Fagonia (Dhamasa) Benefits

What is Fagonia?

Fagonia (Dhamasa) is a plant found in deserted areas. Different names of the herb are as follows:

Arabic Name: Badavard, Baadaaward, Shawka al-Baidaa, Shukaaa, Aqsoon
Assamese/Bengali Name: Duralabha
English Name: Cretan Prickly Clover, Khorasan thorn, Virgin’s Mantle, Virgon’s Mantlem
Latin name: Fagonia arabica Linn.
German Name: Fagonie, Fagonia
Gujarati Name: Dhamasi, Dhamaaso
Hindi/Sanskrit Name: Dhamasa, Dhamaso, Dhamah, Damah, Damahan, Dhamhar, Durlabha, Duralabha, Dhanvayas, Samudranta, Gandhari, Dusparsha, Kachura, Ananta, Gilaregati, Khorasan, Hinguaa, Dhanhare, Dhanvyaas, Dhanvyas, Dramah
Marathi Name: Dhamasa
Persian Name: Badavard
Pashto Name: Azghakay
Punjabi Name: Dhamah, Dhamaha, Dama, Dhamaan
Urdu Name: Dhamasa, Dhamaya, Soochi Booti, Shokai
Malayalam Name: Kodittuva
Tamil Name: Tulganari
Telugu Name: Chittigava, Gilaregati

For more detail on types of Fagonia please click here. All types of Fagonia have similar benefits, but the type of Fagonia having more flowers and leaves, will give quick results.

Fagonia is a single herbal medicine having miraculous curing effects on general health issues including serious illnesses like cancers, hepatitis, heart disorders, etc., without any serious side-effects.

Some people misunderstand Fagonia as Camel Thorn, but in fact camel thorn is a separate plant.

Its leaves are very thin and grow between two thorns. The thorns are in triplet or quartet. The branches of the plant are very thin so it can’t grow straight but it is laid on the ground, in shape of a small bush. The plant grows 9-12 inches, widely in a circle. Fagonia plant has sweet, bitter, sharp and sour taste according to different stages of growth and parts. This plant is found in Italy, Germany, middle-east countries, Pakistan and India. It has been accepted as treatment of cancers especially the blood and liver cancers.

The color of flowers is purple. Plant has large number of small fruits near thorns. These fruits are quite like 00 in shape.


Benefits of Fagonia:

  • It is the best blood purifier and decomposes blood clots to save from brain hemorrhage and heart problems.
  • It’s flowers and leaves can treat all types of Cancers, Thalasemia and PCOS/PCOD.
  • Can be used for cooling effect – Treats all types of Hepatitis.
  • Strengthens liver and prevents/cures liver cancer.
  • Improves heart and mental ability.
  • Helpful in treatment of body pains.
  • Cures allergies.
  • Heals pimples and other dermatology problems.
  • Strengthens stomach.
  • It alleviates symptoms like vomiting, thirst and burning sensation, etc.
  • It increases the physical strength and weight of the week and under weight people.
  • Helpful in controlling weight for bulky persons.
  • Cures mouth & gum disorders.
  • Normalizes blood pressure disorders.
  • Treats asthma & breathing difficulty.
  • Helps recovering from smoking side-effects.
  • Hot infusion of Fagonia is given to prevent small pox.
  • It increases urination and hence overhauls the kidneys and urination system.
  • It is applied over neck stiffness.
  • Being spermatogenic, improves sperm count in semen and helps normalizing the male and female reproductive systems.
  • Perfectly controls Leucorrhoea (لیکوریا) disorders in women.
  • Perfectly cures Atthra, an incurable female disease in Allopathic, in which blue or black spots appear in various parts of body skin.
    • Atthra: Miscarriage, birth of dead child or immediate death of infant soon after delivery because of green or yellow color diarrhea or loose motions is caused by this horrible disease called ATTHRA. Some babies die before birth in the ovary. Some women only give birth to girl babies or only girls survive but boys expire after birth. Further some women experience stomach and liver disorder because of ATTHRA. They get weak and feel irregular heart beat and breathe disorder.
    • Such women cannot bear normal pregnancy. Most pregnancies end with abortion and if not aborted, the infant will die.
  • As an antioxidant, helps reducing stress.
  • …and the list of benefits goes on.

If you are still suffering from harmful diseases, it means you are yet unaware of the benefits of Fagonia (Dhamasa).

How to use?

  • The best remedy for Liver is Flowers and Leaves of this herb. It can be used to treat your disease within three to four months. Please choose any of the following options:
    1. Just collect Flowers, Leaves and Seeds of Fagonia. Wash them with warm water, dry in airy shadow, and when it is completely dried, then grind it to powder. Then mix one teaspoon or tablespoon (as per age and body weight) of this Fagonia Powder in any food or fresh fruit juice or just take it with water after meals, twice a day.
    2. You can also use whole green part of its branches inclusive of thorns, woods, leaves, fruits and flowers combined after washing and then grinding them in water. A cup or a glass of filtered juice, is enough to take after meals twice or thrice a day. It is better for all types of Cancers, Hepatitis or other liver problems.
    3. You can mash and grind the leaves or green branches of Fagonia like thick paste and then can convert them in shape of tablets in the size of a chickpea (چنا). Just swallow two tablets with morning/evening meals.
    4. If it is not available in green form, you can get its complete plant inclusive of flowers and leaves in dried form, from the stores in the market. Just grind them all to powder, filter it thrice with cloth and then fill the powder in 1000mg capsules. Take 1-2 two capsules immediately after meals, twice or thrice a day.

    • The women suffering from Atthra disease will continue it in all nine months pregnancy to get healthy child.
  • It has given great positive, curing results when it was used in liquid form, for just two weeks.

Note: Never swallow it when your stomach is empty but take it during your food or immediately after finishing your food, otherwise, it may result in some gastric problems.

دھماسہ کیا ہے؟

دھماسہ ویران علاقوں میں پایا جانے والا ایک پودہ ہے۔ اسے اردو میں دھماسہ یا سچی بوٹی، عربی میں “شوکت البیضأ”، پشتو میں ازغاکے ، پنجابی میں دھماں، ہندی میں دھماسہ، پوٹھوہاری میں دھمیاں ، سندھی میں ڈراماؤ، اور انگریزی نام فیگونیا یونانی زبان سے لیا گیا ہے۔
دھماسہ کی اقسام کے بارے میں مزید تفصیل کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں۔ اس کی تمام اقسام کے فوائدیکساں ہیں، لیکن جس قسم میں پھول اور پتے زیادہ ہونگے، وہ زیادہ جلد اثر کرے گی۔
دھماسہ کسی بھی سنگین ضمنی اثرات کے بغیر کینسر، ہیپاٹائٹس، دل کے امراض، وغیرہ جیسی مہلک بیماریوں بشمول عمومی صحت کے مسائل پر معجزانہ اثرات کی حامل ہربل دوا ہے۔
کچھ لوگ دھماسہ کو غلطی سےجَوَاں، جواہیاں یا جَمَایَاں سمجھتے ہیں، لیکن حقیقت میں یہ علیحدہ پودہ ہے۔
دھماسہ کے پودے میں تھوڑے تھوڑے فاصلے پر چار چار کانٹوں کا ایک سیٹ ہوتا ہے جس میں ہر دو کانٹوں کے درمیان پتلا اور لمبوترا پتہ ہوتا ہے۔ یہ کانٹےتین بھی ہو سکتے ہیں، اور چار بھی۔ اس کی شاخیں بہت پتلی ہوتی ہیں، اس لئے یہ براہ راست بڑھ نہیں سکتے ہیں اور ایک چھوٹی سی جھاڑی کی شکل اختیار کر لیتے ہیں۔ یہ پودہ اٹلی، جرمنی، مشرق وسطیٰ کے ممالک، پاکستان اور بھارت میں بھی پایا جاتا ہے۔ یہ کینسر خاص طور پر خون اور جگر کے کینسر کے علاج کے طور پر مانا جاتا ہے۔
اس کے پھولوں کا رنگ ہلکاجامنی ہے۔ پھول جھڑنے کے بعد اس کے کانٹوں کے قریب 00 شکل کے چھوٹے بیج بڑی تعداد میں ہوتے ہیں۔

دھماسہ کے فوائد

۔۔ یہ سب سے اچھا مصفّا خون ہے اور خون کے لوتھڑوں کو پگھلاکر خون کو پتلا کرتا ہے جس کی وجہ سے برین ہیمبرج، ہارٹ اٹیک، اور فالج وغیرہ سے حفاظت ہوتی ہے۔
۔۔ اس کے پھول اور پتیوں سے کینسر اور تھیلاسیمیا کی ہر قسم کا علاج ممکن ہے۔
۔۔ جسم کی کی گرمی کو زائل کرنے اور ٹھنڈک کے اثرات کے لئے استعمال کیا جا سکتا ہے۔
۔۔ اس کے ذریعے ہیپاٹائٹس کی تمام اقسام کا علاج ممکن ہے۔
۔۔ جگر کو طاقت دے کر جگر کے کینسر کا بھی علاج کیا جا سکتا ہے۔
۔۔ دل اور دماغ کی صلاحیتوں میں بہتری لانے میں معاون ہے۔
۔۔ جسمانی دردوں کے علاج میں مددگار ہے۔
۔۔ مختلف قسم کی الرجی کا علاج ہے۔
۔۔ کیل، مہاسے، چھائیاں اور دیگر جلدکے امراض سے نجات دلاتا ہے۔
۔۔ معدہ کو تقویت دے کر بھوک بڑھاتا ہے۔
۔۔ اس سے قے، پیاس اور جلن، وغیرہ جیسی علامات ختم ہو جاتی ہیں۔
۔۔ کمزور جسم کو طاقت دے کر فربہ بناتاہے، اور موٹے افراد کے لئے وزن کو کنٹرول کرنے میں مددگار ہے۔
۔۔ منہ اور مسوڑھوں کے امراض علاج ہے۔

۔۔ بلڈ پریشر کو معمول پر لاتا ہے۔
۔۔ دمہ اور عمومی سانس لینے میں دشواری کا علاج کرتا ہے۔
۔۔ تمباکو نوشی کےضمنی اثرات سے بحالی میں مدد ملتی ہے۔
۔۔۔ دھماسہ کا قہوہ چیچک روکنے کے لئے دیا جاتا ہے۔
۔۔ پیشاب کو بڑھاکر گردوں اور پیشاب کے نظام کو بہتر بناتا ہے۔
۔۔ یہ گردن کے پٹھوں کے کھچاؤ میں بھی دیا جاتا ہے۔
۔۔ مردانہ سپرم کی تعدادمیں بہتری اور عورت کے تولیدی نظام کو معمول پر لانے میں معاون ہے۔
۔۔ لیکوریا سمیت عورتوں کےعوارض کو کنٹرول کرتا ہے۔
۔۔ اٹھرا کا شافی علاج کرتا ہے، جب کہ ایلوپیتھی میں یہ لاعلاج مرض ہے۔یہ خواتین کی ایسی بیماری ہے کہ جس میں جسم پر نیلے یا سیاہ دھبےطاہر ہوتے ہیں۔ اسی وجہ سے ہی اسقاط حمل ہو جاتا ہے، مردہ بچے پیدا ہوتے ہیں یا پیدا ہونے کہ بعد نیلے کالے ہو کر مر جاتے ہیں۔ کچھ خواتین میں صرف لڑکیاں تو بچ جاتی ہیں لیکن لڑکے زندہ نہیں رہتے۔ اس کے علاوہ کچھ خواتین میں اٹھرا کی وجہ سے معدہ اور جگر کی خرابی کی وجہ سے وہ کمزور ہو جاتی ہیں۔ ایسی خواتین حمل کی تکالیف برداشت نہیں کر سکتیں جس کی وجہ سے اسقاط حمل ہو جاتا ہے۔
۔۔ ایک اچھا اینٹی آکسیڈینٹ ہونے کی وجہ سے ذہنی دباؤکو کم کرنے میں مدد ملتی ہے۔ … ..اور فوائد کی فہرست طویل ہوتی جاتی ہے۔
۔۔ اگر آپ اب بھی مہلک بیماریوں میں مبتلا ہیں تو اس کا مطلب آپ ابھی تک دھماسہ کے فوائد سے بے خبر ہیں۔

استعمال کرنے کا طریقہ

کینسر، تھیلیسیمیا، ہیپاٹائٹس، وغیرہ جیسے مہلک امراض سے چھٹکارا حاصل کرنے کے لئے دھماسہ کے پھول، پتے اوربیج اکٹھے کرلیں۔ اسے نیم گرم پانی سے دھونے کے بعد ہوادار سایہ میں خشک کر لیں۔ مکمل طور پر خشک ہے کے بعد اسے پیس کر پاؤڈر بنا لیں۔صبح دوپہر شام اس پاؤڈر کے ایک چھوٹے چمچ کو بچے کی خوراک میں شامل کرکے کھلائیں۔ بڑوں کے لئے اسی پاؤڈر کا ایک چھوٹا یا بڑا چمچ (عمر اور جسم کے وزن کے مطابق) بڑے کیپسولز میں بھر کے یا کسی خوراک میں ملا کر صبح دوپہر شام پانی کے ہمرا کھلائیں۔
۔۔ دھماسہ کے تازہ پتے، پھول اور بیج سب کو پانی میں گھوٹا لگا کر ایک کپ یا گلاس دن میں تین بار کھانے کے فوری بعد نوش فرمائیں۔ پندرہ سے تیس دن تک بیماری سے شفا ہوگی۔ البتہ مکمل صحت کے لئے سال بھر بھی مسلسل استعمال کیا جاسکتا ہے۔
۔۔ اگر پتے پھول اور بیج کم ملیں تو دھماسہ کی مکمل سبز شاخیں، کانٹوں سمیت بھی استعمال کئے جاسکتے ہیں۔
۔۔ دھماسہ کو پیس کر تھوڑا سا شہد شامل کرکے آٹے کی طرح تیار کریں اور اس کی چنے کے بڑے دانے کے سائز کی گولیاں بنا لیں۔ یہی تین یا چار گولیاں دن میں تین بار کھانے کے فوراً بعد پانی سے نوش فرمائیں۔
۔۔ اٹھرا کےمرض میں مبتلا خواتین صحت مند بچے کو حاصل کرنے کے لئے حمل کے تمام نو ماہ اس  کا ایک بڑا کیپسول صبح و شام  استعمال کریں۔ زچہ و بچہ دونوں صحت مند رہیں گے۔

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483 thoughts on “Fagonia (Dhamasa) Benefits

  1. Aslaam O Alaiqum

    Sir, My Mother is diagnosed recently with Breast Cancer and astonishingly doctors said that she is at stage 2. Sir we are very much afraid of the Conventional treatment i.e., Operation and removal of the tumors and then chemo. Sir kindly guide about alternative herbal medicine.

    1. AoA,
      Please use the following:
      1. Drink Semi-hot Qahwah of half teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder and a quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo Powder, empty stomach, twice or thrice a day.
      2. Mix two parts of Dhamasa Powder, one part of Baking Soda, one part of Sumbloo Powder and one part of Turmeric Powder. Take half teaspoon or 1000mg capsule of this mixture, thrice a day, with semi-hot milk, after meals.
      3. Get 10g of Kushta Sunkh prepared in milk of Calotropis Procera (Aak) and take 30mg of it, twice a day, with semi-hot milk, after meals.
      4. Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease by placing hands on or over the problematic areas.
      5. Perform recipes of Spiritual Cure for fatal diseases as well.

      Please take natural foods, Vegetables cooked in black Chilli Powder.
      Drink regularly mixed juice of fresh seasonal fruits and Vegetables by adding lemon juice and some powder of black chilli.
      Avoid all fried and junk foods, Soda Water, Bakery Items, Packed foods, Meat of all types, White flour and its products.

      Foods to Avoid:
      Please stop using the sugar, Aspartame (an artificial sweetener made from aspartic acid), Table Salt, Acidic Foods (meat-based diet, all fried foods), coffee, tea, chocolate, distilled water, water bottles in freezers, plastic containers or plastic wraps, microwave ovens, toxic chemicals & pesticides, Aflatoxins produced by fungi, Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Alcohol, Food Supplements, Talcum powders, and all packed food items.

      For Quality Herbs, Please contact Bismillah Pansaar Store Chichawatni, Pakistan (00923166543335, 00923008856198)

    2. Asslaam walikum sir ap ne milk me herb lane ka kahan hai Allen kidney patients milk me lesakte Kya please help me please answer me sir

    3. Asslaam walikum sir kidney creatinine thoda sa bada hova hai mujhe hypo thyroid and pco hai bawaseer bhi hai married life 13y h meri koi aulad nahi hai please help me sir meri age 33 hai

      1. AoA,
        Please use the following:
        1. Drink Qahwah of half teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder and a quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo Powder, on normal temperature, empty stomach, twice or thrice a day.
        2. Mix two parts of Dhamasa Powder, one part of Baking Soda, one part of Sumbloo Powder and half part of Turmeric Powder. Take half teaspoon or 500mg capsule of this mixture, twice a day, with semi-hot milk, after meals.
        3. Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease by placing hands on or over the problematic areas.

