but not feeling good properly. then i contact some aalim, he said its magic. but i am not feeling good at all. can you please tell me that how i do reiki in order to get out from depression or something else. I am feeling so much pain in my back and shoulders. i am always feel fear of dying or sometimes it feels that i am going mad.

  2. Sir i am tanoli from abbottabad. My mother age 61 years, she performed hajj 2017 and come back to Pakistan on 25 August 2017, after two or three days doctor diagnosed her liver cancer stage-4 which is already spreed in whole body even in bones. And doctors said there is no treatment for this. They just try to maintain their pain for the rest of life… Let me know what we have do for my mother…..

  3. As Salaamu Alaikum sir. Can this be used for weak eyesight in children and adults as well. If yes …can you please tell the method?

    1. Dear Ms. Iffat, AoA, Please perform Islamic Reiki by placing right hand on front (at eyes) and the left hand on back of head. Also recite 7 times “Ya Baseeru, Ya Allahu” before 2nd time Drood Paak in Islamic Reiki.

      1. Walekum As Salaam sir. Jzk for your reply. How many times Darood pak should be recited before saying Ya Baseeru Ya Allahu. Also can I use Moringa for my daughter as you replied in other post.

  4. As Salam alykum:
    I have PCO which has caused massive hair loss, facial hair growth plus my hair has turned grey prematurely. Since 2 months I have also started experiencing the urge to go to the bathroom every few minutes and feel immense pressure to go. This feeling comes for a week or two, goes away and then comes back.
    Please help. Jzk

    1. Dear Ms. Erum, AoA,
      For PCOS, please locate fresh green plants of Dhamasa in your area, wash its green parts with water and then Soak it for a night, grind it in the morning in water, and drink the filtered water thrice a day. It will give you the best results. If you cannot find it in your area, then you can buy the green powder of complete plant of Dhamasa herb. Take 1000mg capsule of this powder, thrice a day, with water.
      Also use Sumbloo + Turmeric powder as given in my article “Cancer Alternative Treatment Recipes“, only 100mg once a day with milk. Start spiritual recipes as well. Perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands on the problematic area.
      Please visit my article “Hair Problems and Solutions“.

  5. Aoa,
    My mother has been adviced for a bypass surgery of heart.. her coronary atery has been damaged and 3 valves are blocked.. can you please advice something that can cure her… she is also diabetic!
    Thanks alot.. stay blessed

    1. There are many types of Islamic Reiki derived by different people. This version of Islamic Reiki is based on Ahadees Mubaraka, so it is pure Islamic Reiki. It was named Islamic Reiki by me about 15 years back. But yet I could not spare time to publish it in a book form.

  6. Asslamoaleiqum
    Just wondering why do we need attunement for Islamic reiki?
    Also plz explain why do you say Usui reiki is shirk?
    Some even says using homeopathy is shirk simply on the ground it is practiced by non Muslims.

    1. Dear Ms. Naz, AoA,
      For use of Islamic Reiki, the attunement is not necessary. Any body can practice it without any attunement.
      Usui Reiki was invented by Japanese people and its symbols are based on Japanese language. We don’t know the meaning of these words. The Reiki Masters are called Guru by their disciples which is used by Hindus, Sikhs, and Budhs for their religious leaders. Muslim Religious leaders are called Murshid, instead of Guru.
      No one says that Homeopathy is a “Shirk”, but it is thought by some people as “Haraam” due to use of Alcohol as its base.

  7. Salam sir,my son has hydrocephalus, due to which he is delayed in milestone and his eyesight is also weak,so how can I do Islamic reiki on his eyes so that is vision and eye coordination increases,plz help I’m very worried,thanks,reply plz

    1. Salam sir,thank u so much,I want to ask that can I use this powder with the usage of fish oil,or stop the fish oil,and plz also recommend any powerful dua to recite,thanks,waiting

        1. Salam sir,sorry to disturb u,but I want to ask that as u told before that women should not do reiki in specific days so can we make a gap in reiki or someone else has to perform it,means do we have to do it continuously without gap,thanks

  8. Salaam
    I had another question I wanted to ask, my son is 2 and he constantly has runny nose and phlegm (baghlum) ( chesty cough with baghlam, is there anything u would recommend also anything to help him increase his appetite as he doesn’t eat much and is very skinny. I give food but he spits it out. Thank you

