Cure for all Diseases with Surah Rahman and Taghabun

Please take a fresh pitcher or big bottle and recite “Bismillah (بسم اللہ)” seven times and “Ya Hafeez (یَا حَفِیْظُ)” Twenty-One times, and blow on your body.
Then recite Surah Al-Rahman… Forty-One times, and also Sura Al-Taghabun… Forty-One times, and blow on water.
Note: Many people can read it in one sitting together or only one person can read it in several days. As much as is recited, just blow on water. As much water is used, add more water in it. It will be enough for whole life.
If possible, please recite daily and keep blowing on water. Use this water for drinking, preparation of flour for breads, cooking and tea, etc. But do’nt use it to take bath.
By the grace of Allah (SWT), it can cure all fatal diseases which are incurable for doctors.

ایک کورا گھڑا یا پانی کی بوتل لے کر اس پر یہ عمل کریں۔۔۔

پہلے اپنے آپ پر سات دفعہ بِسمِ اللہ اور گیارہ دفعہ یا حَفِیظُ پڑھ کر دم کریں۔ پھر اکتالیس مرتبہ سُورۃ رَحمٰن اور اکتالیس مرتبہ ہی سُورۃ تَغَابُن پڑھ کر اس پانی پر دم کریں۔
نوٹ: ایک نشست میں کئی افراد مل کر بھی پڑھ سکتے ہیں اور ایک فرد کئی دن میں بھی پڑھ سکتا ہے۔ جتنا بھی پڑھیں پانی پر پھونک مار دیں۔ یہ پانی جتنا استعمال کرتے جائیں اور اتنا ہی مزید پانی ڈالتے جائیں۔یہ پانی اب زندگی بھر کے لئے کافی ہے۔
اگر ہو سکے تو روزانہ ایک مرتبہ سُورۃ رَحمٰن اور ایک مرتبہ سُورۃ تَغَابُن پڑھ کر اس پانی پر دم کرتے رہیں۔ اسی پانی کو پینے، آٹا گوندھنے، کھانا پکانے اور چائے وغیرہ کیلئے بھی استعمال کریں۔ اس سے نہانا نہیں ہے۔
اللہ کے فضل سے یہ پانی جادو، جنات، دل، کینسر، ہیپاٹئٹس اور فالج کے مریض، اندھا پن جیسے سب لاعلاج امراض، کیلئے لاجواب ہے اورمرض الموت کے سوا کوئی مرض بھی لاعلاج نہیں ہے۔

38 thoughts on “Cure for all Diseases with Surah Rahman and Taghabun

  1. Aoa! Meri dono kidneys fail ho chuki hain. Main 5 saal se dialysis pey hon jiski wajah se mujhy hepatitis c bhi hogya hai. Uskay ilawa meri 4 fistula surgeries hui aur neck mey line dalnay ki wajah se vein bandd hogyin thien 2 dafa vein khulwayi hain. Main yeh Amal karoon sirf koi dawayi toh nahi chahiye hogi?

    1. Dear Sonia, AoA,
      May Allah SWT bless you with good health… Aameen!!!
      Please use Surah Rahman and Taghabun therapy, but also add the following:
      1. Listen Surah Rahman.
      2. Use Dhamasa herb in liquid or powder form, thrice a day.
      3. Take Sumbloo+Turmeric powder mixed in equal weight, in 100mg with Milk, once a day.
      4. Use Islamic Reiki by placing hands on problematic locations of body.

      Please avoid fizzy drinks, fast foods, fried foods, rice, etc. which cause liver and kidney problems.

  2. I’m suffering from stammering(stutter), I’VE studied BS ECONOMICS, now it’s my practical life.. where fluent speaking is necessary.. I’m very worried about my stammering, all the time, i think of it, as doctors only recommend me speech therapy as they said there is no cure for this disease. plzz sir let me know is there any cure for this according to Quranic point of view. i always feel hesitate to speak in public, in spite of having good confidence, knowledge, it’s very painful for me to bear this… only due to this problem, I’m unable to do work properly.

    1. Dear Attiq, AoA,
      1. Please daily soak 7 almonds and about 14 raisins (dried grapes) in water at night, and eat early in the morning after removing the peals of almonds.
      2. After every prayer and in other times as well, place your right hand on your forehead and recite 7 times in your heart “Ya Qaviyyu, Ya Allahu”
      3. Please recite all the time in your heart “Rabbi Sharahli Sadri, wa Yassirli Amri, wahlul Uqdatan-min-lisaani, Yafqahu Qauli” (Surah Taha – 25 to 28).