        Foods to Avoid:
        Please stop using the sugar, Aspartame (an artificial sweetener made from aspartic acid), Table Salt, Acidic Foods (meat-based diet, all fried foods), coffee, tea, chocolate, distilled water, water bottles in freezers, plastic containers or plastic wraps, microwave ovens, toxic chemicals & pesticides, Aflatoxins produced by fungi, Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Alcohol, Food Supplements, Talcum powders, and all packed food items.

  2. Aoa!
    I used dhamasa booti for my uterine fibroid for a week & miraculously the size of fibroid reduced by 1 cm but unfortunately the dhamasa that I bought from the pansaar had E-coli bacteria in it so I got a severe uti infection the doctor gave me antibiotic it killed the bacteria but now i have got the urge of urination all the time and feel pressure on the kidneys as well. Does dhamasa cause frequent urination and if it does then how can I counteract it? please please! help me! what should I do now? I urinate after every 15 mins plz help! The doctor has also given me a medicine for an overactive bladder but it’s not working can’t even sleep at night have been suffering from this for 2 weeks now and I am really scared that dhamasa has damaged by bladder

    1. AoA,
      Dhamasa itself is a cure for all body infections but if you got Dhamasa of bad quality which may be infected by a dangerous bacteria or any type of fungus, then it may damage instead of benefits.
      To avoid such negative affects, please try to use only good quality herbs. You can also avoid these damages by boiling the herb on light flame in water and then drink its water when it is on room temperature.
      You can get good quality herbs through courier from Bismillah Pansaar Store Chichawatni, Pakistan (00923166543335, 00923008856198).
      Also try to use these herbs as follows:
      1. Drink Semi-hot Qahwah of half teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder and a quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo Powder, empty stomach, twice or thrice a day.
      2. Mix two parts of Dhamasa Powder, one part of Baking Soda, one part of Sumbloo Powder and one part of Turmeric Powder. Take half teaspoon or 1000mg capsule of this mixture, thrice a day, with semi-hot milk, after meals.
      3. Take 30 to 40 mg of Kushta Sunkh prepared in milk of Calotropis Procera (Aak), twice a day with milk, after meals.

      Foods to Avoid:
      Please stop using the sugar, Aspartame (an artificial sweetener made from aspartic acid), Table Salt, Acidic Foods (meat-based diet, all fried foods), coffee, tea, chocolate, distilled water, water bottles in freezers, plastic containers or plastic wraps, microwave ovens, toxic chemicals & pesticides, Aflatoxins produced by fungi, Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Alcohol, Food Supplements, Talcum powders, and all packed food items.

  3. Hello sir ,
    Mere brother ki kidney me last 4yrs se continue stones ban rahe hi, he is 30yr old.please advice some herbs to cure permanently.

    1. Dear Archana, Please get the chemical test of the kidney stone to know the cause of creation of the stones. Then stop taking foods causing the kidney stones. It may include, rice, Spinach, tomatoes, etc.
      Also contact any local homeo doctor, who may suggest some homeo medicines to get rid of these stones without operation.

  4. Aoa Sir!
    I have an complicated uterine fibroid and it’s size is 8cm the doctors have told me for an operation plz tell me will dhamasa booti cure my fibroid?

    1. AoA, Yes please, Dhamasa herb can treat fibroid.
      1. Drink Semi-hot Qahwah of half teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder and a quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo Powder, empty stomach, twice or thrice a day.
      2. Mix Baking Soda, Sumbloo Powder and Turmeric Powder in equal weight and take a quarter teaspoon (150mg) of this mixture, twice a day, with semi-hot milk, after meals.
      3. Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease by placing hands on or over the problematic areas.
      4. Perform recipes of Spiritual Cure for fatal diseases as well.

    2. Aslamoalikum sir mari umer 36 sal ha 5 sa 6 sal ho gaye period ni aaty dawi khaon dr k tab aaty hien jahi to nahi hoty .pleez battain damasa boti sa farq pry ga?

      1. AoA, Please drink Semi-hot Qahwah of half teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder and a quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo Powder, empty stomach, twice or thrice a day.
        Also avoid fried and spicy foods, Soda Water, and other junk foods. Minimize meat intake and enhance green leaf vegetables.

      2. Hello sir,
        I’m rajneesh my age is 33yr .since last 5yr mujhe Bahut gas banti hi mujhe 4-5 times per day fresh hone Jana padta hi weekness bhi rahti hi. Dr ko dikhaya unhone blood test and ultrasound karaya .kafi long time se antiacid le raha hun.meri sitting job hi.

        Sir I want to know liver cancer and intestine cancer ke liye kuch different laboratory test hote hi Kya ya fir ultrasound sufficient hi ese diagnose karne ke liye ??????.

        Please help.

        1. Dear Mr. Rajneesh,
          Please prepare Golden Husk Isbagol by mixing Turmeric Powder and Isbagol Husk in equal weight. Before sleep, place a pinch of this mixture in right and left cheeks, and also under and above the tongue. In the morning, just wash the inside mouth, eat your meals, and again place the mixture in mouth, but do not put it on the tongue in the morning, so that you can talk easily. Please add this Golden Husk in One glass of Semi-hot Milk, and drink empty stomach, once or twice a day.
          For Liver Tumor, just go for Abdominal CT Scan and CA-125 Tests.

  5. Is Dhamasa good for moderate fatty liver?? Uric Acid?? Osteaarthritis? What is recommended dosage and how to use to it in booti farm? For how long is it good at room temperature or how long it can be preserved.

    1. AoA, Dhamasa is good for Liver, but you have to take one or two tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, empty stomach, in the morning.
      You can drink fresh water of Dhamasa herb, thrice a day, after meals, kept in normal temperature for one day only.

  6. I was diagnose hepatitis B carrier a long ago. I was just taking care without any kind of treatment. But four years back, I felt that my body is gaining weight and I started feeling extra weakness. Then I consulted my doctor. After a series of clinical tests, he informed me that my liver is badly damaged and I need a long treatment. Soon I started getting medicine as per his advice. My reports showed improving but my health condition was not so good. After 2 and half years, doctors told me that the disease is converted to liver cancer with a tumor in liver. I was shocked a lot by hearing about cancer. The Liver Surgeon advised me for liver transplant. But in the mean time I consulted Mr. Shakeel Shah Sahib, who encouraged me a lot and proposed me to start treatment of Fagonia (Dhamasa) and Sumbloo herbs. Now Al-Hamdo-lillah, I am recovering a lot. I pray for Shakeel Shah sahib who is doing a lot of work to help the patients suffering from fatal diseases like me. May Allah (SWT) bless him with good healthy life and great reward at the day of judgement… Aameen!!!

  7. I was diagnosed with Blood Cancer one year back. I was in bad condition and was about to die. I contacted Shakeel Shah Sahib. He suggested me to use Fagonia (Dhamasa) only. I started using Dhamasa and within a few months the Blood Cancer was no more. The blood Clot in the heart veins also disappeared during this period when I was using Dhamasa. Al-Hamdo-Lillah, now I am healthy and praying for Sir Shakeel Shah. Now I feel relaxed and happy whenever I contact him. May Allah bless every one with good health and happy life. Aameen!

  8. I was diagnosed with blood cancer (A.L.L) one year back. I got two Chemotherapy Cycles from Agha Khan Hospital Karachi. But still my WBC count was reaching to 15000 which remained out of control by all means. Meanwhile, my father told me to contact the owner of this website, who suggested me Dhamasa herb. When I used Dhamasa and got very good results and it controlled my WBC. My WBC didn’t exceed than 8000. I have been using Dhamasa since that time. May Allah bless the owner of this website.
    Nazar Muhammad Jumani from Hyderabad

  9. Dear sir
    Assalam o alaikum

    I am a 26 year old married guy and recently diagnosed with ALL. I have not taken chemotherapy. I prefer herbal treatment. Can you please tell me what and how should i use this dhamasa plant. Also how can i contact you to share my reports with you.

      1. Sir ak baby girl h 5 saal ki us k bad conceive hua 3 month baby growth ka issue aya jis ki wja se d&c krwami prdi us k bad conceive krna chahti hon lakin abhi tk nhi hua husband out of country rhty h 2 saal bad ak month k lye aye lakin pregnancy nhi hoi sir phr ak month mai wahan rhy k I phr bhi nhi hoi sir is mai d&c ki wja se koi problem to nhi h sir r periods bhi km ho gy h gram cheez koi lyti hon to ruk jate h sir plzzz meri help kr dy

        1. AoA,
          Please use the following and everything will be fine… In-sha-Allah!
          1. Drink Semi-hot Qahwah of half teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder, empty stomach, twice or thrice a day.
          2. A quarter teaspoon (100mg) of Sumbloo+Turmeric Powders (mixed equally), twice a day, with semi-hot milk, after meals.

  10. Aoa, Sir my mother is suffering from chronic kidney disease stage 5. Doctors are asking to prepare for dialysis. But we don’t want to go for that option as it’s very risky for her. Can we use this dhamasa herb for her. Will it be helpful in curing her someway. Her current creatinine is 5.31. Her Bp With medication is remains normal around 135/70 approx. No diabetes. Please help

    1. AoA,
      Please use the following:
      1. Just mix two pinch of Turmeric Powder and one tablespoon of Isbagol Husk in a cup or glass of semi hot milk, and drink twice or thrice a day, empty stomach.
      2. Mix Turmeric Powder and Sumbloo (Daru Haldi) Powder in equal weight and take 100mg capsule or 1/4th of teaspoon, twice a day, after meals, with on cup or glass of semi-hot milk.
      3. Listen Surah Rahman, thrice a day.
      4. Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease by placing hands on your belly.

  11. Sir mera naam Rajneesh hi 32yr mujhe last 5yrs se gas Bahut banti hi uski wajah se kabhi sir me Bahut pain hota kabhi one hand me pain hota hi.mujhe hydrocele bhi hi .Please help

    1. Please use the following:
      1. Just mix two pinch of Turmeric Powder and one tablespoon of Isbagol Husk in a cup or glass of semi hot milk, and drink twice or thrice a day, empty stomach, daily.

    1. Please use the following:
      1. Just mix two pinch of Turmeric Powder in a cup of semi hot milk, and drink twice or thrice a day, empty stomach.
      2. Filter the Dhamasa (Fagonia) Powder from cloth to clear little thorns. Then mix half teaspoon of filtered Dhamasa powder in any sweet food (like Cerelac) of the baby and feed thrice a day.

  12. asalam o alaykum sir, hope to find you in best of health and spirit…….my wife has hepatitis b in early stages.. plus she has female hormone problem with no menstruation .. we had our first child two years ago despite of the problem… but now her desire for intimacy has disapeared in last two years due to no hormone release… and physical conditions associated with it… i believe Fagonia is a cure….but where can i find the flower extract and seeds of fagonia…

    1. Please use the following:
      1. Just mix two pinch of Turmeric Powder in a cup of semi hot milk, and drink twice or thrice a day, empty stomach.
      2. Filter the Dhamasa (Fagonia) Powder from cloth to clear little thorns. Then mix half teaspoon of filtered Dhamasa powder in any sweet food (like Cerelac) of the baby and feed thrice a day.

  13. Hello sir mera name Archana hi 31yr mujhe chyluria hua hi month me 4-5 times milky white urine comes.but there is no itching, burning.there is no swelling and since last 2yrs fever also not come .Mujhe weekness hi white discharge (lecorria) bhi hi anixiety or depression ki problem Bhi hi.please help kariye allopathic dawaiya fayda nhi kar rahi Dr operation ko bol rahe.

    1. Hello! Please boil half teaspoon of Dhamasa powder and quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo (Daar Hald) Powder in one and a half cup of water, on light flame. Put off the fire when one cup water is left behind. Let it cool down and then filter the water and drink, empty stomach, twice a day.

    2. Thanku sir mujhe ye herb peene see milky white urine(Chyluria) band ho gyi only kuch bubbles hi or abhi main ese regular 2times le rahi hun.

      Sir Kya dhamasa and daar-hald ko pregnancy hone me le sakte hi.

  14. Sir I m Archana 31yr weight 55kg height 5.4, Ia m suffering from chyluria problem in which in a month 4-5 times at night milky white urine comes,there is no improvement after taking full course of allopathic medecine.please suggest me some herbs that cure chyluria.

    1. Hello! Please boil half teaspoon of Dhamasa powder and quarter teaspoon of Sumbloo (Daar Hald) Powder in one and a half cup of water, on light flame. Put off the fire when one cup water is left behind. Let it cool down and then filter the water and drink, empty stomach, twice a day.

  15. my dear sir –
    can you tell me how long i can keep dhamasa in the freezer?

    thank you and kind regards,

    1. The Dhamasa herb in Raw form can be stored in freezer for a couple of months. In Powder form you can keep Dhamasa any where for six to eight months, in and air-tight container. But in liquid form, Dhamasa can be kept in a freezer for seven to twenty days only.

  16. AOA, sir i m 34 and suffering with rehumatoid arthritis i have also fibroids and i m suffering with leuchorrea since january i took homeopathic medicine. Ayurvedic and allopathic but no cure because of leuchorrea i have itching also. Sir i don’t know why i have my swollen eyelids since febraury i have done all eye test but doctor unable to find reason, i m taking supplements for my arthritis i m getting some relief but other issues are still there sir pls advised me something which has not side effects my doctor advised me not to drink milk…

  17. Dear sir please reply me my wife have pregnancy while she have Diabetes(Sugar) is she use it(Dhamasa) if yes then how and what was the limit ?

    1. AoA,
      1. The best way to cure Bone Marrow Cancer is to drink water shake of few branches (including Flowers, Leaves and Seeds) of fresh Dhamasa herb, thrice a day.
      2. If fresh branches are not available, then soak one piece of Sumbloo and some branches of Dhamasa Herb in water at night and prepares its Qahwa on light flame in the morning. Drink this Qahwa by adding honey, empty stomach. Repeat the same for evening and drink this Qahwa, empty stomach, in the evening.
      3. Listen Surah Rahman as given in my article, thrice a day.

  18. Dear Doctor, AoA.
    Meri grandmother ki age 70 years ho chuki ha unhain hapatitis B or C hain. unke jism me blood ki boht kami he jiski wajah se unhain boht weekness rehti ha. wo ghutno ki dard ki wajah se chalne phirne se bhi kasir hain. unhain bhook bilkul bhi nahin lagti woh din me bamushkil ek waqt ka khana khati hain. bara e karam ap un k lia fagonia ka use bata dain k kese unhain is ka istemal krwaya jae.

  19. Dear Doctor. AoA
    My grandmother ki age 70 ha. unhain hapatitis C or B hain. Unke ghutno me dard rehta ha. Blood boht kam ho gya ha jis ki wajah se wo boht week ho gya ha jis ki wajah se unhain bhook bilkul bhi nahin lagti ha jis ki wajah se wo din me sirf ek time khana khati hain. unhain ham fagonia ka istemal kis tarah krwaen.

    1. AoA,
      1. Mix one teaspoon of Moringa (Sohanjna) Leaf Powder in her meal.
      2. Soak one piece of Sumbloo and some branches of Dhamasa Herb in water at night and prepare its Qahwa on light flame in the morning. Drink this Qahwa by adding honey, empty stomach. Repeat the same for evening and drink this Qahwa, empty stomach, in the evening.
      Prepare a paste by mixing Sumbloo Powder and White portion of Fresh Egg. Apply this paste on the problematic joints, twice a day, and cover it with a piece of cloth.
      Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease, by placing hands on painful joints.
      3. Listen Surah Rahman as given in my article, thrice a day.

  20. Aoa I m 29 years old married woman I was diagnosed with pco. My son is 1.5 years old and he is on my feed plz tell me can I use dhamasa booti while feeding or not and wat would b the procedure

    1. AoA,
      Please drink Qahwah of Dhamasa (half teaspoon of powder or a few branches of whole plant) on room temperature, twice a day, empty stomach. It will be good for breast feeding baby as well.

  21. Dear sir
    Muje 2 saal se lumber sacral spine disc degeneration problems ha.
    Aliphatic medicine ki wajha se fatty liver Aor gastric stomach Aor
    H pilori positive ha.
    Asaabi kamzori bohat zyada ho chuki ha.poori Kamar me stiffness bohat zyada ho chuki ha.please koi ilaj bta den.
    Umer 35 years ha.

    1. AoA,
      1. Mix one teaspoon of Moringa (Sohanjna) Leaf Powder in each meal, thrice a day.
      2. Soak one piece of Sumbloo and some branches of Dhamasa Herb in water at night and prepares its Qahwa on light flame in the morning. Drink this Qahwa by adding honey, empty stomach. Repeat the same for evening and drink this Qahwa, empty stomach, in the evening.
      Prepare a paste by mixing Sumbloo Powder and White portion of Fresh Egg. Apply this paste on the problematic spinal disc, twice a day, and cover it with a piece of cloth.
      Perform Islamic Reiki for Every Disease, by placing hands on spinal disc.
      3. Listen Surah Rahman as given in my article, thrice a day.

