Sumblo Herb Can Treat Fatal Diseases

What is Sumbloo Herb? The Sumbloo plant is a thorny shrub, whose root is yellow. It is widely found in Pakistan’s northern areas, Mansehra, Balakot, Kashmir and North Waziristan. It is also seen in areas of Balochistan, Baba Kharwari, Dozakh Tangi, Loralai, Dargai, Qila Saifullah and Sanjawi. It is a self-propelled bush. The old plant is seven to eight feet tall. It is full of thorns and branches spread around. Each thorn is in set of three thorns. Trunk diameter of ild plants becomes three to four inches. The roots are eight to ten feet deep in the ground. This root is used as herb. It’s skin is peeled off from the root and then dried in the shade. It’s taste is bitter and colour is yellow. Sumbloo flowers flourish in the form of bright yellow clusters. Leaves are oblong and sharp-edged. Flowers are dispersed after a few days and they are replaced with little green berries, ripening blackish. It’s leaves and flowers are eatable with bitter taste. It is treatment of the mouth and throat diseases. The Powder of Sumbloo Root is good for healing cancer patients. Sumbloo Herb Names: Botanical name: Berberis aristata DC Latin Name: Berberis Aristata English Name: Indian Barberry French Name: Epine-vinette d’lnde German Name: Indischer Berberitze Kannada Name: Rasajan, Mard Risin Chinese Name: Huang lian Malayalam Name: Maramanjal Arabic Name: Ameerbaarees, Barbarees (Root), Zarashk, Zirishk (Berries) Persian Name: Filzahrah (Root), Zarishk (Berries) Hindi Name: Rasaut (Root Bark Extract), Darhald (Root), Zarishk (Berries) Sanskrit Name: Daruharidra, Daruhaldi, Darvi Gujarati Name: Rasvanti, Daruharidra Marathi Name: Rasvat, Daruhalad Nepali Name: Chutro Bengali Name: Rasanjan, Darhaldi, Daruhaldi Urdu Name: Sumbal, Sumbloo, Rassaut (Root Extract), Darhald (Root), Zarishk (Berries) Kashmiri Name: Sumbal, Rassashud (Root Bark Extract), Kaw Dach Mool, (Root) Punjabi Name: Rassaut, Sumlu Pashto Name: Zaird Largay Bloachi Name: Zaril, Koroy Cancer (All Types): Mix the Sumbloo and the Turmeric powder in same weight. Fill the mixture in double zero sized capsules. Take one capsule after morning and evening meals, with milk. Cancer of every type will be controlled within a month. Mouth or Breast Cancer: Mix the Kushta Sunkh (کشتہ سنکھ), Sumbloo and Turmeric powder in same weight. Use a 100mg capsule once or twice a day, after meals with Dhamasa soaked water or milk. Soak the small piece of Sumbloo in a bowl of water in the evening, and drink in the morning, before meal. Similarly soak in the morning and drink in the evening. Brain Tumor: Take Siris tree bark, Kushta Sunkh, Sumbloo and Turmeric Powder in the same weight and fill in 100mg capsules. Take one capsule twice a day, after meals with Dhamasa soaked water or milk. Continue it for 3 to 4 months for complete health. Cancerous Sore: Use half filled double zero sized capsule of Sumbloo Powder twice a day with fresh water or milk. The sore will be healed within 20 days. Mouth and Throat Diseases: Sumbloo can also bhi used in mouth or sore throat. Mix Sumbloo Powder, Isbagol Husk and Turmeric Powder in equal weight. Just keep a pinch of this mixture in right and left cheeks and below and above the tongue before sleep. The bitter Sumbloo and Turmeric water goes through mouth and throat and patient is healed within a night. Toothache: Take half-filled double sized capsule of mixed powder of Sumbloo, Galingale (پان کی جڑ) and Jujube (عُناب) in same weight, twice a day, after meals. Pain Ribs or Neck Pain: Take 100mg capsules of Sumbloo powder, twice a day, after meals, with milk. Best Toothpaste: Mix Sumbloo Powder equal to half the quantity of a good toothpaste, Now use it like a toothpaste. Thyroid Glands: Mix the Kushta Sunkh, Turmeric, Sumbloo and Arsenic Powder No.2 in the same weight and fill it in 100mg capsule. Take one capsule twice a day, with milk, for two to three months. You can also keep a small piece of Sumbloo in mouth at night will also help healing Thyroid. Chronic Wounds: Just sprinkle the Sumbloo powder on chronic wounds, to cure them, and also take 100mg of it twice a day, with water or milk. Diabetes (Sugar): Take 100mg of Sumbloo Powder twice a day with milk. You can also drink Sumbloo soaked water, twice a day before meals. To get rid of diabetes, soak a small piece Sumbloo in a bowl of water at night and drink in morning. Similarly, soak in morning and drink before night meal. Arthritis: Take 100mg of Sumbloo powder with milk, at night. Pain will be relieved within two or three days. Boil the two or three pieces of Sumbloo, and drink. The joint pain will be removed. Infertility: Fill the 100mg capsule with Kushta Sunkh, turmeric and Sumbloo powder in equal weight, and take twice a day with milk, for at least six months. Broken Bones: Mix Sumbloo Powder in white part of eggs and apply this paste on broken bone, twice a day. Also bind strongly if possible. the bone will rejoin in 20 days. Jaundice (Hepatitis): Soak one piece of Sumbloo in a bowl of water in the evening and drink in the morning before meals. Again do the same in the morning and drink in the evening before evening meal. Enlargement of Liver or Spleen: Prepare green tea of Sumbloo and take before meals, twice a day. Stomach Worms: Take 100mg of Sumbloo powder early morning with water to get rid of Stomach Worms, within two to three days. You can repeat the process if needed. Diarrhea and Cramps: Mix Sumbloo and dried Ginger powder in same weight and take thrice a day with milk or water. سُمبلُو بُوٹی سے مہلک امراض کا علاج سُملو کا لاطینی نام بربیرس اریسٹاٹا ہے اور یہ نباتات کے خاندان زرشکیہ سے تعلق رکھتی ہے۔ یورپ کی عام زرشک کا لاطینی نام بربیرس دیگرس ہے۔ پاکستان اور انڈیا میں اسی کو سُمبل، سُمبلو یا سِملو کہتے ہیں ۔ ہندی میں اس کو دار ہلد بھی کہا جاتا ہے۔ یہ پودا