  3. Dear sir I am suffering from sexual weakness problem known as zakawat e hiss. Maine bahut ilaj kerwaya hai mujhe sakun nhi araha. Plz guide me that will surah e Rehman and surah e taghbun will cure my disease?

      1. Sir I m already reciting surah e Rehman and surah taghabun 3 times a day….I m so much worried about my problem…I m hopeful that with these 2 surahs blessing my problem will get cured. Wat do u say?

    1. Dear Mrs. Farzana, AoA,
      Please use half teaspoon of Powder of Dhamasa Leaves+Flowers, thrice a day, with water or milk.
      Also use quarter teaspoon of Powder of Sumbloo+Turmeric (equal), once a day, with glass of milk.
      Perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands on Problematic place as many times as possible.

  4. asalam O Alikum,

    sir i am newly debite .how to cure it with sura rehman…please guide me if you can…

    thanks a lot

      1. Sir mujhe panic attacks ka problem ha aur mujhe apna AP bilkul khatam.lagta ha plz mujhe bataen k Mien Kia parhoun ya sump

        1. Dear Ms. Rabia AoA,
          Please recite Darood Paak and Surah Fatiha all the time. Also believe in Allah SWT that every thing happens from him for your good. Sometimes we feel panic by the things happening against our desire, but believe that this bad will result in good, if you strongly believe that everything happens for the good.

    1. Dear Ms. Hafsa
      In modern treatment doctors pass on a tube from head to stomach. But you can use spiritual treatment way to avoid the surgery by doctors.
      1. Please perform Islamic Reiki by placing hands on all sides of the head, as many times as you can.
      2. Also let the patient kid listen the Sura Al-Rahman, at least thrice a day.
      3. You must recite “Rabb-e-Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” all the time, especially while feeding the patient.
      May Allah SWT bless her with good health… Aameen!!!

  5. As’salamu alaikum WRB,

    Any cure is there for protecting youngsters from libido, lust, pornography, masturbation and fantasies?


    Abdullah Khan

  6. Sir my name is Zeshan and I’m 24 years old .im healthy and my weight is 92 kg . But from July 2016 I start feeling uncomfortable because I was mislead by a FCPS Dr. And been given testosterone for 3 weeks .i had taken them in March 2016 and in July 2016 I start feeling my self lazy and uncomfortable.i went for many doctors and have done any tests everything was normal . Then one day on September 2016 I had MY BLOOD CBC and it was HB 17.9, heamatocrit 50.2 , RBC 5.96, WBC 8200 ,Platelets 178000.
    Then next day I gave blood and had CBC again and it was HB 15.7,heamatocrit 46.9,RBC 5.48,WBC 6300, Platelets 228000 rest were normal.
    On 6th October 2016 I had it again and results are HB 15.2, heamatocrit 48.8, RBC 5.62,WBC 8000,Platelets 262000 rest are normal.
    I went To a FCPS Dr. And he said its normal nothing to be worried for .
    I wanna ask sir is it polycythaemia Vera ?

    1. Dear Mr. Zeshan, AoA, Please don’t worry at all. Just increase your water intake to normalize your blood cells counts, which are yet quite normal, but near upper limit due to less water intake.

  7. Aoa. . Sir, im 18 years old. . .i was nORMal before. .but somehow got greatly depressed. . NOW I’VE RECOVERED BUT STILL MY MIND IS NOT ACCEPTING THIS LIFE IN ANYWAY. . .i mean i have lost interest in the activities of life and chasing by the fear of DEATH. . .i pray (namaz) 3 times a day

  8. Plzz tell me that are these two surahs are beneficial for every disease like face edema or weakness e.t.c.And are these surahs can be recite for aur hajat??

    1. Dear Br. Danial, AoA, Yes… These two Surah are beneficial for curing all fatal diseases. Quran is, no doubt, Shifa for Momineen. Just believe it and get benefited from it.