      1. Aoa sir mujhe clone infection hai, jab b khana khaoun ajabat takleef k sath hoti hai, baar baar washroom Jana parta hai , stomach ulcer b hai or liver fatty b hai, plz guide me jazak Allah

        1. AoA,
          Please daily drink one glass of Semi-Hot Milk, mixed with a 1/4 teaspoon of Turmeric Powder and One tablespoon of Psyllium (Isbagol) Husk. Just stir them in milk and drink empty stomach, early in the morning.
          For one or two weeks please eat Barley Cereal cooked in milk, instead of any other food.

  22. Hello Sir thanks for you all information.

    I have few lipomas in my body 2 3 bigger and others are small but visible.
    Today I bought Dhamas, Sumbloo and Gokhro as per suggested by Dr Bilqees in a video. She suggested Qawah for this purpose, I can do the qawah process. But As I have to grind them all in the same weight. Can we also make capsules of this mixture and take it?

    Can you tell is this a better cure for Lipoma? Please answer me Thanks.

  23. Asslam o alaikum
    sir mujhe uterine TB thi.treatment ho gai lakin hormones balance nahi ab or amonoreha hai.tube bhi blocked ho gai thi infection se. ab mujhe herbalist ne dhamsa k capsule or sath main or herbs bhi di hain.mujhe ab hot flash ho reh hain .kia isi herbs ki waja se hain.2nd month start hai meds le rehi hon periods ka problem abhi theek nahi hoa. kitna time lage ga theek hone main..

    1. AoA,
      May Allah SWT bless you with good health. Dhamasa is good for all your problems. Dhamasa in powder form is hot+dry at level 1, but if you grind fresh green Dhamasa branches in water, it is cool and more powerful in its affects. So please try to locate fresh plants of Dhamasa. Please avoid fizzy drinks and deep fried or junk foods. Also see more recipes here.

  24. As salam walikum
    Me ASIF

    1. AoA, The best way to cure any type of Hepatitis is to grind the branches of Dhamasa (Fagonia) including Flowers and Leaves, in water and then drink one cup or glass of this water after filtering, thrice a day, after meals.

  25. Salam!!!
    Shah Sahab! I live in Islamabad. I have two thalassemia kids. As directed above to all, I also tried to buy Dhamasa leaves, flowers and seeds. But I could not find them. There is only dried plant with nails. Is it some benefit to use the available dhamasa without leaves, flowers and seeds. Please guide me. Allah bless you.

    1. AoA, Please take half to one teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder, thrice a day, with water, after meals.
      Also take one tablespoon of Pure Virgin Olive Oil, early in the morning, empty stomach.

    1. AoA, Please prepare qahwah from a little quantity (half-teaspoon) of dhamasa powder and a quarter teaspoon of sumbloo powder and drink empty stomach twice a day. By using this qahwah, you will be healthy within three months … In-sha-Allah!!!

  26. Assalam Alaikum
    sir jb main yaha Karachi se dhamasa purchase karta ho to pinsari kuch khardar jharion ki tarha ki cheez deta hai jis main kantay hotay hain jo karwa hota hai
    kya ye dhamasa hai aur is ka fawaid bhi yehi hain

    1. Dear Mr. Ahmad, AoA,
      It may be dhamasa, but try to get the Dhamasa plants with Flowers and Leaves. If not available in your city, then you can get green dhamasa powder from Chichawatni – Pakistan (+92 313 6650703), through courier service.

  27. Aao! I am suffering from pcos for several years and due to this problem I am not getting pregnant. Please let me know can this cure my problem and if how to use it. Thanks

    1. AoA, Please prepare qahwah from a little quantity of dhamasa and sumbloo herbs and drink empty stomach twice a day. By using this qahwah, you will be healthy within three months … In-sha-Allah!!!

      1. Thank you, respected Dr: Shakeel Shah.

        Could you possibly let me know from where I can get Dhamasa and Sumbloo herb?
        Is this available in Pakistan?


        1. AoA, You can get Dhamasa Powder from Bismillah Matib & Pansaar Store, College Road, Hayatabad Colony, Chichawatni, Punjab, Pakistan, Cell & WhatsApp: +92 315 3342711 (Mr. Tahamal)

  28. AoA Hakeem Sahab,

    Hum ne dhamasa powder bht talaash kia lekin kahin pr bhi powder available nhin hai, her dukaan pr dhamasa maujood hai lekin powder kahin nhin, hum ne ghar mein dhamasa la kr grind kernay ki koshish ki lekin wo grind nhin huee. aur aap ne dhamasa-powder istemaal kernay k lye kaha hai tou ab hum kia karen jb kahin dhamasa powder available nhin hai?

      1. Karachi, Pakistan.
        Jis pansaari se bhi poochha wo yehi keh rahay hein k iska powder nhin hota ye boil kr k use hota hai.

  29. Aslam o alikum
    meri age 30 hai
    Mujhe hepttitis c tha. 3 months ka elaaj kerwaya ab Alhumdulillah reports clear hain. Lekin treatment k baad se tabiyat set nahi ho rahi . 6 months se periods bhi nahi aa rahay .plz koi ilaaj bataye .kya main dhamasa booti use ker sakti hun ?

    1. Dear Ms. Fatima, AoA,
      Please use Dhamasa tea thrice a day. Also use fresh aloe vera gel on your skin, twice a day.
      Mix a few teaspoons of baking soda with enough water to form a thick paste then massage into skin where scars are present. After a couple of minutes, wash your face in lukewarm water and apply a good natural moisturizer like coconut, or olive oil. Do this about once every other day.

        1. AoA, Please mix lemon juice and honey in equal quantity to prepare a lotion. Now apply this lotion on face and other body parts where you feel any skin problem. Also take 1000mg of Fagonia (Dhamasa) powder thrice a day with water, after meals.

  30. My wife is suffering from breast ca and she has been operated now, the doctors are advising for chemo but my wife is seeking some alternative medicines. The fagonia plant is famous in treatment of ca. I would like to ask you here on this forum that how it can be used and also tell me the treatment period.

  31. I have giant cell tumor of the bone with an inoperable tumor in my sacrum. I am wondering if this plant is available in the United States of America? Thank you.

  32. Assalamo alaikum,

    Hakeem sahab, mere jism pr til aur bareek bareek massay hein, kia mein unko khatam krnay k lye dhamasa istemal kersakta hun? agr kersakta hun tou kaisay aur kitnay arsay k lye estemaal karoon?

      1. Thank you!! kitnay din tk estemaal kerna hai dhamasa? aur ACV ko kitnay arsay tk lagaoon? raat ko laga kr so saktay hein?ACV se skin ko tou koi damage nhin hoga?

        Hakkem sahab, mein rozana subh black-coffee mein 2 chutki daarcheeni powder daal ker peeta hoon, kia wo pi sakta hun?

        1. Dear Usman Mubashir, AoA,
          Please use Dhamasa until complete health because it has no side effects. ACV has no harm for skin.
          Black Coffee + Daarchini powder can generate heat, otherwise no problem.

      1. SA. Ive been diagnosed with Invasive ductal carcinoma stage 2. How can l order and use your herbal medicine?? JzakAllah.

        1. Dear Ms. Umme Abdullah!
          AoA, Please mix Powder of Root of Sumbloo (Indian Barberry) and Turmeric Powder in same weight. Use one 100mg capsule once a day with milk or with Dhamasa soaked water, after meals.
          Soak the small piece of Sumbloo in a bowl of water in the evening, and drink in the morning, before meal. Similarly soak in the morning and drink in the evening.


    1. Dear Tanzim, AoA,
      Please use one teaspoon of Dhamasa Flowers+Leaves powder, thrice a day, with meals or after meals. If blood level have gone down, then immediately go for blood transfusion. Also listen Surah Rahman, and perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands on liver and other pain points of body.

    2. Assalam Walikum mujhe pco problem hy married life 12year hova ilaj batae na thyroid and kidny certanine boder line se thoda bada hova hai my bahut pareeshan hon please ilaj bataye

        1. Asslam Walikum sir yahan dhamasa sirf kanty daar tahny hi milrahy hai sir kya dhamasa ki aqsame hoty hain kya? Please help me five month se mujhy period nahy arahe hain may bahut pareeshan hoon sir mere right brest thoda sa bada lag ra mujhe pco thyroid kidny certanine thoda sa bada hova hai mere ghotno my bahut takleef hai mera weight bhi zyada hai aur pait bhi bahut nikal gaya

          1. AoA, You did not mention your city/country. If you are in any city of Pakistan then you can get powder of complete Dhamasa plant including leaves and flowers from Bismillah Pansaar Store, Chichawatni, through TCS. Please contact +92 300 5013300 or +92 315 3342711.
            Please don’t worry about the size of breast because it is normal, but if you feel any pain or thick mass, then must go for checkup.

        2. Asslam walikum sir mujhe pco thyroid hai aur kidny certanine bhi thoda bada hova hai sir sir ap ka WhatsApp no dejiye na meta issi no per hai whats app please

  34. need your help for cancer patients.
    Fagonia indica—- ka hindi mai naam aur availability in india
    how to take for cancer patients.
    how to take for prevention of cancer.


      1. Aoa,
        i am Maheen
        meri shadi ko 3 saal hogye hn olad nje h.egg muture nhe hoty.periods b regular nhe hn.may b pani ki theli b ho skti h.kia m dhamasa boti use kr skti hun.or conceving k liye isko kasy use krna h.

  35. Aoa dr. Saab
    Meri ami.ko abhi abhi diabetea diagnose hua hain albata medication nahi di gayi.
    Kya dhamasa lene se wo teek ho sakti hain.
    Kya dhamasa se sugar ka elaj ho sakta hain.
    Plz reply soon.

  36. Assalam o alaikum
    Sir I am Dr Muhammad Noman in touch with many Patients of Chronic hepatitis B & C in both initial and later stages some of patients suffering complications just like cirrhosis please is there any hope for such type of patients.

    Please comments


      1. Hello sir.. I have thyroid and pcos problem.. I want to try dhamasa powder.. pls bataye iske koi side effects hai kya? Aur agar low bp rehta hai toh bhi ise le sakte hai ya nahi.. thank u!

      2. As’slamualykum sir
        Mery baba peralized hyn
        Wo phly sai chlty phirty thy unko bulit’s lgi thi
        Jis ki wjah sy unka spinal ka msla ho gya
        Jis sy unka nichla Hissa kam nai krta na us py kch mehsus hta hy
        To Kia hm unko ye dhamasa wgera dy skty hyn unki back bone k liye

        1. AoA,
          Please use Qahwah of healf teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder, on normal temperature, twice a day, before or after meals. Also give 100mg of Sumbloo Powder, once or twice a day, after meals, with semi-hot milk.
          Also use Islamic Reiki for Every Disease, by placing right hand on the area of body where bullet damaged the spinal cord.

  37. Salam, I read about Dhamasa on your blog,you have mentioned that it can heal dermatology problems. Does it cure moles and warts?
    I have small brown and red moles all over my face, neck and on body. Can Dhamasa remove them and stop appearing new? if yes then how to use it and for how long?

      1. Thank you very much for your response, ut I couldn’t find cure for moles on that page, remedies provided in the section about skin-tag also covers moles?as I don’t have skin-tag , i just have very very tiny to medium size moles all over my face, neck and in fact whole body.

          1. Salam, again Thank you for your response, just one more thing if you would please assist, I would be really grateful.
            I eat One table spoon Flex Seeds(Alsi k beej),
            2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar(saib ka sirka),
            2 cups Coffee,
            Dry Fruits,
            1 Egg daily on different times, Can I eat them while having problem of Moles(til aur massay) all over my body? as some one told me that they all are warm things and they are actually harming me.

          2. Dear Mr. Ali, AoA,
            All above are fine for you but you may take half-boiled egg with one day gap. Also add one teaspoon of Fagonia (Dhamasa) powder, thrice a day, after meals, with water.

          3. Hakeem Sahab, sorry to bother you again but I am a bit confused I just want to clarify that not only egg but I take all these things DAILY in the quantity that I mentioned, is it fine, can I take them daily? because another Hakeem sahab strictly forbidden me to have any of these items.

            I would be really grateful to you if you clear this confusion.This is my last query, I promise.

  38. AoA, doctor sab
    Kya aap ko epilepsy ki koi treatment pata hain.
    Kya dhamasa epilepsy ke liye bhi useful hain. Epilepsy in a woman. Medicines liye ja rahe hain lekin phir bhi lowwr attacks hote hain.
    Plz koi treatment bata den.

    1. Dear Ms. Sahar, AoA,
      Please use 1000mg capsule of dhamasa leaves powder, thrice a day, after meals, with water. Also use one cup of grapes juice, thrice a day.
      Grind to powder and mix Mundi Booti (120g), Black Pepper (25g), and take one teaspoon by mixing in glass of milk, twice a day.

        1. Dear Ms. Muskan, AoA,
          Yes! you can use it for PCOS. Please locate fresh green plants of Dhamasa in your area, wash its green parts with water and then Soak it for a night, grind it in the morning in water, and drink the filtered water thrice a day. It will give you the best results. If you cannot find it in your area, then you can buy the green powder of complete plant of Dhamasa herb. Take 1000mg capsule of this powder, thrice a day, with water.
          Also use Sumbloo + Turmeric powder as given in my article “Cancer Alternative Treatment Recipes“, only 100mg once a day with milk. Start spiritual recipes as well. Perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands on the problematic area.

  39. Dear Dr. Saab,1 mahina pehle muje left kidney majn buhoot dard hua. Aur choti si patri bhi nikli. Us waqt urine color red sa tha. Doctor ne mujhe diclofinac tablet use karne ko kaha jo ke ek pain killer hain. Ct scan ke bad pata chala ke saare reports normal hain. Yaani kidneys bilkul healthy hain jo ke blood or urine test se bhi malum hua hain. Lekin mujhe phir bhi lower abdoman left side main musalsal bhoot dard hain. Doctor yahi andaza lag rahe hain ke shayad masane(bladder) ki problem hain yaani us main stone hain. Blood test main ye bhi pata chala hain ke mujhe homoglobinopathy disease bhi hain. Mujhe in dono bimari ka ilaj aap bataye. Main kisi aur medical treatment ko use nahi karna chahta.
    Homoglobinopathy and bladder stone or infection or problem.

    1. AoA, Please mix one or two pinch of Turmeric powder and one tablespoon of Asbaghol husk in one glass of semi-hot milk, and drink at least 30 to 40 minutes before meals, twice a day. Also take 1000mg capsule of Powder of Dhamasa Leaf+Flowers+Seed Buds, thrice a day, with water, after meals.
      Use Islamic Reiki Healing on Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and other parts of body wherever you feel any problem, at least 3 times a day.

      1. AoA, dr saab,
        Aapne 2 nuskhe batayi hain jo main samajh gaya hun. Bhoot shukria lekin dr. Saab konsa wala nuskha homoglobinopathy ke leye hain or konsa wala kidneys ya bladder ke leye. Meherbani kar ke muje Bata de.
        Bhoot shukriya

        1. Pehla nuskha stomach and pait ki deeger bimarioon ke liyay he. Doosra nuskha homoglobinopathy, kidney and blood related tmaam issues ke liyay he. Roohani Elaaj her bimaari kiliyay he.

        1. Dear Ms. Ridma, AoA,
          Please use 100g capsule of Turmeric+Sumbloo powder (mixed in equal weight), once a day with a glass of semi-hot milk. Also use 1000g of Dhamasa (flowers and leaves) powder, thrice a day, with water. Also perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands on problematic location.

    2. Hello sir meri shadi ko 6saal ho gaye hain magar abi tak koi baby nhi hua mere husband ko obstructive azoospermia diagnose hua hy lekin sperm wagaira Sab normal hain sirf obstruction ki waja se conceive nhi ho sakta . ap please kuch help Karen mein two times Ivf b try kar Liya hy

  40. A.o.A sir what is Vinra ونڑا (a common bitter plant having same qualities as Dhamasa) leaves are like Eucalyptus but bitter in taste ,this herb is used along with Dhamasa in rural areas of Punjab specially in Chakwal, please give information about this herb.

  41. Aslamoalikum
    Sir dhamasa is effective to cure Uterine Fibriods ??
    How to use it ?
    Kindly also tell dose for weight reduction .

      1. aoa mujhe polysistic overies diagnose hua hai to us k treatment k liye mein dhamasa boti use karna chah rahi hon. mein ap se ye pochna chahti hon k kia is k 15 din k istemal se hormones b balance ho jayen gy aur ye permanent treatment hy ya bar bar repeat karna hoga

        1. Wassalaam! Aap dhamasa booti ko 15 din nahi balke poora saal bhi istamaal kar sakti hain. Dobara aap ko dhamasa istamaal kernay ki zaroorat nahi ho gi, agr aap iss bimari ke asbaab bhi door ya khatam kar dain, ya’ni apni khoraak and mahool ko darust ker lain, warna aap ko her dawa bar bar khani parday gi. Allah (SWT) raham farma’ay… Aameen!!!

