Hair Problems Alternative Treatment Recipes

Falling Hair or Baldness 1. Add, handful of Hinna (Mehendi) leaves into 250 grams of Coconut Oil and boil them. Apply this oil daily into the hair. The hair will grow better. 2. Mix a spoon of honey and a spoon of Cinnamon Powder into 2 spoons of Olive Oil. Apply this paste to the head 20 minutes before bath. The baldness will end. 3. Grind raw onion, mix in the honey and absorb in the hair. Or grind a red onion in some water and apply it in hair for 15 minutes daily, before bath. Hair will start rising in a month. 4. Grind 50g of Potentilla Nepalensis (Rattan Jot), Soapnut (Reetha), Indian Gooseberry (Aamla), Sikakai, Misletoe (Amarbail), and mix it in one kilogram of mustard oil. Now put this mixture for five days. Oil will become red. Continuous use of this oil will prevent your falling hair and hair will grow again. 5. Drink tea (Qahwah) of one gram white Cumin (Zerah) and Jaggery (Gurr), twice a day. Appropriate amount of apple, spinach, tomatoes, strawberry, pepper and pomegranate should be added in daily food. 6. Apply Aloe Vera Gel in the hair and after one hour, wash with water boiled with leaves of Indian Plum (Bairy) tree. 7. Prepare paste by grinding 150 grams of green leaves of Indian Plum (Bairy) in water. Apply this paste daily on head for 15 minutes. Within 40 days the hair will stop falling. 8. Take a spoon of Khameera Gaozeba Anmbri Jawahardar, early in the morning and evening, daily and drink a glass of milk after it. Hair loss will stop. 9. Boil six eggs, take out their nuts (the yellow part), burn it on light flames. After a short time, the drops of oil will begin to get out of it. Now collect the oil by pressing them. Add it to olive oil in equal weight, and apply it on hair in the night before bedtime. Hair will begin to grow again in a few days. Hair Dryness and Dandruff 1. Lightly massage the mustard oil in the hair, 15 minutes before bath. 2. Soak two large spoonful Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds in water all night, make its paste and apply it in the hair in the morning. After an hour or half, wash with mixture of Soapnut (Reettha) and Sikakai. 3. Burn a little quantity of dry coriander (Dhanya) in 100 gram of Desi Ghee. Now apply this Ghee to hair at night and wash your hair in the morning, daily for one week. 4. Mix coconut and henna (mehndi) oil in equal quantity and apply to hair. 5. Add a few drops of lemon juice and egg in the henna (mehndi) and apply to hair, then wash it after an hour. 6. Mix two spoon of cedar in 4 spoons of hot water and apply on hair at night, twice a week and wash it in the morning. 7. Soak some Fenugreek (Methi) seeds in water for two days, grind them and store in a jar. Now apply some paste in hair. Mix some little paste in cedar and massage it in the hair, twice a week and wash it after half an hour. 8. Daily massage juice of four lemons in the roots of hair, and then rub pure mustard oil in the hair, after half an hour. White Hair Cure 1. Massage of Amla oil in hair protects from the pre-time white hair. 2. Take a teaspoon of mixture of Jawarish Jalinus and Atriphal Ustokhudus, empty stomach, for three months, in the morning and evening. 3. Soak some Fenugreek (Methi) powder in the coconut oil at night and paste it in the hair in the morning. Wash after 20 minutes. 4. Eat three Murabba Aamla with one glass of semi-hot milk, in the morning and evening. Hair will be darkened in five to six months. 5. Soke seven almonds, fourteen Raisins (dried grapes) in water at the night. Early in the morning, unpeel the almonds and eat with raisins, at least for three months. 6. Boil 6 grams of Lavender (Ustokhudoos) herb in a cup of water for five minutes and drink semi-hot, in empty stomach, in the morning and evening. 7. Cook one kilograms each of Celastrus Paniculata (Malkangni) and Colocynth (Kord Tumma/Halila) in one kilogram of water. When half of the water is left, then filter the water and mix one kilogram of Mustard Oil in it and boil it again till the water vanishes. Save the oil when all the water is dry. Apply this oil in hair roots daily. The hair will start becoming black. 8. Add 10 drops of Almond oil and half spoon of honey in a glass of milk and drink once a day. White hair will start becoming black. 9. Make powder of Acacia Concinna (Shikakai), Vetch (Daal of Maash) and Fenugreek seed (Methi Dana) in same weight. Wash your hair with this powder by mixing in water. Hair loss and white hair will stop. 10. Take 125grams each of Kalonji seeds, Colocynth seeds (Tukham Andraen) and Azadirachta seeds (Tukham Neem). Break them to semi powder, and burn in one kilogram Olive oil. Filter and save this oil and apply in the roots of the hair at night. White hair will become black. 11. Mix 100g oil each of Kalonji, Olive, Coconut and Azadirachta (Neem). Now burn 100g of Azadirachta (Neem) leaves in this oil. Now filter this oil and apply in hair daily. White hair will darken. 12. Just suck a Chebula Myroalan (Terminalia Chebula or Halila/Harard) daily, the white hair will become black. 13. Burn on light flame Hinna (Mehndi) Leaves 12g, Black Seeds (Klonji) 7g, Cloves (Long) 2g, in Coconut Oil 250g, and apply it in the roots of the hair before sleeping. 14. Cut the head of a pomegranate of middle size, and put in this hole 6g of Mercury (Para). After that, bind the head with the cut-piece of the pomegranate with a