  9. Respected Shri Shakeel Shah Saheb,
    My name is Krishnan Subrahmanyam. I am a 65 year old man suffering from COPD since December, 2010. I am on oxygen for a minimum of 15-18 hrs a day and taking several allopathic medicines and though somehow was managing it all these years. However in the last two months i.e. from November, 2015, my breathlessness attack has increased and the attack lasts for 45 to 90 minutes and this attack started coming daily in the last 10 days and doctors say because I am very weak they cannot do anything much and say that only God can save me. Doctor comes every alternate day see me and go on changing medicines and there is no sign of abetment of these attacks.
    Out of desperation, i was searching on the web and happen to visit your page on Fagonia and afterwards some other posts also. They are all very very impressive. Today, I happen to see your tittle “Cure for all Diseases with Surah Rahman and Taghabun” but could not read urdu and so could not understand as to what you have written.Can you please enlighten me Sir?
    Further, is it possible for you to do something for my health problems? Can you be kind enough to suggest any herb that may stop these recurrent breathing attacks at least? Respected Sir, I am not afraid of dying. what I want is a natural death. I do not want to commit suicide. I have already gien enough troubles to my family members because of my ill health.
    If it is not too much to ask, can I get some relief at least from Fagonia? If possible, can you translate what you wrote on .“Cure for all Diseases with Surah Rahman and Taghabun” and send me the same, at the earliest convenience?
    I shall eagerly look forward to hear from you soon.
    Thanking you,
    With regards and respect.
    Yours truly
    Krishnan Subrahmanyam

    1. Dear Mr. Krishnan Subrahmanyam Sahib,
      Please keep in mind that Bhigwan can bless you with good health, even the doctors are left with no option. What you have to do is that … just do what a human can do… carry on using medical aids which are available to you, and start praying to Bhigwan in these words… “O Bhigwan! I am tired … I am helpless…. Please help me!”. Repeat the same prayer whole day… and whole night, except the time you are sleeping or busy in any work.
      Also mix pure Turmeric Powder and Sumbloo (Daar Huld) Powder in equal quantities. Take half teaspoon of this mixture, empty stomach, twice a day with milk. Please also study the link
      Please be don’t disappointed … be Hopeful… and Bhigwan will fulfill your hope. Please feel free to contact me for any query in this regard. Bhigwan may bless you with good health.

    2. Plz listen to surah Rehman like this

      Procedure Of This Therapy:
      Listen Surah AL Rehman Therapy in the voice of Qari Abdul Basit (without translation) 3 times a day for 7 consecutive days with closed eyes. Every time after listening take a half glass of water, close eyes and
      Say Allah 3 times in your heart then drink in 3 sip. Look on youtube

  10. ASA MR Shah, just wanted to know about the cure from two surahs and the method, is it a hadees ? I like to make sure where is it from before I start.
    Thank you

      1. Dear Mr. Jawad, The Arabic Verse mentioned in above answer is not Hadith but a Quranic Verse. The reference of Hadith is From Hazrat Aysha RTA who told that practice of our beloved Prophet (SAAW) was that he used to recite Sura Ikhlas, Sura Falaq and Sura An-Naas and blew over his hands and then moved his hands on his whole body before sleeping (Bukhari-5017).

  11. Dear Shakeel sb,

    Your advising are very good, kindly keep it upm GOD Bless you.

    Kindly give some time for meeting and salam.

    Dilshad Ali

  12. Assalam o Alaykum, ap ne Sura e Rehman or Sura e Tagabun wala amal likha hai. dam shuda pani se khana pakane ya chai banane se jo usko pakaya jaige aag p to is pani k aag p pakne se koi harj to ni hoga????????????????? plz reply

    Really thanks you for the artical for moringa and the elaj with sure rehman.
    i am in sauid arabi belong to pakistan, is it possibel to grow the moringa in saudia.

    1. Moringa plants are available in all parts of African Region and can also be grown in Saudia if enough water can be made available for the plants. In surrounding of Riadh, it can easily be cultivated. Wish you the best of luck.

      1. Shakeel Ahmad – Can you please quote me an ayah from the Quran or hadith that tells me to read Surah Rahman and Taghbun or this is some tradition you are following. I only believe in something if its revealed by Allah SWT or the Prophet has said it not your understanding.

        1. Dear Hamid, AoA, Nice to hear good words from you. It is necessary for going on the path of Taqwa (تقوٰی). We all must take care of such thoughts to avoid being victims of SHIRK. Both the Sura are revealed by Allah (SWT). Now it is up to you how you get benefit out of it. If you recite it regularly, it will bless you with blessings of Allah (SWT). But if you want to get rid of any disease, then you have to follow the method of using this medicine as prescribed by specialist doctors. In this case the specialists are the Wise and Pious People of Islam called بزرگانِ دین.
          Allah (SWT) may bless us with strength to follow the right path… Aameen!!!

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