      2. aoa sab se pehly to mein ap ka shukria ada karna chahti hn k ap sab ko reply kar rahy hain .aur question mera ye hy k kia dhamasa boti use karny se female k hormones b balance ho jaty hain aur is ko 1 saal b kha lain to koi side effects to nhi hongy

      3. Dear sir,
        We are living in Qatar my wife have problem of picos and i have one daughter no more children egg size problems so pls advise me how she will use dhumasa boti

        1. Dear Mr. Zakir, AoA,
          Please locate fresh green plants of Dhamasa in your area, wash its green parts with water and then Soak it for a night, grind it in the morning in water, and drink the filtered water thrice a day. It will give you the best results. If you cannot find it in your area, then you can buy the green powder of complete plant of Dhamasa herb. Take 1000mg capsule of this powder, thrice a day, with water.
          Also use Sumbloo + Turmeric powder as given in my article “Cancer Alternative Treatment Recipes“, only 100mg once a day with milk. Start spiritual recipes as well. Perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands on the problematic area.
          May Allah SWT bless you with good health… Aameen!

  42. BROTHER.
    AOA. I Informed that my son is suffering thalassemia since boyhood. he used Iron chellation medicine due to blood transfussion & iron level going high.
    Now a days he is suffering Leg & body joint pain. Is Fegonia helpful for leg joint & body join pain?
    Please Re[ply.
    Jajha Kallah.

    1. Dear Tnzim, AoA,
      Please use one teaspoon of Dhamasa Flowers and Leaves Powder thrice a day, by mixing in any sweet food, to get rid of Thalassemia.
      Also use on teaspoon of Moringa (Sohanjna) leaves powder thrice a day by mixing in the same food, to empower his bones and muscles, and to produce more blood.

  43. AOA Dr. Sahab,

    I’m taking dhamasa powder in capsule thrice a day with water and after meal. I have a sever skin problem i.e. EBS since birth. Now I’m 40 years old. For how long should I take it or I can take it for lifetime?

      1. Thanks Dr. Sahab, It was not in leaves form when I bought dhamasa, it was like dried thin stems (light brown color) without leaves before making it’s powder. Is that ok?

        1. Dear Muneeb Rehman, AoA,
          It is better if Dhamasa is in green form. It is more useful if flowers and leaves are also included. However, if it is not possible, then you can use it.

  44. Shakeel Shah Sahib Allah aap ko sehat aor khushian naseeb farmaye keh aap mareezon ko Dhamasa ke baaray main malomaat faraham kar rahe hain.

    Mera age 40 years hain, 2001 ko mere chest par left side ko aik chota sa tumor nikal gaya, 2004 tak woh tora bara ho gaya, tu operation karaya gaya, test result main bataya gaya keh Lipoma hai. Taqreeban 3 years bad phir nikal aya aor size tora bara ho gaya, akhrot jitna size ho gaya, 2008 main aik aor surgeon ne operation kia, lekin bahot deeply cut kia, test kia tu Lipoma. 2010 ko phir chota sa nikla aor time guzartay he 2 aor chotay se cut area main nikal aye, phir net search karta gaya tu malom hua keh operation se ye aor barenge, ab woh bara ho gaya hai taqreeban tennis ball jitna size ho gaya aor sath chotay chotay 2 aor bhi hai, 3 months pehlay app ki article parhi, Dhamasa ki khushk shakhain, kantain, phal waghaira tamam pani main raat ko bhigo kar subah peeta aor subha bhigo kar raat ko peeta, Allah ka karam hua keh large size lipoma din ba din naram aor chota hota gaya, itni narmi a gayi thi keh main samjha pigal gayi hai andar, 15 din ke bad 3,4 din ka waqfa karta, phir Ramazan se pehlay main ne dhamasa ka powder bana kar capsule main bhar dia aor subah sham aik capsule istemaal karta. lekin pani jaisa asar nahi tha, Phir Ramazan main bilkul istemaal nai kia, jis wajah se lipoma size barh gaya, Ab capsule main powder bhar kar use karta ho 5, 6 din se lekin kuch khas farq nazar nai atha,
    Yeh kia waja ho sakta hai, kia main powder shape main use karo ya pani main bhigo kar use karo?


    1. Dear Mr. Imran, AoA,
      Please try to locate fresh green plants of Dhamasa, wash its green parts with water and then Soak it for a night, grind it in the morning in water, and drink the filtered water thrice a day. It will give you the best results. Also use Sumbloo + Turmeric powder as given in my article “Cancer Alternative Treatment Recipes“, only 100mg once a day with milk. Start spiritual recipes as well. Perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands on the problematic area.
      May Allah SWT bless you with good health… Aameen!

        1. Dhamasa plants are available in G-16 sector and other barn lands in surrounding of Islamabad. If you can’t find it here, then you can get Dhamasa leaves powder through TCS from Bimillah Pansaar Store, Chichawatni (+92 300 7213748, +92 313 6650703).

  45. Sir i live in khi im unmarried i have pcos problem and little cyst in brain as well can i use dhamasa herb for that if yes then tel me plz how to use this herb? And for how long to take this herb? Waiting for ur rply. Kindly dr. reply me soon I’m worried about my health.

      1. Dr. Dhamasa herb ko boil kr k kawa bana kr pi sakti hun kya?

        Aur loquat leaves ka qawah fasting mai pina ha kya subha mai ya breakfast k bad?

        Kindly dr.
        Reply me soon

          1. W. Salam dr. Phr dhamasa liquid form mai jo ap ne likha ha tu liquid form mai dhamasa ka arq buy kr k pi sakti hun 3times kindly rply me. Jazakallah

      2. Asalamualikum
        Mari age 27 years ha or ma married ho mujy pcos ka problem ha or sath weight b zayada ha 79kg jo k kam nahi hota kia mujy Dhamasa booti sa fark paray ga or mujy ye kitni dair istamal karni ho ge plz reply jazakAllah

        1. AoA
          Kia mujy en teeno cheezo ko ak sath he peesna kar khana ha ya phr alag alag or jo turmeric herb powder ha wo haldi ha or kia jo haldi hum gahr ma use karty ha wo kar sakty ha kia ya nahi

          1. Dear Ms. Hafsa, AoA,
            Please use half to one teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder, three times a day with water and 100mg mix of of (Sumbloo + Turmeric) Powder, once a day with a glass of milk.
            Here turmeric means “Huldi”, but it should not be that which is sold in packets. It must be prepared by grinding the Turmeric Roots to powder.

          2. Asalamualikum
            Doc shahab ap na jo remedy batai ha us ma sumblo or haldi dono 100mg layni ha kia ???? Please qunatity phr sa bata day jazakaAllah

          3. Aoa
            Ap na mujy jo remedy batai ha( Dhamasa and Sumbloo + Turmeric herb Powder )
            Kia es sa mara weight loss b ho ga???
            Or dhamasa herb ki mujy leaves or flowers nahi mily kia ye theek rahy ge plzz relpy soon

          4. Dear Ms. Hafsa, AoA, These herbs will help you to streamline your body system and it will automatically result in weight-loss. But keep in mind to avoid fizzy drinks and daily inhale original lemon made Sikanjbeen. Dhamasa leaves are necessary for speeding up health. If you cannot get it from any local Pansaar Store, then contact Bismillah Pansaar Store at Chichawatni (0304-5013300, 0315-3342711, 0300-8856198) for powder of complete Dhamasa plant. They can send it through courier. But remember to filter out the thin pieces of its thorns by filtering in thin cloth.

  46. Aoa dr shakeel shah sb. Can I have ur number or email to direct contact u,actually I have scalp psoriasis just start n I have fagonia dry n capsule but I don’t know that IS it good for my condition n who many times I take it?

  47. my mother have CLD what is the dose suggested for CLD patient ,
    i need to discuss in detail.
    Fagonia Arabica dose for liver disease patient?

  48. Sir my mother has bladder cancer stage 4 in jan 2016..her age is 74 years..please tell me the treatment for her..she is also heart patient and had high bp.I gave her dhamasa capsules one in morning after breakfast and one after diner and also gave her trumric and sumblo powder small size capsule..her bp rise very fast ate given sumblo and trumric capsule.so after that I cut that capsule.now she is suffering from bad pain and most of time blood in urine and also she complain the her body is heating up..
    Sir kindly help me in this regard.

    1. Dear Mr. Zaeem Amar, AoA,
      May Allah SWT bless your mother with good health… Aameen!
      Please reduce the quantity of Sumbloo+Turmeric in the capsule and enhance the quantity of Milk with it.
      Also mix half teaspoon of Baking Soda in one glass of water. Also add juice of one lemon in it. You can add some honey for taste as well. Drink it twice a day.

  49. Dear Shakeel Shah Sahab, Assalaam Alaikum,

    Hope this finds you in the best of health and happiest times. Well, I am sure you must be loaded with tons of emails and would hardly find time to reply but I still preferred to fall in the queue. I was going through the search about sumbloo and during the course of search I came across your narrative about Dhamasa and finally when I read about you I was highly impressed to learn about your qualifications and skills. To top it all, your endeavor to help heal the ailing humanity and to guide them towards the path of righteousness has impressed me a lot. To instill faith in the people in Allah and His Might and Oneness is something for which only Allah can and will reward you.

    In fact I am neither a doctor nor one of the highly educated ones but still I love reading about medicines and various therapies that could somehow bring relief to the sick. I have already sneaked away too much time of a busy person like you and without annoying you any further I would just like to ask you a question.

    Can Dhamasa or Sumbloo help in Multiple Sclerosis and Paralysis? One of my cousin sisters aged around 55 years is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for the last seven to eight years and is on a wheel chair. She can barely walk with that four legged crutch. One of my nephews who is now over three years of age; is having a paralyzed right hand. In the beginning he was having fits every now and then and used to go through a terrible phase and all sorts of allopathic drugs were administered but nothing helped. Alhamdolillah those fits are now almost controlled through homeopathic treatment but he cannot use his right hand and I dont think that even homeopathy has something to offer for that. It is not known whether it is congenital or due to mishandling at the hands of the hospital staff during the forceps delivery that damaged his nerves.

    Thank you for taking the trouble to go through my email and awaiting a response from you whenever you may find time out.
    Wus Salaam

    1. Dear Br. Iqbal Saleem! AoA,
      Thanks for your comments. The Multiple Sclerosis and Paralysis is a brain and spinal cord problem which results in physical disability.
      To cure it please
      1. Mix Sumbloo+Turmeric powder in equal quantity and take 1/6 of teaspoon with milk once a day.
      2. One tablespoon of Powder of Dhamasa Leaf+Flowers+Seed Buds, thrice a day, with water.
      3. Use Islamic Reiki Healing on brain and spinal cord, 3 to 30 times a day. Islamic Reiki method is described in my article http://healthymanners.com/reiki-healing/

      1. Dear Shakil Shah Sahab Assalaam Alaikum,
        Thank you very much for your kind and quick response and my apologies for a belated thanks email. In fact I was awaiting Mr. Ashraf Nomanis response to my email regarding availability of Dhamasa and Simbloo which unfortunately he did not see for quite some time. Anyway, I have now been able to get only the capsules of Dhamasa but have got Simbloo in powder form. Mr. Ashraf Nomani says that he would arrange Dhamasa in powdered form and soon Insha Allah I shall be sending it to the patient with Multiple Sclerosis in Multan to start the treatment and I shall Insha Allah keep you posted about the development.
        Can I also take the Dhamasa capsules for my arthritis and high blood pressure problem?
        May Allah bless you, me and have mercy on us all.
        Thanks and regards
        Wus Salam

        1. Dear Br. Saleem Iqbal,
          AoA, For arthritis, please use dhamasa in 1000mg, thrice a day, with water, and also add Powder of Sumbloo+Turmeric mixed in equal weight, in 100mg capsule, with milk, once a day.

          1. Dear Shakeel Shah Sahab, Assalaam Alaikum,
            Thanks a lot for your kind advice about treatment of Arthritis but perhaps you forgot about my high blood pressure problem. Will Dhamasa and Simbloo besides Arthritis cover that problem as well? Since you are well versed with both these herbs therefore I have a question in mind. As you know that the conventional medical therapy normally uses ACE inhibitor and calcium channel blocker for simply maintaining the BP levels as they have no permanent cure for the problem but these drugs do have known side effects leaving aside the unknown ones. What I would like you to comment is whether these herbs act as ACE inhibitor or calcium channel blocker or they have a simultaneous action and do I need to continue my conventional drug along with these two herbs for BP problem. By the way, I have been prescribed Extor 10/160 Tablets which has Amlodipine a calcium channel blocker plus Valsartan that contains a diuretic and Agniotensin Receptor blocker.
            Another related question I have to ask you is about my younger sister who is suffering from hepatitis C for more than the last two decades. In between she had two six months courses of INTERFERON but after some time again she was tested positive for hepatitis C. For the last many years she now has hepatitis C coupled with coronary heart disease and the doctors say that she has blocked valve and that is curable with medicines. So could you please prescribe something for her?

          2. Dear Br. Iqbal Saleem!
            AoA, Please use the recipes given in http://healthymanners.com/bp-and-heart-natural-treatment-recipes/ to control Blood Pressure.
            Dhamasa and Sumbloo herbs are not harmful for Blood Pressure. These herbs resolve the basic issues which are possible cause of your BP. You can use any other necessary medicines along with herbal treatment.
            Please use Dhamasa powder to cure any type of Hepatitis. Also use Islamic Reiki method as given in my article http://healthymanners.com/reiki-healing/ by keeping hands on the problematic place of heart.

    1. Dear M. Azhar Hashmi, AoA,
      May Allah SWT bless your wife with good health.
      1. Please take one teaspoon full of powder of Dhamasa Flowers, Leaves and Seed Buds, with water.
      2. Mix Sumbloo and Turmeric powder in equal quantity and take 100mg once a day with one glass of milk.
      3. Place your right hand on Pancreas and apply Islamic Reiki method 3 to 30 times a day as given in http://healthymanners.com/reiki-healing/

  50. Assalam o Alikum !
    Dear Shah sahib..
    I really appreciate ur work. My mother has colon cancer with metastasis to liver. She had chemo for 9 months but didnt work. I am really wurried abt her. Then I heard abt this miracle herb and now i read this article which gave me hope. I am living in karachi.
    So kindly help me to get this herb in its full effective form and will it still work for my mother for her cure.
    Ill be thankfull.

  51. Hello Shakeel sb, A neighbor of my cousin got cure from stomach cancer using dhamasa as prescribed by you. Now the patient is living a healthy life. My father has Sq CA tongue (tongue cancer) and he is unable to eat any thing and speak properly. Please assist how to use dhamasa or any other herb in this case. Your assistance would be highly appreciated. May Allah bless you for this great work.

    1. Dear Mr. Farooq, AoA.
      Please mix one teaspoon of Dhamasa Powder (prepared by Leaves, Flowers, and seed buds) in normal water and feed the patient, thrice a day. Also mix one-fourth or less teaspoon quantity of the powder of Sumbloo plus turmeric herbs (in equal quantity) in one glass of milk, and feed the patient once a day. Allah SWT may bless your father with good health… Aameen!!!
      If you cannot find powder of both herbs from anywhere, then you can contact:
      Bismillah Pansaar Store, Chichawatni, District Sahiwal, Pakistan.
      Cell & WhatsApp: +92 315 3342711.

  52. My father, 74, was diagnosed for Liver cancer (Stage III, with multiple tumors in both lobes of liver) about couple of months ago. Doctors have refused to go for any definitive treatment like chemotherapy or liver recital given his age and weak physical condition. Then, I came across this site and on advice of Mr. Shakeel Shah, decided to treat my father with Dhamasa capsules. Now a month and half passed since the start of this treatment consisting three full sized capsules (we buy it from Bismillah store, Chichawatni), we can feel some considerably visible improvements viz restoration of appetite, general health improvements etc. Before this treatment he used to sleep for houra time and again in a day but now he is quite fit. We also employ treatment with holy verses that have been described here.

  53. Assala.o.alaikum
    I am 32years old unmarried female with breast cancer for last one year. the tumor was about 4’4 cm now visually disappeared with 5 months chemotherapy. i had to stop due to severe side effects. still i m very sick specially due to neuropathy along with uterus swelling and severe acne and pains which are not going away with any medicines.
    I have purchased dried dhamasa and grinded it.
    I want to know how much daily dose should i take , can i take it in capsule form and how long should i take this. i am also suffering from hepatitis B.
    Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Dear Ms. Momina, AoA,
      Allah (SWT) may bless you with early and complete health. You must use Leaves, Flowers, and Seed Buds of Dhamasa for all diseases you are suffering from. You must also use Sumbloo+Turmeric Powder (in little quantity due to Hepatitis B). You can also further discuss on phone as given in http://healthymanners.com/contact/.

  54. AOA! Shakeel Sb, My mother has Hepatitis C with lot of liver damage and ascites. There is no hope according to Doctors. Kindly tell about use of Dhamasa in this condition…

    1. Dear Mr. M. Bilal, AoA,
      Dhamasa (Leaves+Flowers+Seed Buds) is complete cure of ally types of Hepatitis on all stages. Please use it in powder or liquid form for early recovery. Allah (SWT) may bless your mother with good health… Aameen!!!