  9. AssalamuAlaikum mera naam Mrs Uroosa hai ,mai apny liye to khud Reiki kersakti hoon ,lekin mery do bety Pakistan mai hain ,bara beta InshaaAllah feb 2018 tak aajaiga per choty bety ny pkistn navy join kerli hai is liye wo humary pass navy chor ker aana nahi chahta ,mai os ki kheriat aur buraaiyon sy bachny ky liye kaisy triků kersakti hoon ,I am in USA nd sons are in Pakistan,my 2 daughters r with me in USA

  10. My daughter is 3 years old but has very dark circles under her eyes which are very noticeable. Is there anything I can do to stop the dark circles

    1. Dear Ms. Saima, AoA,
      The dark circles under the eyes means that either she can’t properly sleep or her liver is heated due to continuous use of any feed or medicine. Stomach problems may also be a cause. So please treat the cause and then apply Vitamin-D Oil on dark circles. Cut into pieces one Banana, 250 grams of guava (Amrood), 100 grams of Pistachio (Pista), and mix them in a plate. Eat it in lunch daily.

    1. Dear Ammarah Jawaid, AoA,
      I learned Usui Reiki about 20 years back, but did not practice it due to hidden possibility of “Shirk”. Both the Usui and Karuna Reiki methods use Buddhist or Hindu terminologies and methodologies. For example Karuna Reiki uses Hearth, Rama and EE-AH-VAAH, etc. And you may know that Rama symbol sounds Ramakrishna a spiritual saint of Hindus. He was a priest at a temple to the Goddess Kali (Kali Devi) located near Calcutta on the Ganges River.
      That’s why I stopped practicing the Reiki methods invented by non-Muslims. Instead, Allah (SWT) guided me to Islamic Reiki based on Ahadees e Nabvi, which proved more effective in healing fatal diseases.

  11. Assalaamu alaikum Shakeel saheb!
    Am a woman who Allah(swt) has blessed with 3 children and a caring husband.Now and then I suddenly get some negative emotions like who will care for my family after am gone..and sometimes think that my life is going to change sad if am going to think and imagine negatively.I am unable to have a peaceful sleep. sometimes I search the net and find some absurd medical terms like Schizopernia and so on…But Alhamdulilah I do my salaah regularly and am fasting now.I think since I care too much for my family I am emotionally attached to them and keep having such pessimistic thoughts..I want to lead a peaceful and a happy life and worship Allah truly with an open heart.Kindly send me islamic reiki through distance and ask Allah(swt) to grant me a permanent complete recovery and enjoy my life which Allah has gifted me.Kindly reply soon uncle.

    1. Dear Mrs. Haseen, AoA,
      May Allah SWT bless you with peace of mind. I will pray for you as well but you also perform the Islamic Reiki on your brain by adding Surah Fatiha (7 times) before saying Allah Shaafi.
      After every prayer please place your right hand on your forehead and seven times recite “Ya Qawiyyu, Ya Allahu”. So you will get a strong and peaceful mind… In-sha-Allah!!!

      1. Assalaamu alaikum Uncle Shakeel! First of all may the Almighty Allah(swt)bless you and your family for this wonderful service your offering to millions of people.Insha Allah I will do as you said.Thankyou very much for your reply please do remember me in your duas and pray that I should become a faithful servant of Allah.

  12. I suffering from pcos nd my monthly cycle is not normal. Kindly tell me how can I use dhamasa leaves to get normal cycle.

    1. Dear Ms. Meesha Khan, AoA,
      Just grind leaves, flowers and seed buds or whole branch of Fagonia to powder and take half or one teaspoon after meals, thrice a day, with water or milk.
      Also mix powder of Sumbloo and Turmeric herbs in same weight, fill in the 100mg capsules, and take once a day, after meals, with milk.

  13. assalam u alikum. one year ago aap ne mujy or meri mrs ko “islamic reiki” ki “Ejajat” di thi ham ne bohot logon ko different problems me islamic reiki se heal kia bohot faida howa. hairan kun results hen.

  14. hi,,i want to know what is the prescribed method for islamic reiki for heart valve blockage/narrowing treatment.. i want to know this for my husband..

