Joint Pain Alternative Treatment Recipes

جوڑوں کے درد کا متبادل علاج:۔ چھوٹے جوڑوں کا درد نقرس اور بڑے جوڑوں کا درد گنٹھیا کہلاتا ہے جو بعد میں کمر کے مہروں تک بھی پہنچ جاتا ہے۔ جوڑوں کے درد یا یورک ایسڈ کے مریض گوشت، ٹماٹر، تیز مرچ مصالحے، اچار، چٹنی، پالک، سوڈا واٹر اور بادی اشیاء سے مکمل پرہیز کریں۔ […]

Vitiligo, Burs, Phulbehry Treatment

Vitiligo, Burs or Phulbehry is a skin disease that is difficult to recover. It is caused by a loss of pigment (Melanin) in the skin, due to destruction of pigment-forming cells known as melanocytes. One possible explanation might be that the body’s immune system destroys the cells, as in other autoimmune conditions. It may take […]

Protect Your Spine

Spinal Safety: Your spine is at work 24 hours a day. It takes part in almost every move you make. Because of its workload, your spine is prone to injury. Spine Injuries: Are extremely painful. Are difficult to heal. Are frequently recurring. Affect everything you do. Preventing spine injuries is a major safety challenge. For […]