      1. Can we take Damasa with other medication as prescribed by Doctor for liver cirrhosis. What will be the side effects and interaction of the medicine. Nawaz

  55. I have swelling in my urine tube with some time burning in urine and little pain in root of penis with stopping urine problem with hott feeling in the body …. I have tested each and every thing and all reports is well … but urine problem is still at palace and feeling of hot ness in hole body I m doing treatment from last 2 years getting no result some says u have gonorrhea some hakim and homeopath says u have cluster of veins tresties plz suggest me some herbs

    1. Dear Umar Farooq, AoA,
      Kindly use Niazbo Chatni (Sause) with every meal, and use three Fagonia (Dhamasa) Capsules during each meal prepared with powder of leaves, flowers and seed buds of the herb.

      1. Sir i lost 2 babies one at 11 weeks and 2nd baby boy at 20 weeks.i have pcos.please tell me how and when to use dhamasa herb for athra.

        1. Dear Ms. Amber, AoA,
          Atthra is a curable disease in herbal method. Please start Dhamasa leaves powder immediately. Also continue it all the time before and after delivery, two Dhamasa capsules twice a day, wither simple water.

          1. Aslam o sir…..
            i m trying to conceive for 3 years and have pcos…and small fibroid too….can i use dhamasa?how to use and when?in which form?during periods can I use it?I will b thank full to u…if u reply me

          2. Dear Ms. Dollza, AoA,
            Dhamasa herb is good for problems related to conceiving the child. You must use one teaspoon of Dhamasa powder prepared by Flowers, Leaves and Seed Buds of the herb, three times a day, after meals, with water or milk.

  56. Dear Shakeel Shah Sb.


    My grand son Taimur Gul aged, 07 years is suffering from ‘Thelassemia’ Major.He has been getting regular blood transfusions and iron chelation therapy.( Asunra capsule 2 no.200 mg). Could you please tell about the use of Fagonia for the treatment of Thalassemia Major? Jazak’ ALLAH . Thanks and Regards.

    1. Dear Gull Muhammad Khoso, AoA,
      Please get grean leaves, flowers and seed buds of Fagonia (Dhamasa) herb. Wash them in saltish warm water, anlet them dry in airy shadow. Then grind it to powder and feed the kid by mixing one teaspoon of the powder in his feed, thrice a day. For any query, you can contact as given in http://healthymanners.com/contact/

  57. Thanks.but you fdont tell me that it is ok if I use this boti with my othet medicines.and. if I cannot get this can I use klonji oil honey and olive oil method.how can I use this (after 15 days I have to use for two months with gap of two two days.

  58. My right side mssactomy done on 7th june.i live in America ( Pennsylvania).where and how can I get and use this boti.and also tell me can I use this boti while I am using my other medications. Please reply me thanks.

    1. Dear Ms. Khalida Shoaib, AoA, After mastectomy you must use Fagonia, Sumblo and Turmeric powder for at least 3 months to avoid future attack of cancer. Please read my article http://healthymanners.com/simloo-booti-can-treat-fatal-diseases/ for more information on Sumblo herb. Please collect Flowers, Leaves and Seeds of Fagonia from fresh plants or from any Herbal (Pansaar) Store of your area. Just wash them with warm water, dry in airy shadow, and after it is completely dried, just grind it to powder. Now fill large size capsules with powder and take 2 to 3 capsules at a time, thrice a day, during meals. If you cannot find it any where, then get its capsules from Ashraf Nomani CEO organicpharmacy@gmail.com, 0345-2001097, Muslim Town Karachi, through courier. Allah SWT may bless you with good health. For more info you can also contact and discuss as given on http://healthymanners.com/contact/.

  59. Dear Mr Shakell Shah,

    My Father was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in June 2015 (he was suffering from the disease since april and lost 10 kgs of weight in the mean time). He is currently undergoing a chemotherapy protocol in Agha khan Hospital,the protocol was due to end in february or march but because of high toxic effects it delayed a lot and still a big part of protocol remains untreated (about 4 months),but now his body is unable to handle those toxic effects and he is unable to recover himself from after chemo side effects including platelets and WBC, his last Platelets counts were only 17 thousand and six units of platelets were transfused,similarly WBC is also not increasing and filgen needs to be injected. Last Wednesday our doctor prescribed a bone marrow test (IT SEEMS LIKE THE CANCER IS COMING BACK) and the test has been done earlier today.

    He is 56 years old and 6 feet 1 inch tall,used to weigh around 82 kgs before april 2015, at the time of diagnose his weight was 72 kgs but when the chemo started he lost another 16 kgs (26 kgs in total) but gained back those 16 kg when chemo stopped for 2 months.But again he lost 14 kgs and currently weighing at 58 kgs. Not to mention that he is too week now and can’t even walk properly.

    So now you know every thing about him,i have some questions to ask:
    1.I have read as many comments as i could on this wepsite but never found anyone with ALL, the most aggressive type of Leukemia which is also the most rarest type in Adults specially in people aging above 40 years,my question is will this plant i.e fagonia will equally be effective in this type of leukemia?

    2.Which type will be better for him the powder form or the juice form?

    3.In one of your replies to a comment you said it grows in the surrounding areas of Banori Town, is it still grows there? and can we pluck a complete fresh plant from there?

    Additionally at what time we can contact you on phone in Ramdan?

    1. Dear Br. Abdullah Paracha, AoA, Allah SWT may bless your father with good health… Aameen!!! There are many ALL and CLL patients who have got good health but they didn’t give comments.
      Dhamasa is equally useful for all types of Blood Cancer. Please try to locate fresh Flowers, Leaves and Seed Buds of Dhamasa, wash them in warm water. Now let it dry in airy shadow. Then grind it to powder. Now fill this powder in large size capsules and take 2 to 3 capsules three times a day, with meals. In-Sha-Allah… Blood Cancer will be cured.
      Please also try to use Spiritual treatment as given in http://healthymanners.com/cancer-alternative-treatment-recipes/.
      For more info, please feel free to contact at http://healthymanners.com/contact/.

  60. Assalamualikum,

    My name is Ghouse and I am from Bangalore, India. I got to know about my wife’s Hodgkin’s Lymphoma just few days back, initially we suspected and and just two days back it was confirmed. Today I am taking her to the doctor I don’t know what the doctor will suggest, but one thing is sure the Chemo procedure is really painful and have a lot of side effects.
    I came across this website as one of my friend suggested me about Dhamasa. I went through most of your comments, Allahumdulialah feeling better now.

    @Shakeel Saab, can you please let me know where can I find Fagonia in Bangalore and found in power form how should I use it.

    May Almighty bless us all, Ameen.

  61. Assalam-o-alaikum sir i read your article.i use this plant for 3 weeks.i take green leaves of this plant present near my house.grint it and take half cup of these leaves juice before breakfast without eating or drinking anything.i m dalysis patient with hepatitis c.i just want to know that is this a right way to use it for my hepatitis diseas or not…plz help me.

    1. Dear Ahsan Malik, AoA, This is all right. It will cure hepatitis, as well as it will improve kidneys. If you feel any gastric problem then drink it after meals.

  62. I have 120 kg
    i am smoking from the last 6-years.
    i am fedup from my weight and smoking. I am 46-years age.
    Help me in putting down my weight and give-up smoking.
    Plz guide me through some islamic holy verses and natural incredients so that i can lead a healthy life.

    1. Dear Najaf, AoA,
      Please reduce your weight immediately by starting Lemon water of at least 4 to 6 Lemons daily. Also avoid weight gaining foods and habits and add some regular exercise to enable yourself to enjoy a happy life.

  63. Dr. Sb

    I have gained too much weight approxi. 120 kg and i am also started smoking from the last 6-years. Now i am fedup from my weight and smoking. I am 46-years age.
    Dr. Sb will you help me in putting down my weight and give-up smoking.
    Please guide me some holy and natural incredients so that i can lead a healthy life.

  64. Dear Sir,

    With reference to column published in daily Jang by A.Q.Khan regarding the thalassemia major disease which is more informative. In this connection we need some information about usage of fegonia critica that how it will be processed for the treatment of thalassemia major. The following information is required:

    1. How useful material will be extracted from the fegonia critica?
    2. How much quantity of other liquids will be used?
    3. How much temperature is required to boil/extract the useful material from fegonia critica?
    4. How it will be used and how much quantity will be taken by the patient?

    The prescription of dosage may be recommended on the basis of the following:

    Patient Gender is male
    Patient age is 2 years
    Patient suffered in thalassemia major from the childhood

    Sir we are looking for your cooperation so that the patient may be given relief on the available economical source of treatment.


    1. Dear Waheed Sabir,
      AoA, Dear all, A few months back I received a telephonic call from India. The caller was speaking English and Marathi Language with mix of Urdu. He was a Medical Doctor and his son was suffering from Thalassemia Major. The patient was given blood every week. I advised him to collect Flowers, Leaves and Seeds of Fagonia. Just wash it with warm water, dry it in airy shadow, and after it is completely dried, just grind it to powder. Now mix one teaspoon or tablespoon (as per age and body weight) of this Fagonia Powder in any kid feed and take twice a day. After one month he informed me that 30 days have passed and we did not need to give him blood. Now he is all fine and living healthy life. Please do the same yourself and also advise other patients you know. The same way each type of Blood Cancer can also be cured.

  65. Dear sir, my daughter 18 years age suffers Parotid tumor left side ear since 2 and half year having size 3.8 cm x 2.4 cm. done all the test like FNAC report decler as benign tumor. ENT Doctor suggested surgery having risk 5% of Facial nerve damage. kindly help me suggest me remedy is there any solution instead of risky surgery.

  66. asssalam o alaikum,

    i am from ajk, my wife suffering right ovarian cyst with 36mm size, can it possible to get ride of it with fagonia?


    1. Respected sir, Please make a juice of one apple one carrot and one beats. Cut all them. Do not peel them make a shake in blender and drink soon without putting in glass. Drink it with jug. Use it for one month and you be quite healthy.

  67. Dear Sir,I am using this herb including majeeth and turmeric for fatty lumps on various parts of my body.Plz advise me further in this regard.Is there any side effects of using these herbs specially about sperm count? plz guide thanx and regards

  68. Asalam o alykum
    Dear Shakeel Shah sahib.
    My wife is recently daigonsis for 4th stage of ADENICARCINOMA OF LUNGS ORIGIN cancer, (Predominant aciner type), the cancer is metastatic and effected the brain and bones of the body so doctors are describing this at 4th stage cancer, I have all report which I can share any time if required.
    Some one told me about this site and I am looking forward you advice for my wife for her treatment.
    I have 3 daughters and all of us want her back in life, we are asking mercy of ALLAH subhan wa tallah and not lost hopes. We are believe that ALLLAH is Karim and Rahim and he always help.
    Please advice and help us in coming out from this situation as soon as possible.
    ALLAH will give you Jaza for you all efforts helping the people.
    Jazak ALLAH.
    you can write me on mohammadiqbal.siddiqui@gmail.com nd on whatApp and Viber 03212103069.
    Please write me you e-mail id so I may send you the reports if required.
    Thanks and kind regards.
    Iqbal Siddiqui

    1. Dear M. Iqbal Siddiqui, AoA,
      Allah (SWT) may bless your wife with good health. Just believe positive and have positive. Please take fresh flower and leaves of Fagonia, wash them with hot water, then dry in in any airy shadow. When dried, grind it and mix one teaspoon in food of your kids, twice a day. Insha Allah, they will be healthy within couple of months, but carry on using the Fagonia for six to twelve months. Also mix the Sumbloo and Turmeric Powder in equal quantity, fill the mixture in zero size capsules, and now take one capsule with milk, after one hour of meal, once a day.

  69. Aoa sir my two ittle child and they have osteopetrosis and blood transfusion is nesecary for them once in a week is foregina suitable for them

    1. Dear Tatheer Kashif, Please take fresh flower and leaves of Fagonia, wash them with hot water, then dry in in any airy shadow. When dried, grind it and mix one teaspoon in food of your kids, twice a day. Insha Allah, they will be healthy within couple of months, but carry on using the fagonia for six to twelve months.

  70. Assalamualikum, yes this is proven herb for all chronic diseases and Alhamdulillah we have made it available in Hyderabad, India in liquid form…we are getting this herb from harazath, area near Makkah mukarram. If anybody in need can contact us @ +91-9849936463

  71. Dear Sir,

    How does a person with HBV of 7 years use fagonia for the treatment. Her age is 40 yrs.

    Kindly assist soon.


        1. Dear Ridwanulai, Wassalaam!
          How to use Fagonia?

          Just take 15-20 leaves, flowers and Seed Beans or all of them. Just grind them and take twice a day immediately after meals for two weeks or unless the complete health is gained.
          You can also use whole green part of its branches inclusive of thorns, woods, leaves, fruits and flowers combined after grinding them in water. Just a cup or a half of semi-filtered juice, is enough to take after meals twice a day. It is better for all types of Hepatitis or other liver problems.
          You can mash and grind the leaves or green branches of Fagonia like thick paste and then can convert them in shape of tablets in the size of a chickpea (چنا). Just swallow two tablets with morning/evening meals.
          If it is not available in green form, you can get it in dried form from the stores in the market. Just grind them all and fill the powder in full sized capsules. Take 1-2 two capsules immediately after meals, twice a day.
          The women suffering from Atthra disease will continue it in all nine months pregnancy to get healthy child.
          It has given great positive, curing results when it was used as liquid for just two weeks.

          Note: Never swallow it when your stomach is empty but take it during your food or immediately after finishing your food, otherwise, it may result in some gastric problem.

  72. Assalamalaikum
    Since 7 years My face is full of pimples.Dont know how to cure it.
    where does fagonia get?and how to use fagonia??can any 1 please help me from this situation?? :/
    Jazakallah khair 🙂

  73. Asalaamoalaikum… Thanks for highlight the health benefits of Fagonia herb. I never knew that such an amazing plant existed which acts as a cancer remedy until recently.
    I was not long ago with benign breast changes. These include tiny cysts, glandular tissue, swollen lymph node and lots of fluid retention in the chest area. These changes are not malignant but there is a risk of breast cancer.
    At the moment i am taking Kalonji oil, turmeric, basil leaves with honey for cancer prevention. Although , by Allah’s grace i am still ok, i wish to take steps to prevent cancer. So i have bought Fagonia cretica tea. Could you please advise me how much intake is sufficient for preventative measures rather than treatment of cancer.
    I would appreciate your response. May Allah cure the ailments of all.
    Jazak’Allah and wasalam…

    Ms. Nosheen Chowdhry

  74. Dear Shakeel sab,

    Asalamulaikum, I have minor Thalassemia trait, i live in lahore, i would like to know where can i find the plant in lahore and how to use it.


    1. Dear Mr. Abdus-Salam!
      Please use flowers and leaves of Dhamasa herb. By the grace of Allah SWT, it has cured many patients of Thalassemia Major, as well. This plant is available near Changa Manga Forest. You can also contact Mr. Tahamal Shah (0315-3342711) for powder of this herb.

  75. Thanks for the response Shakeel Sb.
    JazakAllah kher. …
    is there someone here who can locate dhamaasa to me. I live in G-9 sector, islamabad. so if some one is kind enough to locate the same to me, I would be truly obliged.


      1. AoA Shakeel Sb, I’m a little curious since I’ve been using dried form of Dhamaasa since 3 months. We have prepared full size capsules aand I’m having 2 capsules twice a day. Since I’m having severe joint pain and scatica accompanied by severe buninfected while urinating, you advised that Dhamaasa will InshAllah cure everything as I stated before but all the problems still persist.

        Kindly guide what to do.
        Awaiting. Kind Regards, Muhammad Rizwan

        1. Dear Rizwan, AoA, Please continue using Dhmasa, but also add the following:
          Take Turmeric Powder (from original roots) and also Sumbloo or Daar Huld Powder (from skin of the roots of its plant). Grind and mix both in equal quantity, and take half teaspoon of this mixture with milk, twice a day, with empty stomach. Inshallah! You will feel good within a few weeks.

  76. JazakAllah for the reply Shakeel Sb.
    What I’ve gathered from your response is that we both (my mother and myself) can use Dhamaasa and it won’t damage either of us.

    where can we have fresh plant? Is there a place who can confirm to us about the correctness of that plant somewhere.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Muhammad Rizwan

    1. Dear Rizwan, Fagonia is available in all provinces of Pakistan including Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Baluchistan. It has been vanished from the cultivated areas now. You can ask for it to old people of your local area for further guidance.

  77. AoA Shakeel Sb,
    I’m amazed by the bounties and blessings of Allah’s created things and also have high esteem the way you have been guiding all throughout.
    I’ve two queries:
    1. my mother was diagnosed with Hep. C in 2001. The virus was passive and she used to get Homoeopathy but no injection treatment since her stomach condition was not that good. She is now 65 and has become muh weak. Kindly share specifically how she should use Dhamaasa since I’ve got the same in dried form. I don’t know how can I have in green form and what should be the complete guide to have it? gaps? nihaar munh or after meal etc.?
    2. my daughter is 8 years old and is hearing impaired. her hearing loss is 100 db. so can Dhamaasa be used for curing this? she is using hearing aids but still obviously she isn’t as normal as a usual kid. what should be the usage and dose???

