SASH13The Intro: I, Shakeel Ahmad Shah, the author, currently working as Additional Director (IT) in the International Islamic University, Islamabad. I have MBA-ITM degree with more than 30 years strong experience in the fields of Information Technology, Health & Fitness, Stress Management, Mind Sciences and other related fields. I am confident enough to handle all types of problems appropriately and professionally.

I strongly believe that everything in life happens for a purpose, and always for our own good. All our past experiences actually happened to bring us to where we are today, and it is always for the good. These past experiences make us better persons. So, whatever challenges that we may face today, consider it happening to bring us to the next higher level.

Key Skills and Strengths: IT Management, Current Affairs Analysis, Human Resource Management, Stress Management, Treatment with Foods, Homeopathic Method of Treatment, Acupressure Healing, Islamic Reiki Healing, Mind Sciences (4th Dimension), Spiritual Healing, Palmistry.

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  1. Salaam dear brother, I hope you are well InshaAllah. I need a distance healing for some problems that I am having. How can I contact you to conduct these healings? Jazak’Allah Khair

    1. Dear Mr. Rafah, AoA,
      The Islamic Reiki is easy to perform on self and others. Please start immediately on yourself for any problem. For this you don’t need any distance healing.

  2. Asslaam oalaikum sir. My husband had been diagnosed with testicular cancer stage 4 .after two years of chemo sessions his cancer relapse.now doctrs are givng gemox chemo with little hope of success.we are vry mch worried.im doing all rohani duas and recitition.kindly reply me and suggest wht to do.his age is 27..plzzz reply.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum. I have recently completed Reiki courses Level I and II from an Usui Master. I am a Female muslim and at the level II when we were taught the Japanese symbols and mantras to say I was very unconfortable doing it cause I knew it was totally against my belief but deep down I believed that reiki is good. When I completed my course I kept searching for the Islamic way and duas to say when doing reiki. Alhamdullilah I came across your website and am pleased of your methods. I would like to learn more if there is more to learn using energy healing. May Allah bless you for your work.

    1. Dear Ms. Marsha Ali,
      AoA, Nice to read your comment. I also have done Japanese Reiki Level one only, twenty years back, but I had differences with the methodology, so I did not practice it. Instead I prayed to Allah SWT to guide to the right path. And Allah SWT then guided me to Islamic Reiki, which is more powerful than the Japanese Reiki.
      You can further empower yourself in the field of Islamic Reiki, in just one hour session.

      1. Dear Brother Shakeel,
        AoA. Thank you for your reply. Alhamdullilah that He has guided me to find a way to practise Islamic Reiki. How can I do the session in one hour? From where and by who? Do you also teach? Also can one do distance healing?

      1. Dear Mr. Balvir Singh, Apnay brother ko din me teen bar aik chhoti chamach (teaspoon) Sohanjnay (Moringa) ka powder khilaen and cement ka kaam shoroo karnay se pehlay hands and Legs per petroleum jelly lagaen. After some time you will see betterment.

          1. To strengthen the liver add these in your food:
            1. Turnip (Shuljam)
            2. Green Coriander (Dhania)
            3. Vitamin C
            4. Garlic (thoam)
            5. Excessive Water
            6. Brussel Sprouts (Band Gobhi)
            7. Cucumber (Khira)
            8. Dates (Khajji)
            9. Resins (Sogi)
            10. Strawberry
            11. Beets (Chuqanddar)
            12. Peach (Ardoo)
            13. Honey
            14. Stevia
            15. Oranges
            16. Banana

            Also avoid fried foods, alcohol, tobacco, and other hot spices.

        1. Dear Mr. Balvir Singh… Please first find out the reason and exact location of the pain. If it is in stomach, then use the same recipe of Lukewarm milk added with a pinch of turmeric powder and one spoon of Asbagol husk. Just rotate them in the milk and drink empty stomach, twice a day, at least 30 minutes before meals. It will help you curing the problems related to stomach and intestines.

  4. Asslam o Aliequm, I am thankful to you. Today My brother Kamran did phone you for Reiki. You gave lecture about Islamic Reiki. Ma Shaa Allah! He learned just in one day. He did Reiki on me as your student. Ma Shaa Allah! I felt lots better. May Allah award you for all your services for humanity… Aameen!!!

  5. Salaam Mr Shah I have read your methods for the treatment of cancer and I am currently using the honey olive oil and kalonji mixture to treat my mum as she has last stage cancer and a 2cm gallstone stuck in her bile duct. Please can you tell me the success rate of this method. My mum has now been taking it for 17 days and I understand she needs to take it in 15 day stages with 2 days gap for 2 months. Please can you tell me how I will know if it is working as the doctors cannot do anything for her now and have said she only has months to live.

    1. Dear Ms. Shazia.m,
      Allah may bless your mother with good health. You must use all cancer recipes given in my article for early health. Don’t believe in Doctors, but trust in Allah (SWT) because Health or illness is from Allah (SWT), not from Doctors.

      1. Dear Brother Shakeel,
        When can the session be done? I live in Toronto, Canada. Can it be done by Skype or what other means do you normally do?

    2. Dear Ms Shazia, Just believe in Allmighty Allah SWT and try try try if your Mom has life then she must be cured. You know we have not anything in our hands but if we pray, pray, pray, then Allah SWT can bless us Shifa from any source. Please recite surat Rehman atleast 11 time daily as directed by Shah Sahib and also use medicine as he advised.

  6. This is very astute information. Thank you for making this available to others. I would like to know if anyone is growing Moringa Oleifera in Florida?

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