      1. Jazak ALLAH …i can do it for him or he has to do it himself?.. he is also listening to surah rahman 3 times for 7 days…

  15. Assalam-o-Alaikum Shah sahib; After reading your Islamic Reiki procedure, I applied the following on my 4 year old daughter, earlier she was behaving abnormally, abusive, ziddi and unconvincing. Due to my heavy engagements and less availability, I was able to apply it only twice a day.
    After putting my right hand on her head, closed my eyes and imagined word Allah in my mind. Then recited one time Darood Ibrahemi, three times Bismillah, seven times Aoozu Be-Izzatillahe…., 7 times surah-e-Fatihah (starting from bismillah each time) then three times Darood-e-Ibrahemi, then Allah-ho-Shafi, Allah-ho-Kafi, Allah-ho-Maafi and opened my eyes. During all these recitation I imagined the word Allah in my mind.
    Alhamdolillah, after 7 days procedure, she is totally normal and now behaving like a normal kid.
    Thanks a lot and JazakAllah hum bakhair.

  16. i have two kids.. is 8 and is 4.5.. both are very short tempered and weak in studies.. plz tell me how can reiki be helpfull for them.. how i perform reiki for them..


  17. AoA Dear Shakeel Sb.,
    My mother is diabetic since many years and her sugar level does not come below 400 for quite a long time. I applied on her your recommendations and way of Islamic Reiki. After one week (shorter time period) it has drastically got down to 180 Alhamdullilah. Indeed Allah Shafi Allah Kafi. Now she is using same method for her joint pain and she has quite relief in it as well.
    Jazak Allah Khair for your guidance. May Allah paak give you barakah. Ameen!!!

  18. Asslam o Aliequm, I am thankful to you. Today My brother Kamran did phone you for Reiki. You gave lecture about Islamic Reiki. Ma Shaa Allah! He learned just in one day. He did Reiki on me as your student. Ma Shaa Allah! I felt lots better. May Allah award you for all your services for humanity Aameen!!!

    1. Dear Mr. Israr Ahmad Raaz,
      The Reiki healing is not attached with any particular disease. You can cure any disease using Reiki which can be pointed-out to place hands on the troubled area. If troubled area is a place which cannot be touched with hands, then you can place your hands one-inch above the troubled area, and it will work… In-sha-Allah!!!

  19. Sir
    May Allah give you long healthy life with blessings for what you are doing for sick people. I salute you. While other people are using their knowledge for making money.

  20. Assalm alekum sir
    Maine level 1 usui reiki ka attument liya hai
    Mera yeh sawal hai kuch log isko
    Haram bolte islam mein reiki haram hai

    Main usui symbol ka istemal nahi karta
    Main yeh 3 ism ka istemal karta



  21. slam!
    kindly mjhy ya bta dn k kia energy healing reiki ko e bolty hain?or mjhy stress ka b ilaj bta dn islamic way sy,ma bht gusa krti hun,bht stress ma rhti hun ma hr vkt jldi ma rhti hun.relx ni rah pati

    1. Dear Saman! Energy healing is also called REIKI (Universal Life Force). The picture given in Reiki article are for Stress Management. For speedy recovery from your habits, please recite most of the time Drood-e-Ibrahimi and “Ya Rahim-o-Ya-Rahman”, without counting. Also perform Islamic Reiki at least five times a day, as per given picture positions. In-sha-Allah you will become cool and calm.

  22. janab mn reiki seekhna chahta hn . mn thori si islamic reiki sekhi b hy ab mukammal seekhna chahta hn meri rehnumai kr den

  23. A.o.a. sir ap ny jo islami tariqa reiki ka upload kiya hy me ny bhi kr k sy mujhy be inteha faida pohncha hy.jazakaAllah .thanks for shairing islamic reiki ziyada asan hy banisbat janapes rekie method k.

  24. Assalamualaikum! Sir reiki attunement to karwaie howie hai laikin aik tou islamic reiki with Allah ka concept pehli baar suna hai dosray main jab bhi reiki karnay lagti houn tou bazoun main bohat bechaini shuru ho jati hai 5 mins k baad aur 10 mins say ziyada nahi kar sakti.jab say attunement karwaie hai haath bohat garam rehnay lagay aap kuch iss baray main madad kar saktay hain.Jazakallah.

    1. Dear daughter Samrina,


      Allah may help you to the right path. Just by the grace of Al-mighty Allah SWT and a little more struggle you will succeed in using Reiki… In-sha Allah!
      In case of any help U can contact me from 5:00pm to 9:00pm (PST) at +92 321 5199887.

      Jazakallah Khair!

        1. Dear Amna, AoA. You can simply apply Islamic Reiki as mention step by step in my article. It will work fine. However, for speedy cure you may need tuning but it is not necessary.

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