    Would really appreciate and highly grateful if you please guide. by the way I’m I’m Islamabad so I can contact you as well.

    thanks and Awaiting. God Bless You.
    Muhammad Rizwan.

      1. Thank you Shakeel Sb.

        Now one more thing is that I’ve done my tests and Blood ESR is 38 while WBC is 10.7 and Platelets are 504,000. All are above the cutt-off value (normal range).

        One of the Dr said that it may lead to stroke or cancer. so perhaps we have to undergo bone marrow biopsy which is a painful process.

        Dhamaasa’s benefits contains all these things. Should I still go for these painful tests or use this so that any disease is cured? and what should be the way to use it for this disease? kindly elaborate in detail.

        kind Regards,
        Muhammad Rizwan

          1. AoA Shakeel Sb,

            thanks indeed for the help you have been rendering to the public at large.

            I have a couple of confusions for which I seek your guidance:

            1) As i told you about my mother who is patient of Liver Cirrhosis (having very low platelets i.e. 68,000); you advised to start using Dhamaasa.
            Then when i told you about my test reports where platelets counts increased too much i.e. 504,000 so you advised me as well to start Dhamaasa.
            I need to confirm whether Dhamaasa lowers the platelets counts or increase it? In either way, one of us might need to leave it. Is it so?
            2) Since fresh Dhamaasa isnt available and/or we cant recognize it and no nursery also gives the plant, then we purchased in dried form and grindeed it and then filled in capsules.
            Is it OK if you continue with this?

            Thanks & Awaiting your response.
            Allah hafiz

          2. Dear Rizwan, Wassalaam! Fagonia does not increase or decrease but corrects the system of generating various blood cells including Platelets. The fresh Fagonia plant containing leaves and flowers can quickly act as compared with dried Fagonia which is normally without leaves and flowers…. still it will work but slowly. So, you can carry on using Fagonia. Allah may bless your mother with good health.

  78. Dear Shakeel Sb

    my mother Chronic lymphocytic leukemia patient please advise how to use and how much quantity take in a day of Fagonia (Dhamasa) Herb.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Dear Mr. Asad Javed, Please take flowers, leaves, seeds, or whole green branch of Dhamasa herb, grind it like sauce. Now you can add enough water and take one cup or glass of it after each meal. Or you can add a little honey into this sauce and grind it unless it becomes thick. Now you can prepare small pills of the size of white grams and take 2-3 pills after each meal.

  79. AoA,

    my daughter is thalassemia patient. i need Fagonia as i lives in Hazara. is there any one who can arrange Fagonia for me. i will bear all the costs.

    Waiting for positive response


    1. Dear Br. Asad Javed, Fagonia is available in all areas of Hazara and Hassan Abdal. People of Hazara know it by Name of Dhamiaan Booti. You must use Flowers and Leaves of fresh Fagonia plant. It is 100% cure for all types of Thalassemia. Please ask for it from old men of your area who know it very well.

  80. AOA,

    I live in Quebec, Canada and I have some kind of pain problem which comes on most of times bones joined and some on hand, foots, legs and most of times on knee which make me terrible and can’t walk untill I give a good massage or heat to that area.

    If I dont take any pain killer then it will go away itself in 24 hours of time but with pain killer it go in few hours.

    Can I use this Dhamasa for this treatment?

    Another thing is what about for dust and flower allergies which my wife suffering from it a lot.

    I would appreciate your quick response to it.



  81. Dear All,
    My mother is suffering from Liver cancer (Multifocal HCC – last stage) , Dr. advised her anti-cancer tabs (NEXVAR) but she was unable to sustain the medicine and stopped the medicine after 5 days.
    currently she is taking just aminoliban and nexum tab and is in normal form. i am very curious about her HCC condition and dr. said in clear words that not to give every medicines.

    I am very hopeful from my Allah, Dr. doors have been closed but Allah’s not and i am very much hopeful from my Allah’s mercy.

    Kindly advise if this medication help my mother to cure liver cancer and from where i coulld get it from Rawalpindi/Islamabad.


    1. DEAR SAMAD,




  82. I am a 22 year old female suffering from lichen planus of the skin. It has spread all over my body except for my mouth.

    I am desperately in search for natural remedies. I have started to take soochi booti. But on the bottle I ordered it says to take it on an empty stomach once daily. Can you please advise me on this matter?

  83. aoa,my mother is suffering from stomach cancer,had a surgery on 6th may,2014 in which half of her stomach was removed (partial gastrectomy).3 chemo cycles have completed, but her weight has lost 2 much (from 85 to 45) that doctors have stopped further chemo.its stage 4 cancer now! she is unable 2 eat anything! she is fed through a tube in her intestine (feeding jejunostomy has been done). sir please help us out! what should we do?

  84. Mr. Shakeel, I have used the dhamasa for joint pain n foot pain due to some heavy stuff falling on it. It is to be boiled with lots of water filtered and poured on to the pain area after covering the area with a small towel. Use as hot as you can bear. Do not discard the water n dhamasa as it can be reheated n reused for at least 3 days..

  85. aoa shakeel bhai ,

    may ALLAH SWT give u great rewards for this .my daughter is suffering from leukemia (blood cancer),got chemo therapy for more than 2 years but it relapsed again in april 2014.
    i have refused to put her in terrible chemo again.

    these days ,we are searching what can we give her as alternative medicine and came to know about fagonia Alhumdolillah.

    we live in gujranwala.from where we can get fresh plant or can we use it in tablet or powder form.i want to give her as early as possible.kindly need ur advice in this regard.


  86. Hi!
    This site have all information about fagonia arabica. but i have one question.
    How can we differentiate between fagonia arabica(dhamasa) and fagonia cretica (dhanvyaas).
    Please reply me here or in my email.

    1. Dear Mr. Qamar, AoA, Please don’t worry about the types of Fagonia. You can use any type of Fagonia, because all heve similar benefits. But keep in mind that leaves, Seeds and flowers of the herb have most of the benefits. Only dry branches with thorns have least affect, but still effective.

  87. MR. SHAH.
    Assalamu- Alaikum-Wa-Rahmatullah. Since 30/05/2014 I have been giving my son Tanzim, Fegonia two times in a day (10 ml). Last 17th august done a hemoglobin test for him, but yet it is only 7.3%. Before using this herbs in between three months we got the same % and done the blood transfusion. Here, doctor not to be agreed for blood transfusion if it is >7%. So what I wil tell his doctor for next appointment, which is due on 24/08/ 2014.
    I have required a well suggesion from you. After every transfusion my son suffered too much abdominal pain in stomach because of iron level little high. So normally he also not to be agreed for blood transfusion.
    Shall we wait next two months and to be done a %hgb test? Or, what can I do as a father!! How many days I have to continue this herbs for him. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dear Br. Shams, Allah may bless your son with good health.You must use Flowers and Leaves of Fagonia in green form for speedy recovery. Fagonia Mother Tincture may also be used in addition. Fagonia is complete cure for all types and levels of Thalassemia and other blood related disorders. If you live in Pakistan or India, you can get it easily in green form.

  88. Assalam O Alaikum,

    Fagonia and Camel Thorns are Different Plant? if yes then how can I recognize each of them .
    The Plant in our hilly area is has thin leaves, it is laid on the ground, Bitter in taste, Sharp and Bush in shape. I don’t know the type of this plant found in my region but I heard that it is useful for stomach, Blood refining and skin diseases and poeple use this plant.

    I am bit confused and not sure either if it is Fagonia or Camel thorns kindly help and guide me to recognize these plant.

  89. Dr sahib ‘I had one still birth and three consective miscarriages.plz tell me how can I use it.how much quantity and how many days I should use it.

    1. Dear Faiza, you are patient of “Atthra” sickness and Fagonia is its 100% cure. Immediately start using Fagonia and continue it during pregnancy, for whole 9 months and in-sha-Allah, mother and child, both will be safe and healthy by the grace of Allah (SWT). You can use it any way, either in liquid or Powder form as given in detail in my article http://healthymanners.com/sickness-means-you-dont-know-fagonia-arabica/. Allah may bless you with health and healthy kids… Aameen!!!

  90. salam.
    I am a herbal Dr. I am using FOGONIA in my ovarian cancer patient and it works alot!!! today one of my patient came with her test report of CA125 which decreased 104U/mL from

  91. Sir,kindly inform Where to get Chinese medication stated in your Hep C Alternative medication portion of your website. BIFENDATE (Biphenyl Dimdthoxy Dicaboxylate) pills and which company’s
    Thank you
    Mir Ahmed Ali

    1. Chinese Medicines can be got from any of the Chinese Clinics in all big cities of Pakistan. The Unani Syrup can be availed from any well known brand or from any well reputed Hakeem. Just cool the liver and Hepatitis will be no more…. In-sha-Allah.

        I am waiting for your further advices.
        Many many thanks.God bless you.

        1. Dear Mir Sahib, Please continue Dhamasa for at least 15 days, then stop for 5-6 days and then again continue for further 15 days. After use of ONE year, the patient will be complete healthy, but still take care of foods.

  92. AOA,

    Janab, in early December 2013, my wife had sever pain in stomach and an CT scan was performed. the results were shocking that she has colonel cancer, she was operated and effected piece of colon was removed, then she was given 4 cycle of FOLFOX as chemotherapy, after 4 cycle she again went to surgery for removal of cholostomy bag and intacting colon. later on in CT scan it was revealed that two more met has developed, she was given two more FOLFOX cycle and again a CT scan was carried out in that CT Scan report one met shrank while other remain same, additionally a third met was developed. Now FOLFIRI and Avastin is being given to here. I have gone to your website and has keen desire to use Fagonia Arabica for my wife’s possible treatment by herbs. Could you please advise me where can i find Fagonia Arabica and how to use…

    I shall be very much thankful of you to receive email from you.

    Best regards
    Junaid Sayeed Khan
    email: junaid.khan@maximalogistics.com
    Cell: 0334-2499966

      1. Mohtaram Shakeel Sb,

        Thanks for your call of this morning. I went to market and bought dhamasa in dry form and then converted to powder, also bought 100 empty capsules. So from tomorrow morning will start giving two capsules in breakfast and dinner.

        In fact my wifes elder sister died from cancer, cancer appeared in here breast and then after one year it penetrated in lever, she was treated for 2 and half years but her cancer type was her II. so cancer is in her family.

        my elder sister in law want to know can she take dhamasa as precautionary medicine.

        I have two important question
        1) For my wife how many weeks she has to take dhamasa…
        2) My sister in law can take dhamasa as precaoutionlary?
        3) I also has cronical ulcer problem, it re lap every three or four months specially when i am under stress. these days i am having pain and burning in my large intestine and having treatment of a Hakeem of Hamdard dawa Khana. so can i start taking dhamasa just to be on safe side.

        Kindly give your expert advises.

        Jazzak Allah.

  93. Dear Shakeel Shah sahib,

    My wife is Hep-C,diagonised in 2007,undergone Interferon Ribaviren therapy,but relapsed.Now on different Herbals/Homeo medicines with Rambix+Vitamins etc.She is still suffering from Hep-C.Her Yersterdays ultrasound shows Gall Stone.
    Only a week ago I got this website and had about Fagonia (Dhamasa) I baught from Pansar in dried form,today grinded the whole dried plant.She cannot tolerate the bitter taste of Fagonia.She is 57 years old.
    Sir,kindly help me for her Hep-C and Gallstone(pittay ki pathri)

    AhmedAli Karachi

    1. Dear Br. Ahmad Ali, Allah may bless your wife with good health. Fagonia is helpful for curing all types of Hepatitis, but you have to use it in pure green form in after grinding in water. It’s leaves and flowers are more important than its thorns and dry branches. You can add more water to reduce it’s bitterness level. Please note that if stone increases during Fagonia treatment, then try to get it removed by operation.

  94. I m patient of wegner,s granulomatosis vasculitus fr 6yrs.b4 3 1/2 yrs my ANCA C report bcome negative,it means I was cured after taking 2.5yrs long term treatment of immunosuppressive medicin,prednisilone steroids heavy doses and rituximab mabthera infusions.but now before 1 week it again positive n now I bcom hopeless.i have only 1 baby girl of 8yrs.my age is going to be 33.will u please guide me I m living in abudhabi nowdays,where can I get this fagonia Arabica n is it help me in this blood inflammation.I believe on ALLAH he before gave me health n now will be again,plzzz guide me about this fagonia .because this time I am much confused n stressed due to my disease.his vasculitus only damage my sinus n heart.i got M.I as well before 6yrs due to this.waiting ur reply

  95. Dear Shah Sahib I am suffering fom nazal polyps for the last about ten years. One time I have been surgucally operated.
    I have to clean my nose again and again. It is difficult for me to speak clearly due to closed nose. I face difficulty in smelling. Please give your kind generous advise.



  96. Salaam Shah Sahab,

    Can you please recommend any website from where I can order Fagonia powder?
    I am based in Dubai and am struggling to find it here.

    Thank you,

    1. Mr. Mohammed.
      Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah. I’m in Qatar. Here desert sorrounding Fegonia herbs is available in green plant. I think you can easily to be get in Dubai. But proper identification required. Make doa for us.
      Md. Shams.

        1. Dear Imran, AoA, You did not mention your city. However, Dhamasa is good for all types of Hepatitis, as well as it is excellent for pregnancy problems. You can ask any Pansaar Store of your city to arrange Flowers, Leaves and Seed Buds of Dhamasa for you. If you are living somewhere in KPK, Punjab or Sindh, then it is better to locate its plants in the surrounding areas of the villages. Just wash them with warm salty water and let it dry in airy shadow. Then grind them to powder and take two to three large size capsules at a time, three time a day, during meals.

  97. Ssalam shah uncle,i m overweight from the last two yrs suffering from pco.my fac is coverd wid hairs.plz plz tell me is it beneficial in weightloss and pco,also my mother is type2diabetic .i love her and wants her to becom healthy as she was early.dr says that due to suger she z suffering from gout and urination problm.she has severe pain and swalling in legs.plz m mesing with grt hope,may Allah g solve our problems amee.

    I am a patient of hypotyroidisum and taking thyroxzine 50mg from ast 2 years and having piles ( from 20 years). high colestrol ffaty liver with black and white spots me and my children having depresed and neglected environment from my husband . so plz help me to resolve health issues, Please advise. Jazak’Allah Khair.


    1. 1. Fourth part of Betel leaf, Two dried Plums, Small piece of Ginger, Few branches of green Mint, Few dried seeds of Pomegranate.
      Boil all above in 1 cup of water, and drink early in the morning like bed-tea. It will control your Cholesterol as well.

      2. Vein Opening – Natural Way: Lemon juice 1 cup, Ginger juice 1 cup, Garlic juice 1 cup, Apple Vinegar 1 cup
      Mix all above and boil in light flame approximately for half hour.
      When it becomes 3 cups, take it out and keep it for cooling.
      After cooling, mix 3 cups of natural honey and keep it in bottle.
      Every morning before breakfast use one table spoon regularly.
      Your blockage of Veins will open and your BP and heart will be quite normal. (No need any Angiography or By-pass).

      3. Drink Pomegranate Seeds Juice or Tea: Drink one or half glass of juice from fresh Pomegranates or take Pomegranate Seeds, boil it and drink it empty stomach. It can help you lowering the Blood Cholesterol and opening the blocked heart veins.

      4. Soak, Mix and Drink the Mixture: Carder (Quince) seeds, Gum of Sterculia Urens, Basil seeds
      Soak all above items in cold water at night and drink early in the morning after mixing them well.

      5. Inhale Garlic Cloves: Just inhale five pealed cloves of Garlic with fresh water while empty stomach, early in the morning. This must be daily routine unless normal life is achieved. It can be used regularly being free of any side-effects.

      6. Take Garlic Cloves and Ajwaen: Just grind and mix the dried cloves of Garlic and equal weight of Ajwaen (also known as carom or bishop’s weed). Fill the mixed powder in full sized capsules and inhale one to two capsules with fresh water while empty stomach, early in the morning. This must be daily routine unless normal life is achieved. It can be used regularly being free of any side-effects.

  99. AA,

    I have a 4 yr old son who doesnt talk and doesnt eat … only drinks milk . how can i give this fagonia to him so he starts eating


    1. Dear Lubna Khan,
      Allah (SWT) may bless your son with good health. Please grind Fagonia Flowers and mix in liquid food of your son. For more details please contact +92 321 5199887, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm PST.

  100. Recently i came through a product named Heal Health by Shaafi Herbal Care and its very much effective and the active ingredient in it is Fagonia Arabica.

  101. i just got it from a nearby pansaar store, the guy over there told me to take it in water (in the form of kahva), plz tell me can i use it the way he told me, plus i am extremely unhealthy, i don’t know what my problem is, but i am always tired, sleepy, have constant body pains and prone to infections, can i use this herb? will it improve my health?

    1. Dear Gulnoori,
      You have provided very small info about your health, however, you can get rid of all mentioned symptoms by using Fagonia and Moringa, along with regular morning walk. Some possible methods of using both the herbs are already described in the given links of my articles. Allah SWT may bless you with good health.

  102. Please advice me this (Soochi Booti-Fogonia) for lungs and bone cancer is best.

    and also send me address of store or hakeem sb.

    I shall be very thankful to you.

  103. fagonia (dhamasa) is very very. useful remedy. it acts upon any kinds of cancer. it cures all kinds of cancer. a close friend of mine, named muhamad azam of chakwal’s son was affected by cancer. he tried a lot of physicians & specialists. but after a long time his kid was not cured. by chance I told him about fagonia(dhamasa). and he tried to use the above mentioned remedy for his beloved kid.by GOD I heard after 1 year that his kid has
    fully cured .thanks god.

  104. 6 yrs ago my father was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and had to remove part of his colon. At the same time, doctor claimed that he has to go through chemotherapy otherwise his prognosis will be not more than 5 yrs. I went with my heart and decided not to let my father suffer through chemo and started him on soochi booti herbal tea. Alhamdulilah with the grace of Allah swt, he has been diagnosed cancer free through all the follow up blood tests and CT scans. I would strongly recommend anyone to take this.

    1. @Nazira,
      Al-Hamdo-Lillah! You are lucky to make a good decision. In result of Chemo, the Cancer re-attack in most cases. Please try to use Suchi-Booti (Fagonia) in green form for more benefits.

  105. homoeo pathic medicine Dhamasa 3x potency is certainly the best treatment for thelesemia. 5 to 8 drops three times daily in half cup of water.

  106. jazzakAllah ShakeelShah for providing such unique informations about dhamasa a miraculus herb.as iam a homoeopath so i prescribed it in mother tincture 5drops thrice aday in half cup of water and found good results for hepatitis C;renal failure and cardiac ailments also for uric acid May u live long for researching more.

    1. Respected Dr. Farman Ali Kamboh,

      What is Homoeopathic equivalent i.e. Mother Tincture for Dhamasa ( Fagonia )?

      I shall be grateful if you can mail me the same to my email id : kayesmoney@gmail.com

      Thanking you and looking forward very eagerly to hear from you.

      Krishnan Subrahmanyam

  107. Dear Shah Sahab,


    I found this website quite interesting & informative regarding the blood cancer/thelsemia cure/Hepatitis. Sir I am Hepatitis “C” Patient and completed Pegasys Interferon Theraphy for One year and now with hte bleass of Allah my all reports are cleared.
    Please for this kindly advise me its proper dose how many time in a day it should be use and from where this dhamasa is easily available.

    Muhammad Umar Khan,

    1. Dear M. Umar Khan;
      Please note that for Hepatitis, fresh Fagonia grinded in liquid form gives better and quick results. For all other diseases, it is useful in any form; liquid or powder or tablets. But make sure that Fagonia complete plant is used including its leaves, seeds, flowers and thorns etc.
      It is available in all parts of Pakistan and India, in the sandy or hilly areas.
      It is not a medicine, but just like food, which can be used for ever in low quantity after getting full health by using it as described in my article under discussion. Or you can use it with gaps of one or two months to stay healthy for whole life.
      You can use one cup of Fagonia twice a day in liquid form or 2 to 3 pills/capsules after meal.
      Allah SWT may bless you with good health…. Aameen!

      1. Dear Mr. Shakeel,

        My 3 year old son is Thal major and undergoing blood transfusion after ever 4 weeks. I searched over Internet but it is difficult to get complete plant.
        Please let me know from where I can get tablets or powder (made using complete plant) in Pakistan or India.

        Kindly guide me.

        Thanks & Regards,

        1. Dear Saggi, God may bless your son. The disease of your son is 100% curable with Fagonia Flowers and Leaves. You did’nt mention the city and country of your location, however, Fagonia is available in most parts of the world. You can get the tablets of complete Fagonia plant from Mr. Ashraf Nomani, CEO organicpharmacy@gmail.com, 0345-2001097, Muslim Town, Karachi – Pakistan.

          1. Dear Mr. Shakeel,

            I am from Punjab, India. There are few sellers of Dhamasa in India and one person from Mumbai (Bombay) is selling it in powder form. I am not sure if it is manufactured from complete plant or just from flowers or stem only.

            Should we start with that powder? If yes, how much quantity and how to take.

            I’d appreciate your guidance in this regard.

            For the tablets, we will also contact Mr. Ashraf Nomani.

            Thanks & Regards,

  108. Sir
    I read this article. this is very much informative. I want to know the dose and duration of blood pressure, cancer and Leucorrhoea. One of my relative started this in a tablet form for cancer and her husband for diabetes, but they don’t know the duration of the treatment.
    Please advise the doses and duration of High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and Leucorrhoea.
    Waiting for your response.
    Thank you

    1. Dear Rehan,
      Fogonia is not a medicine which need some special method for special disease. It is simply like a food and can be used in a suitable quantity for long period for any disease. But to gain the best of its benefits try to use the complete plant of Fagonia including its leaves, thorns, branches, Flowers and Seeds. You can read “How to Use?” section of this article for possible ways of uses for all types of diseases.

  109. Dear Shah Sahib,
    A.O.A. I m patient of HCV for the last nine years.I have taken Interferon therapy but that not benefited me a bit my SGPT remained 146.The -ve side effects resulted in very low platelet count approx 23000.Till then the platelets did not improve. As Fagonia is available in my area in fresh form and i used it only considering blood purifier during last three years .i used it ( drying it in shade and ground/filled capsules of 500 mg size) two capsules twice a day, after two or three days use my BP falls(my BP remains 110/70 in normal routine age 50 years) and i stop.Now i visited this site and four days ago have started again following the instruction of taking it during or just after the meals. i hope it will work.
    Sir, i would add that now a days i m suffering problem of inflammation of large intestine /anus(inflammatory bowls) that also effect the renal system resulting in pain/pressure on anus during stools/after meals.
    Please, guide me would Fagonia also help or advise under the stated situation .
    Best regards

    1. Dear Mr. Rasheed,

      Fagonia is useful for you in liquid form. For rest of the problems please take one glass of semi-warm water with addition of less than one quarter of original turmeric (not packed one) and a tablespoon of Chhilka Ispagole, early in the morning. For more details please contact at 0321-5199887, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm any day.

  110. dear shah sahab,
    aslam alaikum,
    I found this website quite interesting & informative regarding the blood cancer/thelsemia cure.
    my son is 17 years old, he is suffering from thalassemia major.
    his spleen is enlarged,and serum ferritin level is increased. please i have come to know about dhamasa (FAGONIA).
    Please for this kindly help me ,and from where this dhamasa is easily available.
    dr. m. siddique.

  111. It is very hard to decide that a Hepatitis patient what eat and not eat. Some diets fruits and vegetables make complications for health. Please tell us a Menu for such disease patients, may Allah bless you.

  112. I am awaiting your precious prescription regarding Hepatits ”B and C treatment with Dhamasa and its method to use for this disease please,

        1. Dear, Muhammad Mushtaq Meo
          If u r sufferer from both hepatitis, please contact for sure & successive treatment in radiesthesia.
          Mobile: 0321-8122871

  113. Dear Mr Shakeel Shah,
    I wonder if Fagonia Cretica has a beneficial effect on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)? Any views on this subject?

    1. Dear Iqbal Qureshi Sahib,
      Fagonia is beneficial for kidneys but you also need other helping aid for kidneys which can be decided after thorough examination of your kidney reports.

  114. Mohtaram Shah sahib and other kind friends,
    Thank you for this free public service and provision of various sources. Jazzak Allah..

    My cancer was diagnosed during July 2013 on left side of neck and lungs at level -4. i went with 3 episodes (one cycle) of chemo ( July-sep-13) . the CT scan show a SIGNIFICANT improvement after chemo but now all things are back after 3 month and doctors say that I have no other way but only chemo and life expectation can be 2 years.

    I went through your website and used various methods i.e Dhamasa, lemon juice, carrots, kalwanji + honey + Olive oil and also spiritual treatments told by various friends. But my recent PET scan shows increased nodes on lungs, neck lymph, etc: I used Dhamasa powder for 15 days and then again for 10 days. it was a pure dried dhamasa, i got from a responsible pansar store at quetta and grind it by myself.

    No doubt, life is not guaranteed by any human, nothing can be effective if not approved by Allah almighty.
    I just request all friends, if anyone can help me to find ways or correct my methods.

    I am admitted now at Karachi for a chemo cycle again.

    I will be grateful for your support or any comment/s, suggestion/s

    1. you can do surah rehman therapy go to http://www.ultimateremedy.com , the method is given.listen recitation by qari basit without translation .three times a day and drink water after by saying Allah three times in your heart.may Allah give you shifa ameen.

    2. Dear Manzoor

      I read your comments you add Vitanmin B 17 ( 20 Seeds of Bitter only Aprikot ) per day along with your regular treatments. It will give you better results. Avoid to take Milkrefined sugar and non veg food. Also you take Homeopathic Tincture Aspidosperma10 Drops 2 time a day for better oxygen in your body. More oxygen is hammer to cancer cells. Sugar is food of cancer cells.

      God bless you.
      Dr R.K.Khatri

  115. After having read many of the views given above, I like to add that we are getting the cancer medicines (herbal) for my wife from following two sources besides allopathic treatment. So far her health shows definite improvement after 2.5 months use:
    1. Fagonia Cretica tablets from Dr Abdul Rasheed Seyal of Multan (Pakistan) Tele #s 0092614513333 and 0092614512332. e mail address is arseyal@gmail.com
    2. Some herbal treatment from Mr Mushtaq of Risalpur (Pakistan) tele# 00923009176901 and 00923449728499
    Above information is being given in case some one likes to use their medicines. My e mail is bmiq@hotmail.com

  116. Asalaaumalaikum Shakeel Shah Sahb,

    I have just received some Fagonia Arabica powder. It did not come with instructions. How do I prepare it and what quantity should I consume. Please advise. Jazak’Allah Khair.

    1. Assalaamoalaikum,
      I am a resident of Dubai and recently been diagnosed with a tumor in my left Parotid gland. I want to try Fagonia for this problem.
      Please advise from where I can order Fagonia powder.
      Best regards…

      1. Dear Mr. Jamil,
        Please use all four Cancer Treatment Recipes given at http://healthymanners.com/cancer-alternative-treatment-recipes/. Some of the patients have told me that Fagonia plants are available in Saudi Arabia, so I think it must be available somewhere in Dubai too. If you cannot find it there, you can get it in tablet or capsule form from Mr. Ashraf Nomani in Karachi. You can get his contact number from comments in the Fagonia Article at http://healthymanners.com/sickness-means-you-dont-know-fagonia-arabica/. May Allah (SWT) bless you with good health… Aameen!

  117. Assalaamualikum Sir Shakeel,

    Is Fagonia Arabica and Fagonia Cretica the same thing? Are both of them “sukhi booti”. Someone is sending me Fagonia Arabica from Pakistan and I have ordered Fagonia Cretica from a distributor who gets it from India. Just wondering about both of these.

    Thank you!

  118. Assalum o Alaikum sir shakeel
    i have some queries regarding the use of fagonia arabica. i found it in the form of dry leaves from my nearby pansaar. i grinded the dry leaves forming a kind of powder. i soak around 2 tablespoon of this powder in half glass water for overnight. in the morning after breakfast i take this juice of fagonia arabica. and resoak the same in some more water for the consumption at night after dinner. i am very concerned about breastcancer, as my mother had the same disease and unfortunately she could not recover. can you please guide me on the usage of fagonia arabica. and is it not more effective if i take it empty stomach? please help me with the time duration of this course of usage of fegonia arabica? will it be effective on any benign tumor aswell?

  119. Asalaamualaikum,

    I was diagnosed with non-hormonal breast cancer (Triple Negative Breast Cancer) 20 months ago. I have been through chemo, surgery and radiation. The original cancer cells then metastasized onto my skin on the chest. I am on chemo again for the past 6 months to deal with this skin metastasis. Alhamdolillah things are going well. I have heard of this fagonia arabica but should I be taking fagonia certica for breast cancer? Is it effective for a non-hormonal related breast cancer (estrogen, progesterone and her2 negative). How do I get the fagonia? Is there anyone out there that has had good results with my type of breast cancer? Jazak’Allah Khair and may Allah (s.w.t.) bless us all with complete healthfulness and no disease left. Ameen.

    1. Dear Madam Noreen
      My Elder sister was patient of breast cancer and also she suffered lungs cancer and she fully recovered from both (Al-Hamd-o-Lillah). My wife had Blood Cancer and she also recovered from it. So please have a strong belief in Allah (SWT) and start using Surah Rehman Therapy, Fagonia Therapy and also a third one (Medicine 2) given at http://healthymanners.com/alternative-treatments-of-cancer/ and then just see the miracle of Allah (SWT). You can further discuss any thing if required on my cell# +92 321 5199887 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm any day. Allah (SWT) may bless you with healthy life…. Ameen!

      1. Jazak’Allah Khair – thank you for your response. I will begin the Surah Rehman therapy and I have ordered the Fagonia Tea, and Insha’Allah will also begin medicine 2. Thank you for your words of hope. May Allah reward you abundantly for all the good you are doing by passing this information and for giving hope to those people dealing with illness. May Allah (s.w.t.) bless your wife, sister and all of us with good health. Ameen. Please remember me in your duas – I have two small children to care for and pray to Allah to give me the opportunity to bring them up. Ameen. One more question – can you take the fagonia and be on chemotherapy at the same time?

          1. I read that the Surah Rehman therapy is for one week. Is that correct or should we do it for longer than that. Jazak’Allah Khair

          2. I have been doing it for one week, but yesterday I could only listen to it once instead of 3x. Does that mean I have to start the week again to get the full benefit? What happens on days you don’t listen to it 3x because of circumstances. Do you know of people cured of their disease who use Surah Rehman therapy? My husband asked if there is any Hadith regarding use of Surah Rehman in this way. Jazak’Allah Khair Sir Shakeel Shah.

          3. Sura Rehman Therapy is not a medicine which can be harmful if overdosed. U can listen it for 15 days or even for whole life to be healthy and wealthy for ever. So don’t mind if you miss it for one time or many days.
            In the Holy Qura’n, Allah SWT says: “We sent down (reveled) of the Qur’an that which is a healing and mercy to those who believe”. (Sarah 17-Aya 82). So, if anyone don’t have strong belief in it, for him there is no use to listen.
            My wife was declared Blood Cancer patient in 2006, and doctors declared that she can survive for a couple of weeks. We started listening Sura Rehman in the same way along with many other Qura’nic Wazaef given in my article http://healthymanners.com/cancer-prevention-treatment/ and after one month only she was gifted by Allah (SWT) with Complete Remission and she is quite healthy today in 2013.
            So I request you again please have strong belief in Allah (SWT) and carry on listening Sura Rehman, along with other Qura’nic Wazaef given in my article regarding “Cancer Prevention and Treatment”.

          4. Asalaamualaikum Sir Shakeel Shah, Jazak’Allah Khair for your reply. I have begun therapy 2, and continued listening to Surah Rehman. It is indeed a beautiful Surah and touches the heart and soul. I am still awaiting my fagonia tea, but I would like to inform you that the skin wounds have begun to heal and close up. Alhamdolillah. I have 2 scans coming up and Insha’Allah I pray and hope for a clear and clean outcome on them. I just wanted to let you know that I can see the visible effects healing and may Allah’s grace and mercy be upon all of us. Ameen. I am very grateful I found your website and again I pray for Allah to grant you the greatest reward for helping those of us who are ill and fighting disease. Thank you for your wisdom, for granting hope and support. You are truly doing Allah’s work by serving his creation. Ameen. Ameen . Ameen.

        1. Dear Mr. Arif,
          AoA, Please use Fagonia for treatment of Liver Cancer of your father. Also use spiritual healing methods as follows:
          Listen Surah Al-Rahman in the voice of Qari Abdul Basit, without translation as follows:
          Make ready the Cassette of Surah Al-Rahman to play. Drink half of the glass of water as per Sunnah way.
          Sit or lay down in rest position and press start button to play Surah Al-Rahman with high volume.
          Close your eyes and listen the Surah with deep attention.
          When the Ayat FA BE AYYE ALAE RABBI KU MA TU KAZZEBAAN is repeatedly recited than create belief that your health is also one of the gifts from Allah (SWT), and that He is blessing you with good health. As much strong believe you will have, so much sooner you will be healthy.
          After Surah is completed, open your eyes, drink rest of the water.
          — Repeat all above at least thrice a day.

          Spend maximum of your time reciting the following in your heart:
          Rabbi Innee Maghloobun Funtaasir
          La Houla Wla Quwata Illa Billa Hil Aliyyil Azeem
          Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, Be Rahmatika Astaghees

          You can continue this treatment until complete health is achieved.

          1. DEAR SHAKEEL,


          3. Dear Rizwan Arif,
            Dhamasa can be used whole life for living complete healthy life, however, any patient must continue using for at least one year for gaining complete health. For most benefits use complete plan including leaves, Seeds, Flowers, thorns, and branches, etc.

          4. DEAR SHAKEEL SB,

            WARM REGARD,

          5. Dear Br. Rizwan Arif,
            Please continue the routine treatment and also add Chicory (Kasni) leaves in green form. Just eat about five green leaves of Kasni twice a day to speed-up recovery of liver. You have to continue this for at least one year for complete health. It will be better to use the same with small gaps of weeks or a month, for whole life; just to stay healthy.

          6. DEAR SHAKEEL SB,
            THANKS AGAINS.

          7. Dear Mr. Rzwan Arif, Please carry on the herbal medication keeping complete belief on Allah (SWT). All types of Hepatitis are 100% curable through herbal medication. You have to carry on this medication after recovery for at least one year, to make sure complete health. Dhamasa and Kasni have proved good for liver health and if liver is healthy, there will be no hepatitis.

          8. DEAR SHAKEEL SB,
            WARM REGARD,

          9. Dear M. Rizwan Arif, Wassalaam!
            Dhamasa is 100% cure for HCC as well. Sugar, Salt and Oil are not part of treatment, but dangerous for liver, so avoid all such foods which contain it. It will be better if you get Dhamasa and Kasni, in green form instead of dried.

          10. DEAR SHAKEEL SB,
            THANKING YOU,

          11. DEAR SHAKEEL SB,



          12. Dear Mr. M. Rizwan Arif! Please continue Fagonia and Kasni leaves until complete health is gained. Use both herbs in green form for speedy recovery and better results. However, for improvement in Red Cells and WBC, you can use any allopathic multi-vitamin tablets; i.e. Surbex-Z or any other equivalent (only one tablet daily).

          13. SALAM SHAKEEL SH,


            THANKING YOU,

          14. Dear Mr. Rizwan Arif, HCC is the disease of liver. Just improve your liver and all types of Hepatitis will be recovered. Tumor is something else. You have to use the herbs and foods that help reduce the tumors and cancer cells. Fagonia, turmeric, Tulsi and many other herbs are among them. Allah may bless you with good health… Aameen!!!


          2. For HCC you must prefer Fagonia in Liquid form. You can drink half Cup, or full cup up to one glass depending upon the quantity of water. For General weakness you can use multivitamin tablets. You can also use Moringa Leaves Powder for power.

          3. I am the researcher and worked on cancer specially on ovarian cancer. Study on ascitic fluid
            also on Psoriasis. My research area is also Rheumatic pain. Homeopathic treatment is right way to cure in worst cases. God created many herbs like Fagonia.I am also working on other herbs.Finding good results

  120. Ma-sha-Allah! This is very helpful website for all kinds of diseases. How can I explain the benefits of it but I want to say that this is Allah’s gift for us. I just want to share my experience… This is only by the grace of Allah (SWT) that I recovered back, but Author also deserves prayers….. Allah may bless him with long life and the khair of every kind… Aameen.
    Almost 6 years ago, I was declared a victim of HCV, at 97%. I was gone through the injection therapy for HCV but of no use. The doctors informed my father that there is no cure for this disease at this stage, however, the patient should use some vitamins regularly so that she can live for some period. Whole of my family was worried about me but I didn’t lose hope from Almighty Allah (SWT). When I was fighting with this disease, I had to go to Dawah Academy of International Islamic University Islamabad for 14 days course as a Mudarrisat-ul-Quraan where I also attended a lecture delivered by the Author of this website (Prof. Shakeel Shah) on “Stress Management” in which the benefits of Fagonia (Dhamasa) were also discussed as part of a lecture. I found the light of hope and became more strong on my belief that Allah (SWT) has revealed the cure of every disease. After return to home I started using Fagonia (Dhamasa) with strong believe. By the grace of Allah (SWT), after the struggle of one year and now I am free from Hepatitis C. Al-Hamdo-lillah! I would like to say just that if we have strong belief in Allah (SWT) there is no disease that cannot be cured…. I can say that we can come back from the way of death. I want to share something beautiful that Allah (SWT) said in Quraan that “Here is Shifa (cure) in it (Quraan) for the Believers”, and a Hadith narrated by Hazrat Ubai Bin ka’ab (R.A) that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sul-Allah-o-alaih-e-Wasallam) said that the person who recites Surah Taghaabun, he will be saved from sudden death (it means his life will be long). Subhan-Allah…. and this has happened to me.
    I have to say that always have strong faith in Allah (SWT) and the sayings of the Holy Prophet (S.A.A.W) then you can get rid of every type of disease or problem and depression…. Insha-Allah!

  121. Salam

    I found this website quite interesting & informative regarding the blood cancer/thelsemia cure.
    My father in law is suffering from pancreatic cancer of metastatic type,doctors have given up their efforts even SKMH has refused to take the case?
    Can anyone please guide me about treatment of pancreatic cancer?

    I will be thankful to you..JazakAllah

  122. Hi,

    can anybody tell me where fagonia arabica mother tinture is av. in india.

    please let me know and share the invormation.


      1. Dear Dr Rajender Khatri,
        can you share your experience with fegonia. use of method and dosage. And thanks to all members who are sharing good information on varies diseases.

        Dr Rashid Sahi

  123. Dearest Shakeel, AOA.
    I am Fan of you & this website, usually visit after week every week or 15 days. I have launched 6 Fagonia Cures on 1st of Ramadan and offered FREE treatment for Childhood Cancer & Hepatitis-C. Allah may keep showers of blessing upon you and your family… Aameen. Since this website help us and given hints for further research on Fagonia and presently we have proven clinical test for 20 cures. kindly share phone number if possible, if I am not wrong you are in Islamabad at International Islamic University. We are looking for honest people as part of our network for Cancer Cure medicines. Thanks and very best regards to all. Ashraf Nomani, 0345 2001097.

    1. Dear Brother Ashraf Nomani,

      Glad to know your developments in treatment with Fagonia Arabica. Kindly help in the recovery of Thalassemia patients through Fagonia Leaves and Flowers. I have used it on some children and their recovery speed is wonderful. One of them is now 100% recovered.

      I am graduate of BZU but residing at Islamabad. My cell number is 0321-5199887. You can contact me any day from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. I am always here to help you in such good deeds.

      1. Dear Brother Shakeel Shah, AOA.

        jazakallah for Contact Number & sharing useful information.

        Best Regards, Ashraf Nomani.

  124. One True Story:

    One of my childhood friend Aftab Malik was Gods transporter in Sukkur. last year he told me his true story. His wife got Breast Cancer & one daughter Blood cancer. He Brought them to Karachi & start treatment in one the Biggest Hospital, two year passed nothing happen both patients came in worst condition. Aftab Malik loose all money & come up to loans from friends.

    Expensive medicines & tests loose all money. No money to take food even.
    He have taken food from Edhi Welfare. One man in Edhi office asked him the reason
    Aftah Malik told him the Complete Story, the Old man smile take out his pen & write some medicine on piece of paper & given to him.

    Aftab Malik given medicine to Wife & Daughter for 2 months with 2 days gap after every 15 day as told by old man. He went back to the doctor with new blood reports. Doctor did not belive it and asked to take blood again in front of him for report.

    Next day Aftab malik went again to Hospital. Doctor again said I don’t belive it
    it can be happen only from Allah Tallah, your wife & Daughter have NO Cencer cell in the body. what you have given to them? you can go home, there is no cancer.

    What was the Medicine?
    Olive oil, Kalonji oil & Honey in equal Quantity mix in glass jar to take 1 tea spoon in morning & 1 tea spoon at bed time for 15 day with 2 days gap for 2 moth, and No Cancer at all. Aftab Malik Cell Number: 0302 8315111 Sukkur Miani Road.

    This is very friendly web site my hand never stopped. Please copy ingredients & share for Human help without Complete story. Because its something personnel.

    Thanks & see u after some more time will be back inshallah.

    Ashraf Nomani/ 0345-2001097 North Karachi.


        To all you guys, the first thing is trust in ALLAH.No medicine no remedies can cure or help any human being or any disease.the best and everytime effective remedy is believe in ALLAH he is the greatest he is Gracious and merciful.If u can do that,if u do that u r successful in each and every way of ur life and the medicine will be effective.For those who has no believe in ALLAH the medicine or any remedy is effective just because other muslims believe in ALLAH and they pray for their families and friends and and the muslims with not strong in belief in ALLAH gets the advantage of other believer.Hope u guys got the point.I would like to share a point with u guys that about this Fagonia Arabica.Few years back in pakistan my younger sister saw this dream about this flower the same thing and she saw this dream three times that this flower my brother should eat it and he will get well forever,she told us about the dream next morning but we didnt believe it cause we were weak in our Iman but later we got stronger in it.later when we shifted to dxb and i found out from my brother that there is this medicine that is very effective for me as he is suffering from talaseemia,i checked that information on net and i found a site that showed this medicine which is made of that particular flower that my sister saw in her dream i send my sister pictures of this flower asking if she saw this flower in her dream she said yes exactly this Fagonia Arabica flower i was so excited and relief and amazed that how ALLAH showed me that what my sister saw in her dream was all true my ALLAH i love him he is the best i believed in him before dad was sending my brother to ITALY for bone marrow transplant which was 99% successful so we did estikhara what dad told us and in my dream i saw that ALLAH told me “that tell your dad not to send your son i will make him well but you have to wait”.Next morning i told about this dream and we believed in ALLAH SUBHANAHU WA TA’ALA,dad did not send him for the operation so today i know its time for my brother to get well INSHALLAH.So friends believe is the key to success.

        1. Dear Brother – Congratulations and thanks for sharing such good information. You are 100% right that strong belief in Allah (SWT) is the base for every success in life. However, it is worth mentioning that Allah has blessed the flowers and leaves of Fagonia Arabica (Dhamasa) as cure for many diseases including Blood Cancer and Thalassemia, etc.

          1. Dear Mr. Shakeel Shah,

            you have mentioned Thalassemia in your comment. my daughter is suffering from Thalassemia Beta sice she was 2 months old. routine blood transfusions are being done since than along with medicines like Folice acid and Asunra . she is now 28 months old can This Fagonia Arabica help her if yes than how should it be given to her n should we continue the above mentioned tablets sideways or not?
            your kind reply will be appriciated.

          2. Dear Arslan! Please try to get flowers, seeds and leaves of Fagonia, and feed them with Cerilac, or any other food after grinding (just use 10 to 15 leaves/flowers, three to five times a day). She will recover from the fatal disease of Thalassemia… In-sha-Allah!

          1. Dear Sunbul, Please use Flowers and leaves of Dhamasa and you will get recovered in a few months…. Insha Allah. If you face difficulty in finding Dhamasa in green form, then please contact Mr. Ashraf Naumani in Karachi (Ashraf Nomani CEO organicpharmacy@gmail.com, 0345-2001097, Muslim Town Karachi).

  125. Dear Viewers,

    Breast Cancer is Just one Story in the media, Behind this story there are billion of Doller investment Hospital, different kind of awareness rings, donations & much more.

    Very recently on 13th April 2013, UAE University announced one more Cancer Cure Origanum Majorana leaf dried ground powder in water, initially its called Breast Cancer cure in the same report later explained as Cure for all Cancer. (16 types of Cancer 9 types of tumors) Germany & Europe accepted it as issued license for production. other heath authorities are quite because they already mention side effect of the plant.

    ah, my Gun can kill elephant but don’t kill Cat & no one can ask why?

    Origanum Majorana is most Common Plant of Flower call MARWA in Urdu. (Thukhm malanga)

    lets see what happens it will take years for approvals or forgotten.
    Manuka flower Honey also from UAE University research year ago for Cancer treatment.
    its part of history Great Scientists were from Muslim Community.
    if we remember Allah Tallah, we will become un-forgettable for the world.

    Thanks & best Regards/ Ashraf Nomani

  126. Dear Shah Sahib, AOA.

    we have been turn ON and initially CURE 10-12 patients at Karachi, Hyderabad,
    Lahore, Islamabad & Abu-Dhabi by Phone Consultancy. Thank you very much
    you have given us courage & information which really required.
    Thank to all colleges & my Teacher Madam Bushra Mirza of QAU Islamabad for advise.

    we offer free treatment for Childhood Cancer Worldwide.
    However, Thank you very much to you with all friends & viewers. Jazakallah Khair.
    best of regards/ Ashraf Nomani, L-1655/11-E, Muslim town North Karachi-75800
    cell: 0345-2001097.

    1. Invitation for all Cancer, Thalassaemea and Leukaemia Patients.
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      Azad Jammu and Kashmir,KPK areas has a prominent global position for its
      medicinal herbs,plants.Most Beneficent the Mercy full Allah has enriched these areas with variety of Holistic healing herbs and the Natural Resources.But in the Azad Kashmir and KPK
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  127. Dear Colluges, AOA,

    Referace to my in-depth rearch of Fagonia (Fagonia Certica/Fagonia Arabica/Fagonia Indica or Dhamasa are same) available without leafs woody dried plants with sharp nail
    on it. Fagonia is cure for Cancer & Tumors togather with side effects of Chemothophy.

    It cure Cronic Hipatitus C (up till C stage only). Fagonia Have No side effect must use in small does.
    Forigen media only highlight Breast Cancer Cure regarding Fagonia.

    Just remember above few things & forget every thing about Fagonia.

    Ashraf Nomani CEO organicpharmacy@gmail.com, 0345-2001097, Muslim Town Karachi.

    Shukran wa jazakallah Khair.

  128. Dear Shah Sahib..

    we have started Fagonia Arabica to my wife who is CML patient as written very first use option “Just use 5-10 leaves, after grinding, twice a day immediately after meals for two weeks”
    Sir, is that sufficient dosage for CML cure ? or some thing els? please tell me more about it. Because your are the last hope as you said that your wife was also the patient of Blood Cancer and now with the sake of Allah she is surviving well.

    May Allah long live your and your whole family..


    Shahzad Munir

    1. Yes Brother Shahzad, it is OK and fine and, In-Sha-Allah, your wife will get good health, soon. Just take the dose just after meal without any delay. Just check blood reports after 15 days and you will see progress. But keep in mind to continue using it with a three-four days gap. Please remember that it is not only for patients, but it is useful for everyone to live a healthy life. So whole family can use it off and on. You must also use Sura Al-Rehman Therapy (as given in my article http://healthymanners.com/cancer-prevention-treatment/) for and early health.

      You can e-mail me your contact number at shakeelshah@hotmail.com, to further discuss the problems related to your wife.

      Allah may bless your wife with good health. Aameen!

      Shakeel Ahmad Shah

      1. Salaams

        I have recently heard about this herb form a friend. She has tried Fagonia for a cyst in her husbands kidney and has proven to be very healing. How can a diabetics patient use Fagonia to his advantage. Please let me know.


      2. salaam sir i want to know about ur wife, what did u find the results of fagonia leaves in her disease CML?

        1. Dear Dr. Habib! AoA, My wife was suffering AML and some of my patients’ wives were suffering from CML. But al-Hamd-o-Lillah!!!, all now have gained good health after using Fagonia plant. It helps improving blood cell manufacturing in the bone marrow, so covers all types of blood cancers.

    2. Shahzad Munir (salam)
      If you have still problem of CML of your wife, you can contact me with full confidence for its best treatment in radionic, I have already cured a blood cancer patient successfully.
      Mobile contact: 0321-8122871

  129. Information about Fagonia Arabica is very interesting but it will be more benefiical if people share own experiences afater using this plant. This artical is a light of hope for those whose love ones are at a crucial stage.

    1. Dear Naeem,
      Thanks for your interest. Actually I came to know this hub about six years ago when my wife became a patient of Blood Cancer. She used “Fagonia Arabica” and recovered back without any Chemo Therapy. She is still living a healthy life without any medication. After this I made struggle in finding its other benefits and was wondered by amazing results of curing the patients of Hepatitis and even Liver Cancer, lungs Cancer, tumors, etc. This hub is giving really miraculous results.

      1. Dear shah sahib.
        my wife is Blood cancer (CML) patient, Please help me to tell how can i get Fagonia Arabica, and what is the dosage or uses for CML patient?



        1. Dear Shahzad!


          Thanks for your quiry about Fagonia Arabica.

          The said herb is easily available in Pakistan and India on most of the Pansaar Stores with the name of “Dhamiaan Kanda ﴾دھمیاں کنڈا﴿”, but it will be in dry form and without leaves. You can use it in powder form if green is not available.

          Please keep in touch and feel free if any other info is required.

          1. Assalam o Alikum !

            Dear Shah sahib..

            i;ve found Fagonia Arabica near my home it is green, please tell me how can we use it for Leukemia patient and what how much time patient use it.
            Sir I want to show the pictures of this shurb for confirmation but can’t access to you. if you have any email id or contact for me then please send on my email.

            my id is shahzad33@gmail.com

            thank you

          2. Can u plzz give the contact of someone who has been cured by fagonia the cancer patients plzzzzz

    2. Using of one cup of green dhamasa juice before breakfast you will be cured by diabetics .if green dhamasa is not available you can use dried dhamasa.put some dried dhamasa in a glass of water in evening and in the morning before breakfast drink this water,good for diabetics and for psoriasis.

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